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When Should We Take The Honeymoon?

Many engaged couples look for to two primary aspects of getting married: the reception and the honeymoon. While the ceremony itself certainly takes a lot of planning, the reception is often where the bulk of the work comes. Even though the guest list is important to the ceremony, no one has to plan where the wedding guests sit for the exchanging of the vows. At the reception, though, seats are generally assigned, and creating this seating chart is a major stressor. In addition, the reception requires decorations, menus, caterers, cakes, music, and bar tenders. With all of this planning, couples some times take a look at the honeymoon and decide to put it off. While it may seem like a great idea to delay the honeymoon, there are many reasons to take the honeymoon right away.

take the honeymoon
If it is possible, take the honeymoon directly after the wedding.

Why To Take The Honeymoon Immediately

One of the main reasons to honeymoon right away is to leave the wedding stress behind. While navigating the airport may not seem like a lot of fun, sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand is. Planning the honeymoon is definitely one extra step, but it is a step worth taking. However, be sure to plan the right kind of honeymoon for you and your spouse. If you’ve spent a lot of time making a lot of decisions leading up to your wedding, an all-inclusive resort might be the answer. Not only will you have plenty of food and drink available, you won’t be constantly reaching for your wallet. On the other hand, if you’re a couple who blows off steam with adventure, be sure your honeymoon includes some action.

The honeymoon is often regarded as one of the best parts about getting married. While it may hard to believe that it gets better than either the proposal or saying “I do,” the honeymoon gives couples a chance to relax, get away, and start their marriage off on a high note. By taking the honeymoon directly after the wedding, you’ll be able to avoid an anti-climatic trip.  Finally, be sure your travel plans involve keeping your engagement ring safe, and you’ll have a great time!

take the honeymoon

Do You Have To Buy Wholesale Diamonds In Bulk?

When most people thing of wholesale, they probably think of large retail clubs. These places sell large quantities of products originally intended for resale. By buying in bulk, retail club members save on the items. The direct relationship between the manufacturer and the customer eliminates the middleman. However, when it comes to wholesale diamonds, it is not quite this simple. In short, you do not have to buy wholesale diamonds in bulk to receive wholesale prices. However, just like retail clubs, there is a direct connection to the manufacturer.

Traditional Diamond Retailers

Traditional diamond retailers purchase their products from diamond manufacturers and wholesalers. These manufacturers create their engagement rings and other fine jewelry using diamonds purchased directly from the diamond cutters. The cutters are located all over the world ranging from India to Russia to Canada. However, Adiamor is not a traditional diamond retailer. Instead of purchasing completed rings from jewelers, we create them ourselves. Our certified gemologists work with artisans who create diamond engagement rings directly for our customers.

Wholesale Diamonds and More

By selling directly to our customers, Adiamor passes on the wholesale diamond savings directly to our customers. However, in addition to selling wholesale diamonds, we have the customer service experience as retailers. All of our diamonds are graded by either the GIA or the AGS to ensure their highest quality. Since we only sell conflict free diamonds, you can be certain in your piece of mind with your purchase. Plus, our customer service includes a full 30-day return policy that focuses on customer satisfaction. We have trained professionals waiting to answer any questions or help you purchase wholesale diamonds today. Call us toll-free at 1-877-627-5094 or e-mail us at service@adiamor.com.


take the honeymoon

Should I Engagement Ring Shop With Her or Surprise Her?

An engagement ring is intended to be a once in a lifetime purchase. Because of this, the pressure to find the perfect ring can be extremely difficult. Traditionally, an engagement ring is a proposal gift, and the proposal is usually a surprise. However, plenty of women claim to have seen the proposal coming, or they were tipped off by a friend. Additionally, since many brides to be have a particular ring style in mind, they may drop hints. Some future wives even engagement ring shop with their partner; this allows them to get the exact ring they want. If you are currently shopping for a diamond ring, should you engagement ring shop with her or surprise her? There are good reasons for each.

Reasons To Engagement Ring Shop With Her

The primary reason to engagement ring shop with her is she will get the exact ring she wants. Additionally, this may help make wedding planning easier because she may have her eye on a matching wedding ring as well. While some people may say shopping together ruins the surprise, that doesn’t have to be true. In nearly every proposal, the woman is expecting the relationship to result in marriage. Even if she knows what the ring looks like, even if she designed her own engagement ring, the proposal itself would still be a surprise. Plus, if she’s picking out her own ring, you definitely don’t have to worry whether or not she’ll say “Yes!”

engagement ring shop
There’s no feeling like a surprise proposal

Reason To Surprise Her

On the other hand, surprising her has some distinct advantages. Picking out the perfect ring will show her just how well you know and understand her. The mission will be to get some helpful advice from the right people. If you pay close attention to her sense of style, it will help you decide on the right ring for her. Additionally, it can be helpful if you ask one of her close friends you can trust for some pointers. This works best if you have a couple different rings in mind. Additionally, if you ask her parents for permission to get engaged, her mother may have some helpful advice on ring shopping. Even if she is not directly involved with shopping for the engagement ring, you can still find out her likes and dislikes. Knowing her preferences and finding the perfect diamond ring to match her personality will lead to a magical surprise proposal.

If you are planning to propose, start your engagement ring shopping at Adiamor!

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How Much Does An Engagement Ring Cost?

When planning a proposal, the cost of an engagement ring is a focal point. While plenty of myths exist about an engagement ring costing two or three months salary, these are simply guidelines. Although we’ve previously covered topics such as how to budget for an engagement ring and 10 things to know when shopping for a ring, cost deserves some special attention. What, exactly, does an engagement ring cost? The answer, as with most things, is a little more complex than “X amount of dollars.”

The Diamond

If you’ve ever thought about an engagement ring before, you’ve thought about the diamond. In fact, the solitaire engagement ring is perhaps the most iconic of all engagement rings. The single diamond atop a gold ring is so well known that it even exists as an everyday emoji. However, the diamond is mostly known only for carat weight. While the number of carats is great for pop culture and celebrity gossip, diamond cut actually has the greatest effect on diamond quality. When it comes to engagement ring cost, the ring’s center diamond will be the most expensive element. One carat diamonds can range from $5,000 to $15,000, and as a one carat diamond is the most popular choice, a typical engagement ring’s cost will begin in that range.

engagement ring cost
The diamond, the band, and the metal all affect engagement ring cost

The Band

While the solitaire band may be the most traditional, it certainly is not the only engagement ring setting available. These days, ring styles range widely from vintage engagement rings with simple accents to modern pave settings, and prices do as well. When considering how much it affects engagement ring cost, consider the complexity of the band. If a particular ring incorporates more diamonds, such as pave rings or three stone rings, it will be more expensive than a simple and dainty 2mm gold band. Again prices range widely between $200 and over $7,000 depending on the style, additional diamonds or gemstones, and ring metal.

The Metal

Finally, the type of metal an engagement ring will affect engagement ring cost. Quite simply, 14k gold is less pure than 18k gold, and therefore an 18k rose gold engagement ring will cost more than its 14k equivalent. Additionally, because platinum is the most rare previous metal on the planet, platinum engagement rings will typically be more expensive than gold. However, it is possible an extravagant 18k rose gold halo ring could be more expensive than a simple 14k white gold engagement ring. Overall, though, the metal will probably have the least amount of effect on engagement ring cost. 14k gold rings start around $200 while their platinum counterparts are closer to $550. 18k gold engagement rings tend to fall in between, closer to the 14k side of things.

The Total Cost of A 1 Carat Engagement Ring

A one carat engagement ring, will cost somewhere in the range between $5,400 and upwards of $25,000. However, that $25,000 one carat ring would require a flawless diamond and an opulent platinum engagement band filled with additional diamonds. When considering how to pay for a one carat engagement ring, start with budgeting at least $5,400. From there, consider the sense of style and personality of your bride to be. This will help you find the right engagement ring to fit your relationship and fit into your budget.

And if you can’t find something perfect, you can always consider designing her an engagement ring that will match her uniqueness.

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Do I Need To Ask Her Family’s Permission To Get Engaged?

Many people find getting engaged to be quite stressful. Not only is there the actual task of proposing, there are lots of other things to think about. One thing that many men find stressful is asking her family’s permission to get engaged. However, this is a very traditional step. In many cases, young couples today skip this step. If you find yourself shopping for engagement rings, you may consider whether or not you want to ask for her hand in marriage. While there are many benefits in asking, there are plenty of reasons not to as well.

Pros of Asking Permission To Get Engaged

One of the biggest reasons in asking permission is that a marriage will combine two families. Once married, you will have a new mother-in-law and father-in-law. For many parents of the bride, asking is an important step because it helps develop trust. In many cases, asking permission is simply a formality. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, many couples will have met each other’s parents before getting engaged. In these instances, asking should be a simple step. Additionally, the bride’s parents often contribute to paying for the wedding ceremony, and they may feel they deserve input. Finally, asking permission shows respect to her parents in a very traditional way, and this is important to a lot of families.

permission to get engaged
Consider the pros and cons of asking her parents before popping the big question.

When Is It Acceptable Not To Ask Permission?

While many future grooms do ask the bride’s parents, there are plenty of cases where it is acceptable to not ask. The obvious ones are when her parents are no longer around. However, millennials are more likely to move way from their hometown than ever. This can present some logistical issues. Additionally, independent young women may look down on the tradition of asking– the only permission they need is from themselves. Whether you decide to ask for permission to get engaged or not, think the decision through. Even if she doesn’t have parents, she may have grandparents or siblings that would appreciate a heads up. Finally, if you plan on eloping, then you probably do not need to ask either.

No matter what you do, be sure to plan out your proposal ahead of time. Be sure you properly budget for an engagement ring you can afford. Also, designing a custom ring just for her might be the best way to show you’re serious. When planning to get engaged, the best decisions are going to come from honest discussions with your partner. These will help you answer the important questions like whether or not you should ask for permission to get engaged from her parents.

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Engagement Ring Shopping: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known

Buying an engagement ring is something the grand majority of people do only once. However, even though engagement ring shopping is a once in a lifetime event, there are plenty of things people wish they had known from the start. Additionally, men who maybe didn’t do a great job the first time often like to upgrade the diamond later. This is often done during a significant anniversary or as a birthday present. Whether you are just starting engagement ring shopping or are looking to amend your mistakes by upgrading, this list is for you.

Engagement Ring Shopping List

  1. Figure out what you can actually afford, then stick to your budget. One of the biggest mistakes people make is going over budget and then resenting the debt. If you are in a bind, you can always look into financing options to help extend your engagement ring budget.
  2. Learn EVERYTHING about diamonds. When many shoppers first start looking at engagement rings, they are completely clueless to the four c’s. Study up on diamond education to make sure that you are getting a high quality diamond without overpaying.
  3. Know your diamond shapes. If your girlfriend is talking about princess cut diamonds and you have no idea what that means, you’re going to have a tough time when shopping. The first thing to know is “princess cut” refers to the diamond shape.
  4. Different settings are better for different reasons. Engagement rings are available in a wide range of styles, and each one will look best with a certain diamond shape and with certain metals.
  5. One carat diamonds can vary widely in price. This is another reason it is so important to follow #2 and learn about diamonds. If the only thing you know is that she wants a 1 carat diamond, you could be spending anywhere between $1,000 and $15,000 on the stone. The other factors matter!
  6. 14k vs 18k. Just like the varieties in diamonds themselves, engagement ring metals also have different categories. 14k gold will not be as pure as 18k gold, but the stronger metal will be more durable. It’s important to know the difference.
  7. custom engagement ring shopping
    Creating a custom ring is a great way to get exactly the ring she wants

    Designing your own engagement ring is not more expensive. While many men begin their ring shopping by looking at existing rings, it is only much later than they find out about custom rings. In many cases, creating a custom engagement ring from scratch will give you exactly what you want at a lower cost.

  8. Think about matching wedding bands. It may seem crazy to think about wedding rings before proposing, but its not. Many women prefer their wedding ring and engagement ring to match. It may help to narrow down the potential list of rings by checking out matched sets.
  9. You can always upgrade the diamond. Even if you plan your budget perfectly you may not be able to afford the size diamond you really want. Remember, there is always the opportunity to upgrade the size of the diamond later.
  10. Match her personality, not her shoes. The most important thing to remember is an engagement ring should match her as a person. While she may be into trendy and chic looks now, an engagement ring is a purchase that lasts a lifetime. Seek a ring that compliments her spirit, and you won’t ever have to worry about it going out of style.
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Why Do So Many Couples Skip the Wedding And Elope?

In recent years, young couples have dramatically changed the dynamic of traditional weddings. From outdoor ceremonies to themed weddings, more and more millennials are pursuing unique wedding experiences. However, this change has also coincided with rising wedding costs. Currently, the average cost of a wedding and reception is nearly $30,000. This is one reason many couples are choosing to elope instead of having a wedding ceremony. While eloping is definitely cheaper, couples should definitely weigh the pros and cons. A traditional wedding allows parents to participate, a wedding photographer to document the memories, and offers the reception. Nevertheless, eloping has plenty enticing advantages, and more and more couples are deciding to elope.

You Can Elope And Still Have A Party

Even if a couple decides on eloping, it is still possible to through a reception later. This can be tricky as some people feel hurt and left out since they were not able to participate in the ceremony. It is important to word post-elopement reception invitations carefully. The main goal is to invite friends and family to celebrate love and marriage. In order to do this successfully, be warm and inviting in a way that encourages other people to show up. This will help them feel like they are a part of the wedding, even if they didn’t attend the actual exchanging of the wedding rings. One tip is send invites to a Wedding Celebration instead of a party. While eloping will definitely save money on wedding costs, it should be noted that most couples do not receive wedding presents in the same manner after eloping.

elope photo
Be sure to have a professional photographer capture your elopement

Be Sure To Document Your Elopement

Even if you’ve decided to skip figuring out a guest list and ranking your friends to determine who should be the maid of honor, it is important to document an elopement. Whether you decide to hire a photographer for the moment or go all out with a wedding video, you will want to be able to share your wedding day with other people at some point. It may be something to give to your parents as a photo album, or it may be something you decide to show during a later celebration. Additionally, having the photos or videos to look back on will be a great way to spend future wedding anniversaries.

Deciding to elope can certainly save young couples a lot of money and avoid plenty of stress. However, keep in mind how friends and family will react, especially if you plan to have a reception later. Finally, even if eloping is more for a sense of privacy than saving money, be sure to have someone capture the moment so you can look back on your wedding day in the future.

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Eternity Bands and Wedding Rings: What’s the Difference?

Eternity bands and wedding rings are often confused to being the same item. However, there are differences between the two ring styles ranging from design and construction to purpose. While wedding bands are traditionally exchanged as part of the ceremony, some couples do opt to use eternity rings instead. Keep reading the Adiamor blog to learn more about the differences between eternity bands and wedding rings.

Wedding Rings


wedding ringsTraditionally, wedding rings are used in the wedding ceremony. The rings are symbolic, representing an unbroken circle of love. During a ceremony, the wedding ring is placed on the ring finger of the bride by the husband and vice versa. For brides, the wedding ring typically matches the engagement ring. While most classic rings feature a plain band, contemporary rings often include diamond accents. For matched sets, the wedding band will directly match the engagement ring. However, many modern brides like to mix and match their ring styles. Additionally, many wedding rings include a notched base that allows the band to fit flush against the engagement ring. Some times, the wedding band and engagement ring are soldered together to prevent damage to either ring.

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Eternity Bandseternity bands

While wedding rings that include diamonds generally only wrap halfway around, eternity bands feature diamonds that go all the way around the band. Although many eternity bands feature round diamonds, these rings can be made with fancy shapes ranging form princess cut diamonds to emerald cut and more. Although wedding bands are generally used as part of the wedding ceremony, eternity bands are often used to celebrate sentimental moments such as an anniversary or the birth of a child. Eternity rings are incredibly versatile in that they can be worn  on their own or stacked with other types of rings. The never-ending circle of diamonds is meant to represent an everlasting love.

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A Man’s Guide To Engagement Ring Styles: Part 2

We started our man’s guide to engagement ring styles yesterday on the Adiamor blog. Today, we are continuing our break down of engagement ring settings with part two of our guide. Hopefully, these lessons will help future husbands pick out the perfect ring for their brides to be. Keep reading the blog to finish up our series on a man’s guide to engagement ring styles!

Modern Engagement Ring Settings

When most people think of modern engagement rings, they think of contemporary styles. Nevertheless, “modern” refers more to the 20th century architecture and art styles that it does styles that are in the moment. Because of this, modern rings will not go out of style next year. Modern rings typically include channel set diamonds that blend together the natural elements of precious metals and diamonds with clean, sleek style. Modern engagement rings are an excellent choice for future brides who prefer elegant looks backed with confidence and style.

Shop the Adiamor collection of modern engagement rings.

Split Shank Engagement Ring Settings

For brides looking for a different twist on the classic diamond engagement ring, split shank rings are the perfect choice. The split shank band splits before wrapping the center diamond which causes the eye to focus on the center. In this manner, the split shank engagement ring places the focal point on the diamond’s fire and brilliance. Although the split shank style is a spin on traditional styles, it is still a versatile engagement ring style that can be combined with other looks to create stunning, modern rings. For example, split shank rings can feature pave bands or halo settings around the diamond to add even more sparkle.

Shop the Adiamor collection of split shank engagement rings.

Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

Although the concept of an engagement ring has been around for centuries, the early 20th century saw a huge rise in popularity of diamond engagement rings. During this time, the Art Deco period also had a great influence on popular culture. Perhaps it is for this reason that so many future brides desire a vintage style engagement ring. Vintage rings find their inspiration from the handcrafted details and combine these aesthetics with modern sensibilities to create truly gorgeous engagement rings. When shopping for a bride who finds their style cues from the past, a vintage engagement ring setting is an excellent choice.

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Gemstone Engagement Ring Settings

When many engagement ring styles seek to add additional diamonds, gemstone rings opt for pops of color by adding additional gemstones. In recent years, gemstone engagement ring settings have seen a massive rise in popularity. One of the main reasons for this increase is brides are preferring to have their rings match their personalities, and adding colorful gemstones to their engagement ring provides this opportunity. If you are considering purchasing a gemstone engagement ring, consider adding gemstone accents that utilize her birthstone.

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Thanks for reading a man’s guide to engagement ring styles. For more engagement ring information, check out the Adiamor education center today!

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A Man’s Guide To Engagement Ring Styles: Part 1

Shopping for engagement rings can be really difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. For many men, this is the case when starting out. In order to help future husbands understand different ring styles, we’ve put together a man’s guide to engagement ring styles. In the first of a two part series, we’ll take a look at four popular engagement ring settings. Keep in mind, though, that some styles can be combined together. In addition to the eight general categories, Adiamor also offers the option to create something totally unique by designing your own engagement ring. Hopefully, this man’s guide to engagement ring styles will help men purchase an engagement ring that will perfectly suit their bride to be.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

When it comes to classic, nothing beats a solitaire engagement ring. The traditional design of a solitaire ring puts focus on the central diamond. Solitaire engagement rings are the perfect choice for every diamond shape. However, the solitaire does not have to be a plain Jane ring. Today’s solitaire ring designs incorporate additional detailing and unique takes on the classic look.

Shop the Adiamor collection of solitaire engagement rings.

Halo Engagement Rings

When shopping for a bride who shines brighter than the crowd, a halo engagement ring might be the perfect fit. Halo rings surround the center diamond with additional smaller diamonds. The result is a stunning amount of sparkle, and the center diamond looks even bigger. Halo rings continue to grow in popularity because they provide additional value by adding to the total carat weight of diamonds. Additionally, halo rings are a popular choice for combining other ring styles, such as adding a pave band.

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Pave Engagement Rings

While halo rings add additional diamonds around the center gemstone, pave engagement rings bring an extra layer of sparkle to the band itself. Named for the French word for “paved,” small diamonds are set into the ring band so that each ring appears to be paved in diamonds. Pave engagement rings are incredibly popular because they brighten up classic looking bands without being overindulgent. Pave diamond rings are incredibly versatile, and for this reason, many customers like to combine pave bands with other engagement ring styles.

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Three Stone Engagement Rings

While the halo diamond ring utilizes smaller diamonds in a circle around the center stone, the three stone engagement ring adds larger diamonds to either side of the diamond in the middle. This allows for a wide variety of looks as vintage inspired engagement rings will use the larger diamonds to create a sparkling cluster; however, modern spins on the three stone ring use channel set diamonds. Either way, the three stone engagement ring is extremely versatile and can be used to compliment almost any bride’s sense of style.

Shop the Adiamor collection of three stone engagement rings.

Check back later this week for part 2 of a man’s guide to engagement ring styles!