The Lariat

The Sexiest Piece, Yet.

How to Style:

Single wrap around the front for a longer statement lariat
that accents any plunging neckline.
Double wrap in the front for a shorter lariat that showcases your GIA certified diamond. This edgier look is perfect to offset any subtly sexy neckline and create the perfect attention on your décolletage.
Double wrap with your GIA certified diamond front and center for a perfect everyday look that completes any outfit style from athleisure to (insert what we want to compare)
Loose single wrap draped over the back is the perfect date night look. From the front it appears to be a chic gold link chain. Paired with a backless shirt or dress and it’s a fabulous touch of elegance and sexy, with a touch of surprise.

The Lariat, the newest addition to the Bold Gold Collection.

At Adiamor we have taken our Luxe Link Gold Necklace and attached a bezel set GIA certified diamond to make our custom version of a lariat. You can style this piece in over 10 different ways with anymore that you can think of. Our favorite styles are shown above. Traditionally a lariat does not have a clasp however, at Adiamor we understand that from hard working Moms to jet-setting Boss Babes that your lives are busy and that your jewels should be secure.

We’ve been designing engagement rings and selling GIA certified diamonds online for over 20 years. Now we are bringing you only the best everyday pieces to add to your collection. With our Lariat you never have to worry about where you’re wearing it or when you’re taking it off. This piece is made of 100% 14k Gold, not gold plated, and will not tarnish poolside or during your workout.


Get The Look: Boss Babe

From meetings at the office to drinks with the girls, here’s how to style your jewels to compliment all of your plans.

Styling Tips: Mix up your outfit with a Graphic T juxtaposed with a Boss Babe blazer for an edgy feminine look. Style with your favorite denim or high-waisted skirt. Next, pair with white sneakers for a laid back feel or the perfect pumps to give you an extra confidence boost. Finally, finish off the look by accessorizing with our Bold Gold Collection.

Step 1) The Ring: Elegant, Dainty, and Show-stopping for a perfect engagement with any center stone, or a gift to yourself.

Engagement Ring Setting: R3128 Shop Now

Step 2) The Necklace: The most versatile styling link necklace that completes any outfit.

Open Link Gold Necklace Shop Now

The shape of the links on this necklace allow for a larger look without being bulky. Styling tip- Double wrap the 30′ version on the neck or as a bracelet. For a custom look add a GIA certified diamond to your order! We will bezel set your selection and add it to the end of this stunning piece! This creates the perfect single or double wrapped Lariat look that can be work down the front or the back. See our Lariat Blog Here.

Step 3) The earrings: Both pairs of these hoops are versatile and dainty enough to wear everyday. Pair them together to complete this look or on their own to complete any outfit, day or night.

Adding these accessories to this Boss Babe Look is the perfect midweek pick me up, meeting confidence builder, and creative boost we all need sometimes. Mixing the structured blazer with an edgy Graphic T, paired with your favorite denim, confidence building shoes, and our Bold Gold Collection; this outfit is sure to be your new comfy-chic go-to, all of the time.

Let us know how much you love this Boss Babe below in the comments! How do you mix up your office looks?


Hello Hidden Halo!

Here’s why paying close attention to detail for the piece that means the most makes a lifetime of difference.

The engagement ring is a token of love that is appreciated through generations. We’re going to tell you why it’s the small details in this piece that really make its value stand the test of time.

We are all familiar with seeing a classic halo around the center stone. This type of halo can assist in allowing the center stone to appear larger and the size of the ring overall.

Pictured: Emerald center stone surrounded by a classic halo (small row of diamonds surrounding center stone)

The newest term in engagement ring details is Hidden Halo. At Adiamor we call a Hidden Halo, adding diamonds to the basket. This refers to a halo that is not seen from a bird’s eye view. A Hidden Halo is usually underneath the center stone and can only be seen from the side of the ring.

Pictured Here: Bird’s Eye View Of Ring, No Visible Halo
Pictured Here: Side Profile Of Ring Showing A Dainty Hidden Halo or Diamonds Added To The Basket

At Adiamor you can add diamonds to any basket setting which will create a Hidden Halo. When done this way, it creates dainty halo that doesn’t take away from the center stone but adds an extra sparkle when viewing the ring from any angle.  

Here are a few of our favorite engagement ring styles that include a Hidden Halo:

Engagement Ring Setting: R2972 Shop Now

Engagement Ring Setting: R2981 Shop Now

Engagement Ring Setting R2825 Shop Now

Engagement Ring Setting: R3043 Shop Now

Engagement Ring Setting: R3077 Shop Now

Engagement Ring Setting: R3164 Shop Now

A Hidden Halo can be added to Solitaire Ring that is set in a basket.

This Solitaire Engagement Ring has had diamonds added to the basket to create a Hidden Halo.

Here are a few of our favorite Solitaire Engagement Rings that can have a Hidden Halo added to the design.

Engagement Ring Setting: R3128 Shop Now

Engagement Ring Setting: R3162 Shop Now

Engagement Ring Setting: R2998 Shop Now


The Perfect Ring: Pave Engagement Rings

When it comes to shopping for engagement rings online, it can be difficult to know where to begin. At Adiamor, we wanted to ease the pain of deciding on the perfect engagement ring. To help our customers make the best decisions about diamond rings, we started this blog series called The Perfect Ring. In today’s edition, we’ll be taking a look at pave engagement rings. Our founder is especially skilled with pave settings, so these rings have a unique history within Adiamor.

What Are Pave Engagement Rings?

The first question to answer, of course, is what are pave engagement rings?  Pave rings are not limited to specific designs, which makes this ring style different from other settings. Nearly any engagement ring settings ranging from solitaire engagement rings to split shank engagement rings can be adorned with pave set diamonds. The name pave engagement rings comes from the French word for paved because these rings look as if they have been paved in diamonds. In most cases, pave engagement rings feature brilliant cut round diamonds carefully set into the band. However, some pave settings include additional diamonds as a halo design or even adoring the prongs or basket setting.

The Right Pave Ring

Pave set rings are one of the best selling styles, and that’s because these settings work in many different combinations. Pave settings pair well with every ring metal ranging from traditional yellow gold to rose gold rings and even white gold and platinum engagement rings. The small pave set diamonds enhance the sparkle of smaller center stones in halo settings as well as provide additional sparkle to the bands of solitaire rings. Essentially, there’s no wrong way to customize a pave set engagement ring, and that’s a primary reason they are so popular. Another rather obvious reason is that additional diamonds always add more sparkle and shine!

Our Favorite Pave Settings

yellow gold pave engagement ringsThe French Cut Cushion Halo Setting is the perfect example of a pave engagement ring. Shown here in 14k yellow gold, this setting perfectly displays the balance of white diamonds and yellow gold and features brilliant cut round diamonds totaling approximately 0.35cttw. Another option with this diamond ring is to swap the cushion cut center stone for a round diamond. The pave set stones provide beautiful compliments to the center diamond which makes this an ideal setting when choosing a smaller center stone. Click here to view more of the French Cut Cushion Halo Setting.


rose gold pave engagement ringsAnother popular pave setting is the French Cut Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Way. This gorgeous ring shines with pave set diamonds halfway around the band. One key difference is that the center stone is a solitaire setting. Because of this, shoppers will want to select a larger center diamond to be the focal point of the ring. Additionally, the rose gold provides pinkish hues that are the perfect backdrop for the pave set diamonds on the band and basket. Click here to view more of the French Cut Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Way.


platinum pave engagement ringsFinally, our third and final current favorite pave engagement ring is the Split Shank Halo Setting for Cushion Cut Diamond. Shown here in platinum, this stunning setting compliments either a cushion or round center diamond. The split shank band includes approximately 100 diamonds totaling at least 0.72ct which means incredible sparkle and shine. When shopping for pave set engagement rings, it’s hard to find a setting with more pave set diamonds than this! Click here to view more of the Split Shank Halo Setting.




The Perfect Ring: Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

As we continue on our The Perfect Ring series, today we’ll be learning and understanding one of the most on trend diamond rings: Asscher cut engagement rings. These fancy shaped diamonds first saw a rise to popularity during the Art Deco period of the 1920’s, but the diamond shape has made a roaring comeback. The unique shape of Asscher cut diamonds results in showing remarkable diamond clarity, and therefore Asscher cut engagement rings require diamonds with a clarity grade that at least SI1. However, before we delve into the popular styles of Asscher cut engagement rings, we must first learn their history.

The History of Asscher Cut Diamonds

Developed in 1902, the Asscher cut is very similar to an emerald cut diamond. However, instead of being rectangular, the Asscher cut is square in shape. The geometric look of Asscher cut diamonds made them very popular during the Art Deco period during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The step cuts of an Asscher cut diamond create tiered facets that reflect light much like a mirror. Additionally, step cut diamonds emphasize diamond clarity. When shopping for Asscher cut diamonds, be sure to select a stone that has at least a SI1 clarity. Otherwise, the inclusions will reduce the diamond’s sparkle. In recent years, the popularity of Asscher cut engagement rings skyrocketed once again. Engagement ring customers admire the unique style and flair of the diamond.

Our Favorite Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

vintage asscher cut engagement ring setting
The Adiamor Vintage Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring is perfect for an Asscher cut diamond.

Since Asscher cut engagement rings are so heavily tied to the Art Deco period, many people prefer to match this diamond with rose gold. Rose gold rings provide a pinkish hue that pairs exceptionally well with diamonds, especially those with higher clarity ratings. This makes rose gold and Asscher cut diamonds a perfect match. One popular example is the Vintage Leaf Diamond Engagement Setting.  It combines a vintage inspired rose gold engagement setting with approximately 0.25cttw of round diamonds for a stylish, unique looking engagement setting.

Another popular Asscher cut engagement setting is the French Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Down. This elegant ring is a more modern style that features diamonds that are pave set halfway down the band. Since Asscher cut engagement rings require a diamond with higher clarity, the diamond is rarely used with halo settings. Instead, the best way to increase sparkle and shine is to add additional diamonds to the band.

Still not sure if Asscher cut engagement rings are right for you? Learn more about diamond shapes in the Adiamor Diamond Shape education guide!


The Perfect Ring: Halo Engagement Ring Settings

We’re continuing our series on The Perfect Ring here on the Adiamor blog this week by taking a look at halo engagement ring settings. Halo rings are one of the most popular style of engagement rings, and there are many variations. Since halo engagement ring settings have so many options, we’re here to help you decide. For today’s installment of The Perfect Ring, we’ll break down the options for halo engagement rings.

What Makes A Halo Ring?

A halo engagement ring, by definition, includes a center stone that is encompassed by a halo. In most cases, halo rings feature a single row of pave set diamonds encircling a larger diamond. However, some varieties of halo ring settings incorporate other jewels or gemstones. Other versions of halo engagement ring settings combine multiple engagement ring styles, such as blending split shank rings with halo rings or combining threestone engagement settings with halos. Another new trend is incorporating two rows of halo, such as the Adiamor Round Double Halo Split Shank Diamond Ring.

halo engagement ring setting
A double halo engagement ring setting shown in 14k white gold

No matter what the ring style, every halo is designed to do the same thing: make the center stone appear larger. This allows a smaller center diamond to appear larger, and the ring will also produce more fire and brilliance from the additional diamonds. Halo engagement ring settings provide the most sparkle for the price, which makes halo rings an excellent value.

Different Styles of Halo Engagement Ring Settings

Like most engagement rings, halo rings are available in four primary ring metals: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Platinum halo rings and white gold halo rings both have a silvery shine that enhances the sparkle of diamonds. On the other hand, yellow gold and rose gold halo rings create a unique complimentary look. Finally, a new trend with halo engagement ring settings is creating a two-tone look. In this case, the ring band and the ring metal used to secure the diamond halo are made from different metals. This allows an even greater level of customization to help best match the ring to the wearer’s style.

The Perfect Halo Engagement Ring

The right halo ring depends on a variety of factors including ring metal preference and how much sparkle is desired. When looking to maximize the fire and brilliance of a smaller diamond, pave set halo rings are an excellent choice. For larger center diamonds, split shank halo rings pulls the eye to the center and make the center stone appear massive. When it comes to halo engagement ring settings, the options are nearly endless. Start shopping for the perfect halo engagement setting today, or visit the Adiamor Engagement Guide to continue learning more about ring settings.



The Perfect Ring: Split Shank Engagement Rings

Today on the Adiamor blog, we are welcoming a new series on finding the perfect engagement ring. Since an engagement is a once in a lifetime event, it’s important to pick the right diamond ring for the occasion. However, with so many different engagement setting options on the market, choosing can be overwhelming. That’s how we can help. In the following posts, we’ll cover the various ring setting options to help you decide on the perfect ring. Today, we’re covering split shank engagement rings.

What Are Split Shank Engagement Rings?

Split shank rings feature a ring band that forks to beautifully twist around the ring and showcase the center stone. In most cases, split shank engagement rings feature diamonds, and split shank rings look gorgeous with nearly every diamond shape available. For smaller center stones, some encircle the diamond with a decorative diamond halo as seen here in our Split Shank Halo Setting for Cushion Cut Diamond.

split shank halo engagement ring

Split Shank Engagement Ring Metal Options

With most engagement rings, there are four primary ring metal options: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Since platinum engagement rings are made from only the purest alloys featuring 95% platinum, there are no other choices to make. However, gold rings are available in both 14k and 18k options. Higher karats will have higher quantities of gold, but they will also be softer rings. This means 14 karat rings will have more durable settings, which is important when considering whether or not to include diamonds on the band of your split shank engagement ring.

When it comes to the different colors of gold, this is primarily a matter of personal preference. Yellow gold is the most traditional, and it also compliments the fire and brilliance of white diamonds. White gold offers elegance and sleek sophistication similar to platinum, but at a lower price point. Finally, rose gold has ancient history as a preferred ring metal, and its resurgence in popularity with millennials proves its pinkish hues to be a timeless, romantic choice.

Diamonds Or Plain Band?

The final option in selecting the perfect split shank engagement setting is deciding on how the ring band is adorned. For ring buyers searching for maximum sparkle, select a ring with diamonds pave-set on the band. This style will generally be found accompanying halo set rings as well. However, many people prefer the center stone to be the star, and that’s why they choose split shank engagement rings in the first place. In this case, selecting a plain diamond band is the best choice. It pulls attention directly to diamond. This makes a plain band a great option when pairing a split shank engagement ring with a larger diamond.

Still not sure where to start? Visit the Adiamor Engagement Guide to learn more. Ready to pick out your perfect ring? Start shopping for split shank engagement settings today!