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Adiamor Recently Featured on Telemundo Acceso Total

Adiamor Featured on Telemundo Acceso Total
Adiamor Featured on Telemundo Acceso Total


Here is the transcript of the Accesso Total segment on NBC Universal’s Telemundo featuring Adiamor Diamonds & Fine Jewelry.

Alright, for those who are thinking of getting engaged this Saint Valentine’s Day and still haven’t bought the darn ring, I visited a jewelry store where I was given some information to keep in mind. Let’s see.

Contrary to what a normal jewelry store is like with display cases, we found this place in downtown Los Angeles where they make your engagement ring not only to your size but also to your special order. I spoke with Jennifer Sarkisian, one of the owners, who explained to me that after Christmas, this date is definitely the one on which they sell the most engagement rings.

Jennifer Sarkisian:
I think there’s a lot of pressure to get engaged on Valentine’s Day…

With the pressure many men are under to buy the ring on this such special date, they have to know that there are many options, and sometimes it helps to know the partner’s preference.

Jennifer Sarkisian:
We have everything from a simple solitaire, round…

Solitaires, the classic stone, square stones known as princess cut, rectangular, oval, and the ones in the shape of hearts are the most popular options. But be careful, with companies like these where orders are made on the Internet, or anywhere you buy diamonds, you have to make sure you’re not getting ripped off.

Jennifer Sarkisian:
Very important that you’re buying…

You have to make sure you buy certified diamonds. The prices of diamonds depend on four characteristics: the cut of the stone, its clarity, the color, and of course, the carats. Tomás Apata works in the part of the shop assembling them and making them just to the customer’s order.

Tomás Apata:
The first step is we count the diamonds, the ones that are going to go on the ring. We start drilling the rings to make the holes for the rings.

You’re the one in charge of mounting the stones, right?

Tomás Apata:

In what part of the process does that go?

Tomás Apata:
You could say in the middle of the process. We polish them; after polishing you still do an inspection of the ring to make sure all the diamonds are tight-fitting.

Mm-hmm. About how long do you guys take to create a complete ring?

Tomás Apata:
It varies. It could be from one hour to, I don’t know, we’ve taken up to 10 hours, 12 hours on one ring.

But you completely finish the rings here?

Tomás Apata:
Here. We can finish them, yes.

Greetings to Tomás, to Arturo. They work there assembling the rings, and they say that at 10:00 in the morning, they always have us at Acceso Total on, so thank you very much.


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Morganite Engagement Ring Designed for “Marry Me Today”

Marry-Me-Today-ProposalHere at Adiamor we were honored to be able to design a gorgeous oval cut morganite engagement ring, which has a band of French cut pave diamonds, to one special couple who was featured on the new show “Marry Me Today”.  The show premiered recently on the FYI network and followed an unsuspecting bride-to-be, Jolie, who thinks that she has entered and won a contest on The Knot for having “America’s Most Romantic Boyfriend.

Last Year Jolie’s mother passed away, and when asked why Brandon is the love of her life she says that he took time out to really get to know her mom before she passed.  “How do you get a guy that sweet” she says through tears.  She is so surprised when she finds out that her boyfriend Brandon has not only turned the tables and planned a proposal, with a custom designed Adiamor oval cut morganite engagement ring, but also planned an entire wedding in only one week with the help of style expert Lilliana Vasquez.

The custom oval cut morganite engagement ring that was created especially for Jolie was designed with ideas from her Marry-Me-Today-Custom-Morganite-Engagment-Ringinspiration board on The Knot, and Brandon also kept Jolie’s mother’s ring in mind when customizing her rings.  The end product is an 18K rose gold engagement ring with an 8-9mm oval cut Morganite it has a 1.5mm wide band that has 0.25cttw of diamonds in French cut pave.  The wedding band is also an 18K rose gold custom ring and is a French cut and bezel set eternity band with 0.62cttw of round diamonds. The rings pair together beautifully.

You don’t want to miss a second of this incredibly sweet love story!  You can view clips from the show here:

We want to wish Jolie and Brandon a lifetime of happiness!

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Adiamor Recently Visited by Style Expert Lilliana Vazquez

Style Expert Lilliana Vazquez recently visited our Los Angeles Jewelry District location.  “Another hard day on set,” she started her tweet. “Trying on gorgeous engagement rings…” She even shared a photo of the Adiamor R2839 Hand-Engraved Cushion Halo Setting in rose gold with a 1.75 carat round diamond center stone on Instagram.

Adiamor Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The beautiful Cushion Halo Setting includes 38 brilliant cut round diamonds set around the center stone and down the sides of the band. This ring design is also available in both 14K and 18K white and yellow gold settings, as well as in platinum. Other center stone cuts are also available for this ring setting.

Other popular items similar to the one shared by Vazquez include the Braided Pave Setting, the Pave Split Shank Setting and the Petite Milgrain and Pave Setting.

So check out our rings online or stop by our office the next time you are in the Los Angeles area.  You can have a look at all of the new designs and see how we can help you create the engagement and wedding rings of your dreams. Who knows, you might even try on the same ring Vazquez did during her recent visit.

About Lilliana Vazquez

Lilliana Vazquez is a Style Expert with more than 250 broadcasting experiences under her belt, including appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, Bravo, TLC and The Style Network. Many know her for her ability to provide viewers information and tips related to the fashion industry, including advice for those seeking affordable options. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style, which is a bible for frugal fashionistas.

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Diamond Engagement Ring Recently Found in Space

The recent discovery of a diamond engagement ring in space gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “give her the world” or in this case, the universe. Men may have to search high and low to beat this wonder of the universe when selecting the perfect ring.

Recently discovered by The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope, Planetary Nebula Abell 33 definitely has romantic potential. Abell 33 was developed when a nearby star started transforming into a white dwarf, which could also be the fate of the new discovery. These stars are small, dense and very hot and take billions of years to cool down.

Diamond Engagement Ring In SpaceDuring the transformation into a white dwarf, glowing gas clouds are blown away. These gas clouds are also known as planetary nebulae. The formation of the gas clouds create a bubble or ring in space. The diamond ring in space was formed when Abell 33 became perfectly aligned with a different star called HD 83535. The alignment of the two stars creates an image of what looks like an engagement ring floating through space. It is not often that planetary nebulae are this perfectly round, definitely making Abell 33’s ring unique and even more spectacular.

This ring would be the perfect expression of love. If only it were possible to reach up and pick the ring out of the night sky. Talk about giving her a unique ring that will definitely sweep her off of her feet.

Abell 33 is 2,500 light-years away, making it a very long time before anyone is able to get to it. So ladies, do not get those hopes up about having this ring put on your ring finger. However, there are plenty of diamond rings that sparkle and shine just as bright as Abell 33 right here on planet Earth.

When looking for a ring, one that shines bright like Abell 33, consider purchasing a brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. This cut uses angles cut into the diamond to create internal refraction, making it sparkle and shine more than any other diamond cut on our planet.

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Is the Delhi Purple Sapphire Really Cursed? Part 4 Haunted Diamonds Series

While not a diamond, the infamous cursed gemstone known as the Delhi Purple Sapphire has a history of misfortune and tragedy for those

The Delhi Purple Sapphire
The Delhi Purple Sapphire

who have been unfortunate enough to have owned it. Mistakenly thought to be a sapphire, the colorful but otherwise unremarkable oval shaped amethyst is mounted in a blackened silver setting, covered with astrological and alchemical symbols along with two carved scarab beetle gemstones.

The origin of this haunted gemstone starts in India, where it was said to have been looted from the Temple of Indra during the murderous Indian Mutiny of 1857 by a Bengal calvaryman named Colonel W. Ferris. Ironically, the temple honored the Hindu deity of war and weather. Ferris stole the

The Temple of Indra
The Temple of Indra

amethyst from the temple, and took it home with him to England, where he and his son, who inherited the gemstone after Ferris’ death, were afflicted with many difficulties, including health and financial ruin. A family friend who took possession of it committed suicide while the gemstone was in his possession. In a macabre twist, the friend willed the gemstone back to Ferris’ son.

The amethyst was later acquired by the unwitting Edward Heron-Allen in 1890. A celebrated author, scientist, scholar and friend to Oscar Wilde, he was perhaps the least likely of owners of the Delhi Purple Sapphire to succumb to the curse. Immediately after acquiring the amethyst, he was beset by misfortune after misfortune. He tried to get rid of the stone several times, by giving it away to two of his friends. One was a singer who lost her voice, the other similarly beset with misfortune.  Both immediately gave the amethyst back to him as quickly as they could to relieve themselves of the cursed stone. In his fear, Heron-Allen threw it into the dark and

Edward Heron-Allen
Edward Heron-Allen

dirty waters of Regent’s Canal to rid himself of it. A mere three months later, a dredger discovered the amethyst who then sold it to a jeweler. The jeweler recognized the gem and returned the amethyst to Heron-Allen, whose belief in the curse only intensified.

He had the gemstone locked away in seven different boxes, sealed with protective charms and sent it to his banker with instructions to never open the box. After his death, his family bestowed the gem to the London Natural History Museum. Heron-Allen had included a note in the boxes which read “This stone is trebly accursed and is stained with the blood, and the dishonor of everyone who has ever owned it.” 

 “Whoever shall then open it, shall first read out this warning, and then do as he pleases with the jewel. My advice to him or her is to cast it into the sea.”  

The curse apparently did not end with the museum’s ownership. John Whittaker, who was Dark_stormin charge of transporting the gem to the first symposium of the Heron-Allen society, experienced several problems when traveling with the stone. First he was stuck while driving in an incredibly violent thunderstorm. “the sky turned black and were overtaken by the most horrific thunderstorm I’ve ever experienced…we considered abandoning the car and my wife was shouting ‘Why did you bring that damned thing??” On the eve of the second annual symposium he was incapacitated by a violent case stomach flu, and he was unable to attend the third symposium due to kidney stones.

Undeterred by the curse, the Natural History Museum of  London decided to display the amethyst as part of their precious gemstone collection at the Vault in 2007.

The Delhi Sapphire on Display
The Delhi Sapphire on Display

To this day, none of Heron-Allen’s descendants will touch the gemstone.

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Unique Engagement Ring Settings Like Kelly Clarkson’s

For many of us, obsessing over a celebrity’s life is one of the guiltiest pleasures outside of cupcakes, mimosas, and leftover pizza for breakfast.  If we’re honest, we’ll admit it is downright enjoyable to watch, mirror, or judge the activity of those who live their lives on the all-too-public entertainment platform.  Obviously, celebrity engagements are no exception.

For many women (and yes, certain men too – come on guys, admit it), part of the excitement of learning of a female celebrity’s engagement is getting to lay your eyes on the ring for the very first time. As you know, many celebrities have their unique engagement ring settings specially designed just for them (hence the word, ‘unique’) and often spend an obscene amount in doing so.

Remember, Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring? This cost roughly $150,000 – which, in the grand scheme of celebrity things, is on the frugal side of the spectrum.  Even still, spending this amount on an engagement ring is still a difficult concept for many people to even grasp.  Luckily, unique engagement ring settings do not have to cost this much. At Adiamor, we offer a plethora of design options to fit the desires of any bride.

Getting back to Kelly Clarkson’s ring – it contains a stunning canary yellow center cut diamond surrounded by a halo of white diamonds with a beautiful pave set band. To view similar unique engagement ring settings, check out our radiant or emerald cut (seen below) or our stunning cushion cut.

If you are longing for the yellowest possible diamond, we can provide you with a traditional near colorless to quench your craving.

Of course, Kelly’s ring is not the only celebrity engagement ring people are talking about. We offer a variety of unique engagement ring settings similar to the ones your favorite stars are wearing. Adiamor has rings even for those who do not want to copy the style of their favorite celebrity bride-to-be.

Whether you are interested in designing your own unique engagement ring, looking at those we already have designed, or finding one similar to your favorite celebrity, simply visit our website and get started on finding or creating your perfectly inspired unique engagement ring settings!

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Celebrity Engagement News: Which Unique Engagement Ring Settings Will They Choose?

Let’s face it. Celebrity engagement news is nearly impossible to avoid, whether you like it or not!  Fans across the globe are taking notice of the unique engagement ring settings their favorite celebs are choosing, whether it’s a simple and classic solitaire setting with a plain gold band or something a bit more non-traditional, like Mariah Carey’s stunning 10.02-carat emerald-cut diamond.

If you are inspired by the style of Mariah’s ring and want to design something similar, click here!

As you already know, the latest engagement stories are not hard to find. Whether on, a magazine cover, or a celebrity tweet, each drizzly, diamond-coated detail can be divulged to the public in real-time, leaving very little room for mystery.  With this said, it is difficult to ignore what our leading ladies and gentlemen in Hollywood consider to be the hottest, most unique engagement ring settings and styles.

As “fans” browsing through pictures of our favorite celebrity engagement rings, we often want to find out things like “How big is that rock, exactly?!” or “what type of ring IS that?” Or, perhaps while drooling over a picture of Beyonce’s engagement ring, the realization that “I could buy three mansions in Texas with that ring” becomes an overwhelming reality to behold.  Then, there are those of us who gaze upon the dreamiest and most unique engagement ring settings we’ve ever seen and our inner Veruca Salt boldy exclaims:  “I want it now!”

Ahem…let’s not ignore the fact that Veruca’s mom is sporting a larger-than-life light-blue sapphire oval diamond halo ring here… if you dig this style, click here to see something similar from Adiamor.

The intrigue behind celebrity engagement rings is different for each person.  This is all part of the fun of being a “fan.”  We get to make up our minds and form our opinions from a distance, picking and choosing what we like and what we don’t. In the end, we may decide to to follow the celebrity trends, or maybe we come to the conclusion that creating a trend of our own is a more appealing choice.

Truth be told, celebrity and non-celebrity couples alike are on the hunt for something unique when it comes to engagement ring settings. Perhaps this is because no two love stories are the same.  Regardless of the reason, the great thing to remember when shopping for unique engagement ring settings is that unlike the hottest trends in celebrity clothing, diamonds never go out of style!

For a piece of jewelry that you will be wearing for the rest of your life, you’ll want the superb craftsmanship that Adiamor offers. Fifty years of hand-crafting fine jewelry for discerning clients has earned us the respect of generations of newlyweds. So come see what we can do for you  and browse our wide selection of unique engagement ring settings. Or, follow your favorite trends by designing a celebrity inspired engagement ring of your own!

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A Growing Trend: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Lately, rose gold engagement rings have been spotted on celebrities like LeAnn Rimes, Miley Cyrus and Blake Lively. Rose gold is a unique choice and offers a personalized, delicate twist on a classic gold or silver setting that’s both eye-catching and interesting.

So, for all of the non-celebrities like you and I, what is rose gold and why is everyone so crazy about it? Rose gold, along with white and black gold, actually starts out as pure gold which comes in various shades and tones of yellow.  To produce different colors in gold, a small amount of another metallic element is combined with the purified metal.  Perhaps you are familiar with the term ‘alloying’.  This is precisely what this combination process is called.  For instance, white gold is an alloy of gold.  It is produced when gold is combined with nickel, manganese or palladium to produce a ‘white’ or silver-like appearance.

In the case of rose gold, a small amount of copper is thoroughly blended into the pure gold to create the warm, delicate, pinkish shade akin to… you guessed it… a rose!  In addition to altering color, you’ll be pleased to know that the dash of copper also strengthens the gold (which is naturally an extremely soft metal), making it more durable for crafting jewelry and other items.

Rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands are a departure from the classic solitaire, princess cut diamond set in a silver band or white gold band – which is what makes them intriguing for celebrities and non-celebrities alike! The warm rose tones are also ideal for mixing and matching as they pair well with a variety of metals. For example, a rose gold engagement ring can be paired with a gold or silver wedding band (or vice versa) for an elegant and fashionable contrast.

adiamor ring blog

Adiamor specializes in the creation of exquisite, handcrafted jewelry. To see our complete collection of rose gold engagement rings, or all other available jewelry, please visit our website. We would love to assist you in finding the perfect ring for your special day!

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Find Stylish Split Shank Engagement Rings Inspired by the Latest Celebrity Trends

One of the latest Hollywood trends when it comes to celebrity engagement rings is split shank engagement rings. A split shank is a cleaved band where two or more strands join together for a unique look. “The Bachelor” contestant Sean Lowe proposed to graphic designer Catherine Giudici with a stunning cushion-cut diamond in a split shank setting.


Catherine’s engagement ring features a 3.15 carat center diamond surrounded by 164 smaller diamonds in a pave setting. According to KpopStarz, Giudici said the split shank engagement ring was “classic and timeless.” Guidici also posted a black-and-white photo of her engagement ring on Instagram.


Split Shank Engagement Rings

Adiamor features a wide selection of split shank engagement rings for brides who strive to keep up with the latest trends in celebrity engagement rings. The split shank pave setting for square diamonds is a similar style to Giudici’s engagement ring, seen below.  The center diamond is surrounded by 128 smaller diamonds that equal a total carat weight of 0.80. This lovely setting is available in white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

A common yet unique twist that can be added to split shank engagement rings are precious gemstones. The ruby and pave engagement setting from Adiamor is a perfect example.  This ring shows off the center diamond with an accent of four round ruby gemstones, as well as 28 pave-set diamonds.


Rose gold can also be a lovely addition to any engagement ring.  Adiamor’s round and pave-set engagement setting is available in the pink-tinged hues of rose gold.


Order from Adiamor with confidence

Split shank engagement rings from Adiamor are a beautiful way to say “I love you” all while keeping up with the latest celebrity trends. All Adiamor engagement rings and engagement ring settings are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty. Adiamor also offers free overnight shipping for domestic orders more than $250.  Order engagement ring styles inspired by your favorite celebrity engagement rings at

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Unique Engagement Rings: How to Fit the Ring to the Personality of Your Bride-To-Be

Many women dream about the day their guy will get down on one knee and present them with a breathtaking, dazzling, and unique engagement ring.  Before the jewelry box opens, butterflies flutter, the stars align, and the anticipation grows sweeter… she thinks, “will it be the ring I’ve been dreaming about at all this time?”

There is no question that there are many different types of unique engagement rings to choose from. With a variety of shapes, colors, and styles, choosing the perfect ring may seem like an overwhelming decision.  So, how do guys know if they have really picked out the engagement ring she has been dreaming of? In order to gather some ideas, it may be a good idea to research what engagement rings a few of her favorite A-list celebrities chose to express their affection.

Here are some examples:

1. The Not-So Basic Solitaire: One look at Jennifer Garner and it’s plain to see that she is a basic kind of gal with no nonsense about her.   Jennifer is strikingly beautiful, classy, and elegant; yet she has no problem flaunting her casual, ‘tomboy’ like charm.  This is probably why Ben Affleck chose a simple but striking solitaire for her engagement ring.  There’s nothing ordinary about Jennifer’s solitaire engagement ring. This $500,000 cushion cut beauty weighs in at 4.5 glamorous carats.

Guys can find something similar to this magnificent ring at Adiamor in 14k, 18k or platinum.

2.  The ‘7 Year’ Cut:  It took them seven years to get around to being engaged, but when Brad finally proposed to Angie, he made it count. For a rumored $500,000, Brad designed a stunning and unique emerald cut center diamond engagement ring weighing in at an estimate of 7 carats.  The surrounding channel-set tablet stones are said to add a meager 9 to 10 carats.  Angie, with a widely known reputation as a rebel with a bleeding heart, is also sexy, confident, and beautifully distinct.  Brad seemed to fully understand just what type of ring would capture her unique traits, so, he helped design something for Angie that is as distinctive and sophisticated as she is. Perhaps it took him 7 years to get the design just right. Whatever the case may be– well done, Brad!

To emulate this fascinating and unique style, a classic emerald cut will certainly do the trick.

3. A Diamond Explosion with a Pop of Color:   For women who love a bit of color, there’s nothing like a diamond ring accented with a few colorful stones.  Justin Timberlake seemed to take notice of Jessica Biel’s love for color and proposed to her with a vintage-inspired diamond featuring two light blue sapphire stones on each side of the center stone.  Both sapphire stones are surrounded by a delicate circle of pave set diamonds. The center cushion cut style diamond is enormous and bright, capturing the attention of onlookers.

To go with a similar option, consider a pink sapphire accented, Bezel set setting or a baguette, pave, and sapphire engagement setting.

When ready to pop the question, guys should take serious time to think about what engagement ring would be the absolute finest choice for their sweetheart.  Adiamor has a selection of unique engagement rings that fit the personality of every woman, from classic and conservative to unique and outspoken.  With a vast selection of settings, shapes, and styles; along with an extremely helpful engagement guide, you’ll be sure to find something she’l treasure for a lifetime.