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His and Hers Matching Wedding Bands

With summer quickly approaching, that means wedding season is just around the corner. For those getting married this summer, that means time is running out. Every wedding has last minute details that need attention. From the seating chart to the flowers on the wedding arch, there’s always something that gets overlooked. One important detail in every ceremony is the wedding bands, and some times the bride and groom put off selecting wedding rings until the last minute. Despite the importance of wedding bands, choosing them can be so difficult that many people wait too long and end up with something that isn’t perfect. One simple solution, though, is his and hers matching wedding bands.

How To Select Matching Wedding Bands

There are many ways to pair his and hers wedding rings. Perhaps the easiest way to decide on a ring metal. One easy way to choose a ring metal for wedding rings is to match the bride’s engagement ring. If she has a 14k white gold engagement ring, then 14k white gold wedding bands will match perfectly. By reducing the number of options, it can make selecting the right wedding ring for him and her a little easier. Another way to decide on wedding rings is to match the ring style of the engagement ring. For example, if she has a pave set engagement ring, then perhaps the matching wedding bands should feature pave set diamonds.

matching wedding bands
Matching channel-set wedding band and engagement ring

Mix and Match Wedding Bands

Although most couples prefer to have matching wedding bands, there are plenty of ways to mix and match rings, too. In fact, this is often necessary for couples who find themselves in the “opposites attract” category. Since these couples may have polar opposite styles, it may be easier to find complimenting rings instead of matching wedding bands. However, this doesn’t mean the rings will look strange next to each other in wedding photos. Recently, it has even become trendy to pair different ring metals together to create two tone looks. This can be an excellent way to incorporate a secondary ring metal into the groom’s wedding band. This way, he can have the white gold look he wants while including accents of her rose gold engagement ring.

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emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Wedding Planning Tips: Online Wedding Invite Etiquette

For anyone who is planning a wedding in 2018, it is important to remember that times have changed. Almost everyone, even your grandmother, now has a smartphone. This means that modern wedding invite etiquette has changed, too. In the past, wedding invitations contained a wealth of information including RSVP cards, return envelopes, registry information and more. Just a few years ago, wedding planners and worried brides would be huddled around the mailbox waiting to see who was bringing a date and whether they ordered the chicken or the fish. Thankfully, those days are now over.

Do I Have To Include Stamped Return Envelopes?

In 2018, the simple answer is no. While mothers of brides to be will certainly push for stamped return envelopes, they are no longer required wedding invite etiquette. In fact, the majority of wedding RSVPs are now made online. A wide range of online companies now exist within the wedding industry, and these websites help wedding planners. By allowing users to create and manage guest lists online, wedding invites are much easier to manage. When it comes to your wedding day, you no longer need to create a paper trail.

wedding invite etiquette
When it comes to wedding invitations, the rules have changed.

Should I Live Stream My Wedding?

While most people are now comfortable committing to attending a wedding using the internet, a less common thing is live streaming the wedding. However, this option makes plenty of sense for many couples. One scenario is that more and more couples look to exchange wedding bands during intimate, destination ceremonies. These weddings would be prohibitively expensive if they also included 200 guests. In this case, streaming the wedding online makes perfect sense. Modern wedding invite etiquette would suggest sending actual invitations that include the web address of the stream. This is also a great option for friends or family members who are unable to travel, such as the elderly or new mothers.

Can I Invite People To My Wedding On Facebook?

Although it may seem like the easiest way to send invites in 2018, modern wedding invite etiquette still requires sending actual invitations. Therefore, only inviting people to your wedding via social media like Facebook is frowned upon. However, Facebook can still be a great auxiliary tool. It’s a great way to manage smaller aspects of the wedding, such as planning wedding showers or contacting the entire bridal party at once. Additionally, it is a great space to share wedding photos or to brag about the men’s wedding ring you picked out for your husband. Overall, though, Facebook should not be the primary invite.

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emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

How To Budget For Your Wedding

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting parts of any couple’s life. However, it can also lead to a huge amount of stress. This is because weddings are huge events that require endless planning. Additionally, anything “wedding” related is extremely expensive. Whether it’s the photographer, the restaurant hosting the rehearsal dinner, or the flowers, adding the word “wedding” increases the price. These days, the cost of the average American wedding is upwards of $35,000. In order to help you best prepare for your dream wedding, we’ve put together some helpful tips to budget for your wedding.

How Large Is Your Guest List?

The biggest costs will your wedding will be dependent upon the size of the guest list. Large weddings require large venues, and these will be exponentially more expensive. Additionally, consider the location of your wedding. A rustic barn wedding venue will cost less than a destination wedding. Weddings in major cities like New York or Los Angeles will also be much more expensive than weddings in rural Arkansas. Also, large weddings mean massive catering bills. The average cost per plate at a wedding is $68, which means you should probably consider how much you want to invite your third cousin Jimmy. Finally, a big wedding reception wouldn’t be the same without alcohol, and an open bar will quickly rack up a high tab. Essentially, the larger the wedding, the bigger the bill.

wedding reception
It’s simple math: the larger the wedding, the bigger the bill.

Where Can I Save Money?

The list of places to save money when figuring out how to budget for your wedding is extensive. However, the smarter list is to figure out where NOT to skimp. Most married couples point to three places to splurge: the photographer, the wedding rings, and the wedding coordinator. Since the photographer will be the primary source of memories, it is important to have an exceptional documentation of your big day. The wedding coordinator will help prevent any mishaps and keep the day running smoothly even if there is a last minute catastrophe. Finally, the wedding rings are the ultimate representation of your marriage. While it may seem like a fun idea to get matching tattoos or picking up a wooden ring from the local farmer’s market, the smart move is to buy wedding rings online. Not only will you still save money over shopping at a mall jeweler, your gold or diamond wedding bands will last forever. When planning your wedding budget, definitely set aside money for wedding rings, a photographer, and a day of coordinator.

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

The 4 Best Reasons To Exchange Wedding Rings Outside

In recent years, more and more couples are looking to get married in non-traditional places. While churches often provide beautiful backdrops for a wedding ceremony, younger couples are exploring other options. With the help of Pinterest, more and more millennials are taking the DIY approach to wedding ceremonies. Crafty couples have found ways to turn barns, old fire stations, and city parks into gorgeous wedding venues. If you’re looking to join the outdoor wedding movement, consider these 5 great reasons to exchange wedding rings outside.

Customize The Decor For A Unique Setting

One reason couples are moving their wedding vows outside is the ability to completely customize the decor. This allows a bride to have the themed wedding of her dreams with every detail exactly as she imagined it. Additionally, this allows for a great variety of DIY decorations. Not only will the choice to exchange wedding rings outside inspire decorating creatively, it will also allow couples on a budget to save money by doing it themselves.

Get Married At Sunset

Although indoor weddings provide a timeless feel, there’s nothing quite like getting married during the sunset. In addition to a picturesque backdrop, your wedding photographer will love getting shots during the so-called “golden hour” leading up to sunset. Plus, the natural lighting will allow every wedding dress to shine and every custom designed engagement ring to sparkle.

getting married outside
Getting married outside allows for plenty of dramatic photographs.

Casual Atmosphere

Outdoor weddings also allow for a more casual atmosphere. This means both the crowd and the bridal party can breathe a sigh of relief. Deciding to exchange wedding rings outside will keep the ceremony lighthearted. Plus, the groom won’t have to worry about sweating through his tuxedo with a cool breeze. And, with a more casual ceremony, the reception will sure to be off to a great start without stifling small talk. Everyone will be able to instantly remark at the great weather and gorgeous sunset.

Ceremony + Reception In One Venue

Speaking of the reception, the last great reason to exchange wedding rings outside is its easy to combine the ceremony and reception into one venue. This especially works great for outdoor venues that have a bit of separation, such as a barn wedding or a wedding in a park. During cocktail hour, simply relocate the rows of chairs while everyone is grabbing a drink. By combining venues, couples can save a little money that they can put towards a honeymoon or buying a home.

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Popular Styles of Men’s Wedding Rings

Last month, we posted a blog about how to choose a man’s wedding ring which we hope was helpful. However, one element that we did not discuss was a breakdown of the different styles of men’s wedding rings available on the market. In order to make the process of selecting a men’s wedding band even easier, this month we are tackling the subject. Check out these popular styles of men’s wedding rings to see if any of these match your man’s look.

Traditional Men’s Wedding Bands

yellow gold men's wedding ring
A traditional men’s wedding ring in yellow gold

The classic men’s wedding ring is a simple band that contains no diamonds or additional details. Typically, these traditional wedding rings for men are made in either plain gold or platinum. While yellow gold is the more traditional choice, some men do prefer the look of white gold. Additionally, as the color continues to gain popularity amongst both sexes, 14k and 18k rose gold wedding rings are available for men as well.

Diamond Wedding Rings For Men

platinum diamond wedding band for men
A men’s diamond wedding band in platinum

Men’s rings also now frequently feature diamonds, too. With a variety of styles ranging from single diamond bands to channel set diamond rings, men have nearly as many choices as women do these days. With men’s wedding rings available in yellow gold, white gold, and platinum, there are plenty of choices available to suit the style of any man.

Contemporary Men’s Wedding Rings

rose gold men's wedding ring
Men’s wedding rings are now available in 18k rose gold

Finally, for men who prefer to add more flair to their rings, there are a number of options with contemporary design details. From masculine braids and milgrain accents to multiple finishes and even multiple metal tones, the variety of men’s wedding bands on the market allows every man to express his personality.

These days, men have more options for wedding rings than ever. At Adiamor, our varied selection of men’s wedding rings are designed to help you demonstrate your sense of style. To learn more about men’s wedding rings, visit our Wedding Ring Guide today.

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Best of 2013

As 2013 drew to a close we enjoyed looking back at all the rings we made during the past year. It was a great year for us when it came to custom rings, allowing us to produce some beautiful, unique designs. Here is our list of our top custom rings of 2013:

R2940 Round Version in yellow gold


We made R2940 with a round halo to create this ring. In yellow gold with double wire prongs, it turned out beautifully!





look at that blue
Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring

We used several of our settings for inspiration for this stunning sapphire ring; it has french cut pave diamonds like our R2834, but we added a beautiful halo like R2898 and double claw prongs inspired by the prongs of R2952.

I want!
Custom Three Stone Trellis

We customized R2814 by removing the pave diamonds on the shank to create this ring. Classic, elegant and timeless!

pretty pretty
R2829 Pear Halo Ring



For this ring, we scaled down R2829 in rose gold to fit to a 1 carat pear shaped diamond. The pave diamonds and hand engraving on the shank added beautiful detail to the ring.




this was seriously heart stopping in real life
Custom Three Stone for a Rectangular Cushion Cut Diamond

This was a completely custom ring we built for a 5 carat rectangular cushion cut diamond. We used elongated tapered baguette side stones and double claw prongs to accentuate the center diamond.


customer favorite
Custom Rose Gold Men’s Rings

These custom men’s wedding rings in rose gold look good with either white or black diamonds!

Here’s looking forward to a wonderful 2014! We can’t make to make another list of top custom rings for next year!

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Men’s Wedding Bands

While all the excitement surrounding an engagement is typically about the bride-to-be’s engagement ring, the man’s wedding band is still quite special. Careful thought and consideration should be taken when choosing the groom’s wedding band as this is his symbolic way of showing his love and commitment to his bride. It’s an indicator that somewhere out in the world, he has a woman he loves, and that loves him. And best of all, compared to the extreme expense of the bride’s engagement ring, the groom’s wedding band is reasonably priced.

The cost of a man’s wedding band varies from a low $100, to a high of $2000. Typically, rings average at around $600. While it’s not as extreme a range as for a woman’s engagement ring, it’s still a very noticeable difference. This depends on what kind of metal it is, and if there are any additions such as diamonds to the band. The most popular metals are white gold and gold. White gold is by far the most popular as it’s cheaper than platinum and has a similar appearance. The main drawback is that it can yellow over time, as opposed to platinum which will not. Gold is seen as the classic choice, with a vintage appeal and timeless look. The disadvantage with gold is that it is a soft metal and can be nicked and scratched quite easily.

On the high end of the spectrum, you have platinum, and on the low end, tungsten and titanium. Platinum is the first class choice of men’s wedding bands. That being said, it is also the most expensive. The price is justified by its heavy durability and everlasting shine. Platinum rings have a unique look to them and are exceptionally strong, which can sometimes be considered a reflection of the marriage.

Tungsten is an excellent choice as it’s durable and very inexpensive. Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to re-size. That being said, it will not scratch or tarnish like other more expensive rings.

Titanium is by far the cheapest type of ring. It’s also very strong and can offer a very masculine look. The biggest drawback of a titanium band is their inability to be re-sized. This makes gaining a small amount of weight or finger swelling a scary prospect.