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Boutique Chic Rose Gold Rings

One of the hottest trends of recent years popularized by both celebrities and tastemakers alike is boutique chic. From clothing retailers such as Urban Outfitters to shoe companies like Toms, the most fashion forward are embracing a bohemian look that looks just as good at music festivals as it does at weddings. When trying to pair jewelry with this look, the most on trend option is rose gold. Chic rose gold rings can be paired with one of kind outfits that are perfect for every occasion.

Rose Gold on Saturday Nights

When heading out for a night on the town, a bohemian look works for hip restaurants and trendy bars. When looking for the right jewelry to match, rose gold is the perfect choice. Not only does the color flatter skin tones, it also has a vintage feel without feeling second hand or cheap. Additionally, many rose gold pieces are made with unique, handmade details. This blending of popular styles and classic aesthetics makes choosing a chic rose gold ring the perfect addition to any Saturday night outfit.

Rose Gold Wedding Rings

Rose gold is a versatile color which is why it is so popular for everything from smart phones to shoes. However, chic rose gold rings are making their appearance at more and more weddings, too. After the rise of rose gold engagement rings, many brides began pairing their unique engagement ring with a matching wedding band. Whether classically paired with diamonds in a pave setting or channel set in a modern style, rose gold wedding bands grow increasingly popular year after year. With their timeless look, these chic rose gold rings can easily be paired for every day styles. This makes rose gold an excellent choice for a wedding band.

chic rose gold rings
A modern engagement ring with channel set diamonds is one of many chic rose gold rings available

When looking for the perfect ring metal that can be worn with any outfit, there’s nothing quite like rose gold. Learn more about rose gold today on the Adiamor Metal Education page!

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Diamond Jewelry: 5 Must Have Essentials

The perfect collection of diamond jewelry complements your engagement ring to create a complete set. In order to fill out your jewelry box with pieces that match your ring, consider these must have essentials!

1. Engagement Ring

Now that you are engaged and have your dream ring, it is time to start thinking about building your jewelry collection with staple items that will coordinate with your ring.  Take into consideration your engagement ring: is the center stone round, princess, or cushion cut?  What type of metal is your ring: platinum, rose gold, etc.?  You can coordinate your other jewelry box items to your ring.  Here are 4 additional items that will dress up any look day or night.

French cut halo setting
French Cut Cushion Halo Setting R2940

Browse our collection of engagement rings here.

2. Eternity Bands

This can be added to your collection as a wedding band, but eternity bands look great stacked together if you have a few of them.  This is where you get to show your own personal style.  Pick bands in different widths, metals, and diamond setting styles.  Since an eternity band has diamonds all the way around the ring, there is no need to worry about which side of the band is showing.  Eternity bands make great anniversary or birthday gifts.

Stacked Diamond Eternity Bands

Browse our collection of wedding rings here.

3. Diamond Studs

Diamond earrings are a staple that you can wear all the time no matter what the occasion.  For diamond studs, you can choose to have a classic pair where the center diamond stands out, or you can choose a pair with a halo setting with smaller diamonds around the center stone.  Either is a good option and will add a bit of glitz to your ears.  Earrings make a great wedding day gift or push present to celebrate a milestone.

Round Halo Diamond Earrings E5197

Browse our collection of earrings here.

4. Solitaire Pendant

Another must to add to your jewelry box is a diamond solitaire pendant.  Just like earrings, this can be made in a classic single center diamond or it can be made with a halo to enhance the center stone.  Paired with your diamond stud earrings the pendant will draw eyes upwards and will create a triad of sparkle directly to your eyes and face.

Round Diamond Halo Pendant P5182

Browse our collection of pendants and necklaces here.

5. Tennis Bracelet

You cannot go wrong with a diamond tennis bracelet!  This piece will complete any Jewelry Box.  Depending on the width you choose it can be worn every day or saved for special occasions.  Also if you decide you would like to stack bracelets for a stylish look, a tennis bracelet is classic and can be paired with any other style of bracelet.  A tennis bracelet makes the perfect present for any occasion!

Diamond Tennis Bracelet 1.75cttw B2095

Browse our collection of bracelets here.

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What Are The Best Rose Gold Engagement Ring Settings?

If you are shopping for an engagement ring, you may have been asked “what type of metal do you prefer the ring to be made out of?”  Rose gold is becoming more popular with its beautiful pink color.  It is composed of both gold and copper, and it is the high percentage of copper that produces the warm and rich rose metal color.  Since copper alloys were most common in the 19th century, most antique jewelry is rose gold.  It has become even more sought after in recent years with a look that is both modern and vintage.  The rosy warm color is a romantic look and pairs beautifully with diamonds; it is also suitable for all skin tones due to its soft appearance.

Adiamor R2998 paired with R2987
Adiamor R2972 paired with R2982








1. French Cut Basket

One style that is very popular is the French cut basket setting. It looks great in rose gold and with an oval cut center diamond.  Both Blake Lively and Julianne Hough have oval cut diamond center stones set in a rose gold setting.  Our Adiamor R2981 is an elegant choice in rose gold. It showcases the oval center diamond and has a dainty band at 1.5mm wide with diamonds that extend half way down the band.  The basket is adorned with French cut diamonds. You are also able to customize this ring by adding diamonds to the prongs for added brilliance!

French Cut Basket and Oval Diamond

Close up of Blake Lively’s Ring

2. French Cut Cushion Halo

Another engagement ring setting that looks great in rose gold is the French cut cushion halo with a round center diamond.  Evan Peters proposed to Emma Roberts with a round cut diamond center stone set in a rose gold cushion shape halo.  Our Adiamor version, R2940 features brilliant cut round diamonds that total approximately 0.35 carat total weight on the setting.  This cushion halo setting can accommodate both a cushion cut center stone as well as a round cut.  Shown with a round cut center stone, it has the best of both worlds: the brilliance of a round diamond and the soft edges of the cushion shape halo.  Alternative center stone shapes can also be found in our Adiamor French Cut Halo Collection.
French Cut Cushion Halo

3. The Dainty Solitaire

The Dainty Solitaire setting with a round cut center diamond is simple and refined, while at the same time modern and stylish in rose gold.  Lauren Conrad made this style popular.  Here she pairs her engagement ring with a French cut diamond wedding band.  Our Adiamor version, R3046 is 1.7mm wide and can be set with any shape or size center stone of your choice.  The simplicity of this ring is timeless and will never go out of style, while the rose gold metal is a soft and romantic touch.  If you want a style that will make your center stone stand out, then this is the ring for you!

Dainty Solitaire and Round Diamond

4. Custom 3 Row Micro Pave Basket

Oval cut diamonds look great when set in a rose gold custom 3-row micro pave basket engagement ring setting.  Whitney Port’s engagement ring from Tim Rosenman is both classic and modern at the same time.  This fashionista is all about standing out and being unique, which is exactly what her rose gold oval cut engagement ring says.  Our Adiamor version, R3077 is absolute perfection!  This ring has 3 rows of micro pave diamonds for the maximum amount of brilliance!  This ring with an oval cut center diamond is stunning, but can be made for any diamond shape that you select.

3 Row Micro Pave and Oval Diamond

5. Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement

A bezel set solitaire setting with an Asscher cut center diamond looks beautiful in rose gold.  When Adam Brody proposed to Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, he did it with this Art Deco inspired bezel set solitaire in rose gold with an Asscher cut center diamond.  Our bezel set solitaire version R3055 is sophisticated and modern.  The band is 1.7mm wide and can be polished to a sand, matte, hammered, or high polish finish.  This has a true vintage feel that will never go out of style!

Bezel Set Solitaire and Asscher Diamond

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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Tradition is a wonderful thing, particularly where weddings are concerned. However,  making room for new practices and aesthetics as you plan to celebrate your lives together can enrich your special day just as much as the tried and true. For a fresh, modern interpretation of romantic classics, there’s no better place to begin than with the engagement ring. Updated designs and lesser-known metals have inspired some of the most beautiful rings we’ve ever seen, and few trends exemplify this more than rose gold engagement rings.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold, sometimes called pink gold, was created when artisans began experimenting with different mixes of metals to produce different colors and weights in the final product. Because all gold used in jewelry like engagement rings contains a percentage of other metals necessary to make it strong, options for color and customization at the base level are numerous. Other variations such as green gold and black gold have achieved respectable popularity over the last several years, but rose gold is now in such high demand that it has achieved comparable status to old favorites like yellow and white gold.

Engagement rings and wedding bands in this warm, unique hue are among the hottest wedding trends of 2015.

Classic Solitaires

For brides seeking just a slight modern twist on classic engagement rings, or to form a perfect blend of old and new, a simple solitaire setting rendered in gorgeous rose gold is all it takes. As you can see in the styles curated below, even this straightforward style is open to creative, unique tweaks that set it apart from other solitaires.

Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings

From left: Classic Solitaire Setting, $298 R2938; Ridged Solitaire Setting, $450 R2779; Swirl Shank Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting, $525 R2966; Dainty 1.5mm Solitaire Basket Setting, $465 R2998

Vintage Inspiration

Another attractive and interesting example of rose gold’s “old meets new” style potential is this beautiful metal’s easy combination with vintage design elements. Simple diamond accented bands, art deco halos, and whimsical Edwardian leaf and vine bands all get a refreshing new look in rose gold settings, preserving the tradition and aesthetic sensibilities of the old days while breathing new life into these classic styles.

Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Rings


From left: Plain Band Oval Halo Engagement Setting, $980 R3015; Twisted Diamond Band Basket Setting, $1210 R3042; Vintage Leaf Diamond Engagement Setting, $890 R2994; Classic French Cut Basket Setting with Diamond Accents, $1290 R2981


Milgrain and Hand Engraving

Milgrain, the tiny beaded or ridged pattern often seen accenting the edges of a band setting, and other hand engraved accents come in and out of fashion from year to year. Currently, these design features are experiencing yet another revival, and it’s no accident that they’re frequently paired with the rose gold trend. The striking color of rose gold engagement rings draws the eye more than the yellow and white tones of traditional engagement rings, making the impact of small, intricate details more pronounced and dramatic. Milgrain and hand engraving give the elegant styles shown here a more finished, handcrafted look that is a nod to vintage designs, as well as new looks.


Milgrain and Hand Engraved Rose Gold Engagement Rings


From left: Hand Engraved Solitaire Basket Setting, $990 R2949; Pave Accented Hand Engraved Engagement Setting, $1490 R2858; Hand Engraved Pave Halo Setting for Cushion Cut, $1690 R2839; Hand Engraved Tapered Solitaire Setting, $550 R2956

Split Shank

The split shank setting is elegant, eye-catching, and the perfect way to add uniqueness and creativity to a traditional solitaire or diamond-accented band. Special details like hand engraving, tulip settings, and fancy diamond shapes add yet another dimension to these beautiful split shank styles. The split shank is also very versatile, opening the door to a world of custom and handpicked elements for building your dream ring.

Split Shank Rose Gold Engagement Rings


From left: Pave Diamond Accented Tulip Setting, $1580 R2919; Split Shank Solitaire Setting for Oval Cut Diamond, $750 R3041; Flower Halo Split Shank Diamond Engagement Setting, $1950 R2894; Hand Engraved Split Shank Tulip Setting, $750 R2973

Show Off the Metal

Rose gold’s striking color is what sets all of these styles apart from the everyday engagement ring, and many brides to be are choosing rose gold engagement rings that put this beautiful metal in the spotlight just as much as the brilliant center and accent stones. A broad, sculpted band on a rose gold engagement ring creates a surprisingly modern, rich look, reminding us all just what it was that made us fall in love with rose gold in the first place.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

From left: Baguette Accented Rose Gold Engagement Setting, $750 R2687; Three Stone Bezel Set Engagement Setting with Round Diamonds, $1325 R2588; Flat Edge Cathedral Setting, $575 R2744; Angular Engagement Ring Setting with Baguette Accents, $1550 R2516

Pile On the Diamonds

The bright contrast of rose gold provides the ideal backdrop to make strong diamond accents stand out even more dramatically. Close-set and invisible set diamonds appear even more impressive, while diamond accents set with an individual stone setting process like pave or bezel have their cool sparkle showcased on the warm, rosy bands.

Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Rings


From left: Emerald Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring Setting, $795 R3060; Invisible Set Princess Cut and Baguette Engagement Setting, $1980 R2321; Cushion Double Halo Split Shank Engagement Setting, $1690 R2971; Tapered Baguette and Emerald Cut Three Stone Setting, $3150 R3039 

Two Tone Metal Combinations

Of all the looks we’ve covered here, a band accented with gold in other colors is by far the most modern application of the delightful rose gold trend. Sometimes this is very subtle, like our many rose gold settings featuring white old prongs that add to the brilliance of the diamonds. In many styles, though, the mixed media effect of working with gold in two or more different colors is the ring’s defining feature.

Two Tone Metal Rose Gold Engagement Rings


From left: Rose Gold Accented Bezel Pave Diamond Setting, $3050 R2836; Round Diamond Three Stone Trellis and Pave setting, $1775 R2799; White and Rose Gold Pave Halo Setting for Round Diamond, $990 R2877

The rose gold engagement ring trend is just one of many style sweeps on which we’ve offered in-depth coverage and advice. Visit the blog regularly for more posts in the On Trend series!  Adiamor has been a trusted name in the fine jewelry industry, serving customers in southern California and worldwide for nearly 70 years, helping to match them to the perfect engagement rings, wedding bands, and upscale fashion pieces for their proposals, wedding days, and red carpet appearances.

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Adiamor Recently Featured on Telemundo Acceso Total

Adiamor Featured on Telemundo Acceso Total
Adiamor Featured on Telemundo Acceso Total


Here is the transcript of the Accesso Total segment on NBC Universal’s Telemundo featuring Adiamor Diamonds & Fine Jewelry.

Alright, for those who are thinking of getting engaged this Saint Valentine’s Day and still haven’t bought the darn ring, I visited a jewelry store where I was given some information to keep in mind. Let’s see.

Contrary to what a normal jewelry store is like with display cases, we found this place in downtown Los Angeles where they make your engagement ring not only to your size but also to your special order. I spoke with Jennifer Sarkisian, one of the owners, who explained to me that after Christmas, this date is definitely the one on which they sell the most engagement rings.

Jennifer Sarkisian:
I think there’s a lot of pressure to get engaged on Valentine’s Day…

With the pressure many men are under to buy the ring on this such special date, they have to know that there are many options, and sometimes it helps to know the partner’s preference.

Jennifer Sarkisian:
We have everything from a simple solitaire, round…

Solitaires, the classic stone, square stones known as princess cut, rectangular, oval, and the ones in the shape of hearts are the most popular options. But be careful, with companies like these where orders are made on the Internet, or anywhere you buy diamonds, you have to make sure you’re not getting ripped off.

Jennifer Sarkisian:
Very important that you’re buying…

You have to make sure you buy certified diamonds. The prices of diamonds depend on four characteristics: the cut of the stone, its clarity, the color, and of course, the carats. Tomás Apata works in the part of the shop assembling them and making them just to the customer’s order.

Tomás Apata:
The first step is we count the diamonds, the ones that are going to go on the ring. We start drilling the rings to make the holes for the rings.

You’re the one in charge of mounting the stones, right?

Tomás Apata:

In what part of the process does that go?

Tomás Apata:
You could say in the middle of the process. We polish them; after polishing you still do an inspection of the ring to make sure all the diamonds are tight-fitting.

Mm-hmm. About how long do you guys take to create a complete ring?

Tomás Apata:
It varies. It could be from one hour to, I don’t know, we’ve taken up to 10 hours, 12 hours on one ring.

But you completely finish the rings here?

Tomás Apata:
Here. We can finish them, yes.

Greetings to Tomás, to Arturo. They work there assembling the rings, and they say that at 10:00 in the morning, they always have us at Acceso Total on, so thank you very much.


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Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Her

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if Cupid has blessed you with a special someone, it’s time to find the perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry gift! Diamonds at your sweetheart’s ears, neck, or wrist softly sparkling by candlelight make a gorgeous addition to your romantic night out (or in), and they’re more affordable than one may think. With all budgets and personalities in mind, we’ve created a handpicked roundup of the best classic and love themed Valentine’s Day jewelry Adiamor has to offer. Counting down from #10, we have:

10. Diamond Pave Disc Earrings

Concentric rings of gorgeous pave set white diamonds form the unique design of these elegant disc earrings. Recalling the geometric and pave diamond crazes of the Art Deco era, each of these 8mm width disc earrings uses a total of 37 diamonds, resulting in a total carat weight of 0.19 in a gleaming white gold setting.


Pave Diamond Disc Earrings in 14k white gold, $249 E5194

9. Pave Diamond Puffed Heart Pendant

This pendant is so dramatically encrusted with diamonds that the yellow gold of the entire setting is only immediately visible when noting the scalloped high polish shank or back of the pendant. Almost as lovely as the 58 individual diamonds lighting up the front surface, this heart has a whimsical secret: a handcrafted floral cutout design on the back. The Pave Puffed Heart is crafted in 18k yellow gold and 1.02 cttw of G VS1 quality round diamonds, and measures approximately 1 inch tall by 3/4 inch wide.


Pave Diamond Puffed Heart Pendant in 18k gold, $2510 P4168

8. Pink Sapphire and Diamond Heart Enhancer

For a more trendy, flirty choice, consider the lattice design of this versatile snap on pendant, formed in 18k white gold with just over a carat’s worth of gleaming pink sapphires, and accented with a 0.40 carat pave frame of H SI1 grade round diamonds. This pendant also features an artistic cutout back, and the diamond accented shank snaps open to attach to any necklace including chains, omega slides, and beads or pearls.


Pink Sapphire and Diamond Heart Enhancer in 18k white gold, $1805 PA2007

7. Tilted Heart Diamond Pendant

This modern off-center heart pendant includes a 14k white gold chain that threads through a hole in the top rather than a traditional shank, creating a clean, seamless look. Featuring 25 H SI1 round diamonds, this simple piece has a total carat weight of 0.75cttw.


Tilted Diamond Heart Pendant in 14k white gold, $1394 PA2054

6. Brown and White Diamond Heart Necklace

Who doesn’t love to receive chocolates on Valentine’s Day? This elegant and on trend pendant has a whimsical asymmetrical heart shape perfect for showcasing 21 stylish brown diamonds and 13 white diamonds of GH I1 quality. A modern snake style chain is included and threads through an invisible shank in the 14k white gold setting.


White and Chocolate Diamond Heart Pendant in 14k white gold, $399 PS1114


5. Modern Diamond Solitaire Pendant

If you’re not quite at the engagement ring stage (or if you’ve already given her one), this take on the diamond solitaire is ideal for a Valentine’s Day jewelry gift. A single white diamond of your choice hangs from a delicate chain in a four prong setting, crafted in any of the metals Adiamor offers. Choose a 0.25 to 1.00 carat stone and a 14k gold to platinum invisible shank setting. This pendant includes a 16 inch chain in 14k white or yellow gold.


Modern Solitaire Diamond Pendant, shown with 1.00 carat diamond and 14k white gold setting, priced $475 to $6995 with custom options P4400

4. Love Script Diamond Bracelet

A total of 91 precision set pave stones in 0.18cttw trace the script lettering of this dainty gold and diamond bracelet. The whimsical lowercase “love” lettering stands out in this sweet and trendy piece, and measures approximately 1 inch by 1/2 inch. This bracelet is great for layered looks, and fastens with a lobster claw clasp at variable lengths.


Script Design Love Diamond Bracelet in 14k yellow gold, $399 B2093

3. LOVE Diamond Necklace

Stacked capital letters spelling LOVE form the square of this fashionable diamond pendant, declaring your love to the world whenever your beloved puts it on. Pave set with 60 diamonds in a total carat weight of 0.17, this pendant has an attached 16 to 18 inch adjustable chain in matching 14k yellow gold. Choose from lobster claw or spring ring clasp closures.


Pave Diamond LOVE Necklace in 14k yellow gold, $410 P5172

3. Heart Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Yet another take on the traditional diamond solitaire, this one truly brings the romance to this special occasion. A pristine HI SI quality heart diamond floats on a split shank four prong setting, and like the other solitaire pendant on this list offers many options for customization and price points. Choose a diamond in one of four carat weights from 0.25 to 1.00, and a metal from any type Adiamor carries.


Diamond Heart Solitaire Pendant, shown with 1.00 carat heart shaped diamond in 14k white gold setting, priced $340 to $4800 with custom options P4311

1. Half Carat Classic Diamond Stud Earrings

A classic pair of elegant diamond stud earrings remains one of the most popular Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts for women and is, in fact, regarded as a staple of every fashionista’s accessories wardrobe.  This half carat set features two 0.25 carat round diamonds in HI SI quality, held by four-prong settings in the metal of your choice. Both traditional push-back friction posts and screw-back posts for added security are available.


Round Diamond Stud Earrings shown with 14k white gold screw backs, 0.50cttw (0.25 carat each), priced $650 to $980 with custom options ESP50

Thank you for choosing Adiamor to meet your fine jewelry needs on the most romantic day of the year! Most of these Valentine’s Day jewelry items will be ready to ship very quickly after you place your order, but if you have any questions about any of our merchandise, just give us a call at 877-627-5094 to be sure that your precious jewelry will arrive in time for the big night.