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When Should I Order Wedding Rings?

If you’ve been preparing for the biggest day of your life, you’ve probably got a check list started. From developing the guest list to booking a venue and attending all the tastings, the past couple months have most likely been busy. However, even with a check list, some things can get overlooked. One item that is often overlooked by engaged couples is purchasing the wedding rings. While they are a crucial aspect of the ceremony, many couples are unsure as to when to order wedding rings.

Set The Date First

From the moment you received an engagement ring, you’ve been dreaming about the matching wedding band. However, before you start shopping for wedding rings online, the first thing to do is set the wedding date. This can only happen if you have an estimated guest list and budget established, so these should be your first steps in planning a wedding. After setting a date, then you can consider the details of the ceremony. Once you’ve picked the date, you will have a better idea of your budget and can start shopping for wedding  bands.

Shop For Wedding Rings Today, Order Later

Whether you want to make sure your engagement ring matches your wedding band or want something altogether unique, the best advice is to start shopping early. By exploring your options for both women’s and men’s wedding rings now, you can better determine your budget for the rings. Recent publications state the average cost of an American wedding is somewhere between $25,000 and $35,000. However, each couple will have their own budget to decide how much to spend on wedding rings.

wedding rings
Start shopping for wedding rings early to determine your wedding budget

Because there are so many options for wedding bands these days, there is a wide price range, too. By shopping early, you can figure out what you can afford then order later. This will allow you to offset some of the costs involved with planning a wedding, such as vendor deposits. However, don’t wait to the last minute, even if your jeweler offers overnight shipping.  It is important that you have time to try on the rings to make sure they do not need to be resized. Consider ordering your wedding bands at least one full month before the wedding date.

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Wedding Planning Tips: How To Choose Your Groomsmen

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and many grooms will often hand over most of the planning to the future bride. While a groom may not care about place settings, there are some parts of wedding planning that a groom must handle. One of these things is choosing groomsmen. Although it may seem simple to text a couple buddies to see if they’d like to be in your wedding, the process is slightly more complicated. Groomsmen, especially the best man, have plenty of responsibilities. Plus, being in a wedding involves time, money, and travel. To make sure you get it right, check out this guide to how to choose your groomsmen.

Family First

When it comes to selecting your wedding party, the first rule to follow is include your family. If you have any brothers, they are part of your wedding party. However, one thing that gets tricky is if your partner has brothers. While they may not be your closest friends yet, they will be part of your family for the rest of your life. Any age appropriate brothers must be included in the wedding party in some fashion. If you are struggling to figure out how to include the whole family, selecting a couple of her brothers to be ushers is a smart compromise.

Only your closest friends and family are worthy of being groomsmen

Rank Your Friends

When it comes to picking out which friends will be groomsmen, the only option is to rank your friends. Your friends will be there throughout your wedding day to help you keep your sanity, and the best man will be in charge of the wedding rings. However, a wedding party cannot include all of your 32 frat brothers and everyone you’ve shared a tee time with. Only the closest of friends are worthy of being groomsmen, so you’ll need to figure out who makes the cut. Conventional wisdom is that wedding parties should not include more than five people, so anyone who is beyond position five is not a candidate.

Once you have your groomsmen selected, you’re one step closer to getting married. However, remember to get your groomsmen a gift for being a part of your wedding day. Check out the groomsmen gifts from Adiamor today!


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Solitaire Engagement Rings In Three Metals

The solitaire engagement ring is perhaps the most classic of all styles. However, over time both the size and style of the ring band has changed. Today, solitaire rings are available in many different styles. This allows brides to be to match their personality and style with their diamond ring. Keep reading the Adiamor blog to learn more about three distinct gold looks of solitaire engagement rings.

Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ringsyellow gold solitaire engagement ring

When it comes to traditional style, nothing compares to yellow gold. For centuries, jewelers have used this precious metal to create gorgeous fine jewelry including engagement rings. One of the reasons gold is so popular as a precious metal is it does not tarnish, rust, or corrode. This makes yellow gold an excellent choice for an engagement ring. While pure yellow gold, or 24k gold, is too soft for jewelry making, solitaire engagement rings are available in both 18k gold and 14k gold. A 14k yellow gold solitaire engagement ring featuring a princess cut diamond is on the right. It is perhaps the most iconic of engagement rings.

White Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings

white gold solitaire engagement ringFor future brides searching for a more a more understated sophistication, white gold is an excellent choice. White gold is an alloy of gold and another white metal. Typically, nickel, silver, and palladium. is used in the alloy. Also available in both 14k and 18k, white gold engagement rings are rhodium plated. This plating gives white gold its shiny luster. Over time, white gold wears away and shows the natural yellowish tint of the underlying metal. In order to best preserve your white gold solitaire engagement ring, have your ring serviced and re-plated every six to twelve months. A modern white gold engagement ring featuring a swirl band is featured on the right.

Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Rings

rose gold engagement ringAlthough rose gold rings have been around for centuries, they continue to surge in popularity in recent years. Like white gold, rose gold is also an alloy. However, to make rose gold, fine jewelers combine yellow gold with copper to produce a pinkish hue. Rose gold solitaire engagement rings are especially on trend when they feature vintage designs. The ring on the right features a hand engraved tapered design and is set with a cushion cut diamond.

Solitaire engagement rings prove that diamonds can look beautiful all on their own. Shop the Adiamor collection of solitaire rings today!


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The Complete Guide to Understanding Engagement Ring Anatomy

When it comes to picking out an engagement ring, many people are simply unfamiliar with the aspects of ring anatomy. While the diamond itself tends to get the most attention, other aspects of the ring such as the setting and the band are also important. In order to help customers make the most informed decision possible when buying engagement rings online, we’ve put together this guide on ring anatomy.

one carat round diamondThe Diamond

Typically, the diamond is the most expensive aspect of an engagement ring. Educating yourself on the four Cs of diamond quality will help you best understand the make up of diamonds. Paying particular attention to the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamond will help you make the best decision.

The Setting

four prong ring settingWhile many people consider the setting to be the ring’s style, it is actually the part that holds the diamond in place. Each diamond setting is manufactured to hold the specific diamond you select for an engagement ring. There are two setting types: prong and bezel. Specifically with round diamonds, there is the option of either four or six-prong. Although a four-prong setting will display more of the diamond, a six-prong setting provides a security advantage for holding the diamond in place. Pictured on the right is a four-prong setting .

The Ring Band

When it comes to ring anatomy, the band is the second most prominent feature after the diamond. Bands are available in a variety of metals including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Additionally, bands are created in a wide number of styles. Although solitaire settings are the most traditionally popular, today ring bands can be channel set, three stone, splitshank and more. In additon, ring bands are accented in halo or pave settings, as well as with gemstones. For more information on the different types of metals for ring bands, check out the Adiamor metal education page.

On the other hand, if you now feel ready to buy a diamond ring, start designing an engagement ring today!



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A Man’s Guide to Understanding Diamond Shapes, Part 2

Yesterday, we spent some time breaking down different diamond shapes. Today we conclude this series with part 2 of our Man’s Guide to Understanding Diamond Shapes.

oval diamondOval Diamond

Oval diamonds have a sparkle similar to round diamonds except with an elongated shape. Like other elongated diamond shapes, the oval diamond makes fingers appear slimmer. The diamond itself appears longer when mounted because of its extended silhouette.  Overall, the oval diamond contains fiery brilliance but with a unique profile which helps it stand out.

heart shaped diamondHeart Shaped Diamond

Just as it sounds, the heart shaped diamond is shaped like a heart. Starting as a pear shape, this diamond shape can only be created by the most skilled diamond cutters. While this diamond shape looks wonderful in engagement rings, it also works well with pendants, too. A primary reason many brides love their heart shaped engagement rings is because the heart symbolizes eternal love.

radiant cut diamondRadiant Cut Diamond

The radiant cut is a brilliant cut like the round diamond except with square or rectangular cut corners. This cut is a popular choice for those who enjoy clean lines but want something with more flair than the princess cut. While the radiant cut diamond is stunning on its own in a solitaire setting, this is one of the diamond shapes that truly shines when surrounding by accents which makes it an excellent choice for threestone or pave settings.

asscher cut diamondAsscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher cutwas created in 1902 by Joseph Asscher. It is very similar to the emerald cut; both are step cuts that have tiered facets and a mirror-like way of reflecting light, however the Asscher is square rather than rectangular in shape. Its geometric look was popular during the Art Deco period, and this has caused a surge in popularity in recent years. It is an excellent diamond shape to match future brides filled with flair and unique style.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut diamonds, also known as “candlelight diamonds,” are an antique cut that originated in the 1800’s. Cushions can be rounded squares or rectangulcushion cut diamondar shapes. Even though the cushion cut diamond is an older style, it still remains popular today because of the amount of sparkle they produce. The cushion cut looks excellent in solitaire settings, especially when the band features vintage designs.

For more information on diamonds, check out the Adiamor Diamond Education center today!

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A Man’s Guide to Understanding Diamond Shapes, Part 1

If your lady has been hinting at engagement rings lately, it’s definitely time to do your homework. Diamonds are an expensive investment, so it is important to know as much as you can before buying one. When it comes to diamond rings, there are plenty of options between metals, settings, and diamond shapes. If you don’t know the difference between a Princess Cut and a Marquise Cut diamond, then this is a good place to start learning everything you need about diamond shapes.

round cut diamondRound Diamond

The round diamond has been a popular staple in engagement and wedding rings for the past 100 years. This versatile cut mounts easily into engagement ring settings. Featuring 58 precision-cut facets,  round diamonds offer the most sparkle and brilliance inside the heart of the stone.  The round brilliant is  one of the most highly prized diamond shapes because it presents the largest array of color and clarity flexibility.

Princess Cut Diamondprincess cut diamond

The Princess cut diamond is the second most popular cut because it is also a versatile choice. This diamond shape is stunning in both classic and modern settings. This shape is square to slightly rectangular with pointed corners. Featuring chevron-shaped facets, the Princess cut diamond maximizes scintillation and fire. In short, whereas the round diamond is round, the princess cut is a square.

Marquise Cut Diamondmarquise cut diamond

Originally commissioned by King Louis XIV, the Marquise cut diamond is unique among diamond shapes.  Also known as the “navette” cut, which means “little boat” in French, the marquise cut is a modified brilliant cut. This means the diamond produces great sparkle and brilliance while maximizing carat weight.  With an elongated shape, the marquise makes fingers look long and slender.

emerald cut diamondEmerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut is a step cut which means there are straight, tiered facets . This gives the pavilion (the top of the diamond) the look of a mirrored staircase. Cut corners on the outer edges of the diamond are its signature characteristic.  It is similar to the Princess cut except that the Emerald cut is a rectangle instead of a square.

Pear Shaped Diamondpear shaped diamond

On a pear shaped diamond, the round part of the pear contributes to its brilliance while the point makes this cut stand out. With a long silhouette, the pear shaped diamond is another one of the most versatile diamond shapes. This cut is also known as a tear-drop shape. Like the Marquise cut, the pear shaped diamonds gives fingers a slender look.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of A Man’s Guide to Understanding Diamond Shapes!

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How To Keep Your Wedding Guest List Under Control

While getting an engagement ring is exciting, planning a wedding can be stressful. One fact is an absolute truth: wedding guests are expensive. Plus, they take up space, and it turns out venues do not have infinite capacity. When you combine the two issues, it can create a difficult scenario. In order to decide who makes the cut, you should pay careful attention to your invite list. When creating your invite list, it is important to be realistic. You will not be able to invite all of your Facebook friends and all of your mother-in-law’s second cousins, so be prepared to compromise.

The A List and the B List

The first thing to do when figuring out your list is create your dream list. Basically, start making a list of every person you could ever want to invite to your wedding. From there, start whittling down to an A list and a B list. This will allow you to determine how many people you absolutely must invite– immediate family, wedding party, and the closest friends go on the A list. Everyone else lands on the B list, and then compromise with your soon-to-be spouse. For every long lost sorority sister that gets moved to the A list, add your favorite high school soccer teammate.

wedding guest list
The wedding guest list takes lots of patience and compromise

Truthfully, you should plan on 10 percent of people you invite to decile. However, if you are exchanging wedding rings and vows in a destination wedding, the number rises to 20 percent. If you find that more people are declining earlier than expected, then you can send late invites to more people from the B list. However, make sure to be timely in sending the invites. You wouldn’t want to a wedding guest to think they were a “maybe” all along!

Family and Friends of Family

One of the things many brides and grooms learn on the wedding day is just how many people they don’t know at their wedding. Since the bride’s parents traditionally pay more (or all) of the wedding costs, her parents will have plenty of input on the guest list. However, more and more young couples seek to pay for their weddings themselves. Nevertheless, you should expect both sets of parents to provide suggestions. Keep in mind that while you may not want to invite your mother-in-law’s boss, the future in-laws are simply excited about the wedding, too. In order to make sure their happiness is considered, leave room for a couple friends of the family on the A list.

Once you have cut down the A list, hopefully it close to your target number. If not, you’ll have to start making cuts together. The wedding guest list is one of the more difficult parts of planning a wedding, so plan ahead and keep the conversation civil. In the end, it is your wedding day, and you’ll want to enjoy it.


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What Are Modern Engagement Rings?

When searching for the perfect engagement ring, one of the most important things to do is match the ring to the person. A woman will always look her best with an engagement ring that matches her style. While vintage engagement rings have made a huge surge in popularity with millennials, many other couples seek something more modern. However, the idea of modern engagement rings is a little tricky. Because the industry definition of “modern” a bit vague, many customers are confused as to what counts as a modern ring. In order to help ring buyers find the right modern look, we’ve put together this brief guide on modern engagement rings.

What Does Modern Even Mean?

The idea of a modern engagement ring style does not simply mean “contemporary.” A modern ring actually refers to the modern design aesthetic most commonly associated with architecture and graphic design. In this case, modern refers to bold, clean lines. While modern architecture rejected classical styles and instead preferred plenty of steel and lots of glass, modern engagement rings do something similar. Typically, a modern engagement ring includes a channel set diamond. However, this is not the only style of modern engagement rings available. Like the designs of popular modernist architect Frank Lloyd Wright, modern engagement rings often bridge design with nature by using multiple diamonds in the ring setting.

3 Popular Styles of Modern Engagement Rings

modern rose gold engagement ring

The Channel-Set Princess Cut Engagement Setting, pictured here in stunning 18k rose gold, is one of the most popular modern style rings. Featuring twelve princess cut diamonds totaling 0.88ct, this modern setting is bold and edgy. It also pairs perfectly with a notched princess cut diamond band.

modern Baguette Diamond Engagement ring

With six baguette diamonds totaling 0.50ct channel set into the band, the Baguette Diamond Engagement Setting is a remarkable modern engagement ring. Shown here in brilliant 14k white gold and featuring a round diamond, this understated ring works well for future brides looking for a sophisticated design.


Two-Tone Diamond Setting

One of the boldest designs is this Two-Tone Diamond Setting engagement ring. It features 1.28 cttw of invisible set princess cut diamonds. The band contains 18k yellow gold accents, and the rest of the ring is 18k white gold. When searching for a truly unique modern engagement ring, this beauty is hard to beat!

Modern engagement rings feature bold designs that match bold personalities. They match will with an elegant, strong sense of style. If this sounds like your bride to be, shop the Adiamor collection of modern rings today!

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How To Tell Your Proposal Story To Strangers

If you recently became engaged, then congratulations are in order. However, one thing you may not be prepared for is how to tell your proposal story to strangers. While it may seem odd that you would need to consider this, the fact of the matter is you’ll need to practice. In fact, you’ll probably be retelling the story quite frequently in the coming months. Wedding planning will require working with many different types of people across industries, but you should be ready to tell your story over and over. In order to help you prepare for telling your proposal story, we’ve put together this short guide to help you remember the most important parts.

Location, Location, Location

One of the first questions many people ask is “where did he propose?” Although you may want to give a quick answer such as “at the beach” or “on vacation”, you should share details about the proposal location. While it may seem insignificant at the time, providing the small details can help wedding consultants and planners do their job. Little moments from the proposal story might influence wedding announcements, reception decorations, or perhaps even the wedding rings.  Additionally, the location of your proposal will remain with you forever. It helps to keep those memories fresh by remembering the little things. Think about the time of day, the smell of the air, and how the location makes your proposal story unique. All of these things will help you explain your love to the strangers who are helping put the wedding together.

get engaged
You’ll always remember the moment he dropped to one knee.

Get The Words Just Right, Even If He Didn’t

Proposing is an exciting moment, and it’s possible all of the exact words are now a blur. Did he tell you how beautiful you look without mumbling? Did he mention spending the rest of your lives together before showing the ring? Chances are you were so excited at the sight of the engagement ring that you don’t remember every word. However, this is quite common for many brides to be! Plus, the other good news is you get to retell the story how you want to, so if he mixed up his words a little bit, no one else has to know. Telling your proposal story will help you remember the moment the way you felt it happened.

Don’t Make Your Proposal Story Last Too Long

While some wedding planning events can take hours– just ask any lady who has tried on dresses– many of the planning requires shorter interactions with strangers. Although the caterers are thrilled you’ve hired them, they probably don’t want an hour of your story. As your engagement story gets more refined, you’ll find the right places to keep the story quick. Meeting with the wedding officiant probably requires a longer story than meeting with the bartenders, for example.

In the end, your proposal story will forever be your moment. Remember it the best you can, and be prepared to share it with tons of strangers. To make it easier, keep it short, and focus on the best details of the time he dropped to a knee. This makes wedding planning interactions easier, and you’ll be prepared to share the story when someone tells you “Congrats!”

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5 Popular Rose Gold Engagement Rings under $1000

For the past couple of years, rose gold rings have been the hottest thing about proposing. If you’re looking for the right ring to propose with this summer, check out these five popular rose gold engagement rings available from Adiamor! Each of these styles is also a great value as all are priced under $1000 for the ring. Simply add a diamond for the ultimate unique engagement ring.

Custom Fit Platinum Basket Solitaire


solitaire rose gold engagement ring
A classic solitaire rose gold engagement ring


This popular rose gold engagement ring is a  modern take on a classic solitaire. Featuring the center diamond, this elegant setting surrounds it with a basket of platinum prongs. Vintage inspired, each ring is custom made to fit the measurements of the diamond you select.

Plain Band Princess Halo Engagement Setting

halo rose gold ring
A rose gold engagement ring featuring a halo setting

Looking for a ring with a bit more going on than the classic solitaire? Check out this simple yet stunning halo engagement setting. Featuring a simple, high polished, 1.7mm solid band, this ring pairs perfectly with diamond eternity bands for a gorgeous balance of shimmer and shine.

Vintage Leaf Diamond Engagement Setting

vintage rose gold engagement ring
A vintage rose gold engagement ring with diamond accents

For ladies that prefer the vintage look, the vintage leaf diamond setting is the way to go. This inspired design includes 0.25 cttw round brilliant diamonds as accents. However, you can mix and match your center diamond for an even more unique look. When it comes to popular rose gold engagement rings, it’s hard to be the vintage style of this setting!

Classic Pave Engagement Setting

pave rose gold engagement ring
A rose gold engagement ring featuring a pave setting

If the vintage look isn’t your lady’s preferred style, then the pave rose gold setting may be the right ring to set her heart aflutter. This diamond pave engagement ring is set with 16 round brilliant cut diamonds totaling 0.25 carats. This classic pave ring is every bit as beautiful in person, too!

Split Shank Setting For Emerald Cut Diamond

rose gold split shank engagement ring
The split shank engagement ring looks great in rose gold

Finally, the split shank setting offers something a little different. Designed for rectangular diamonds, this is one of the most popular rose gold engagement rings available for under $1000. Split shank rings are a hot trend, but with the rose gold color, they are sure to stay in style for years to come.

While these are 5 of the most popular rose gold engagement rings, they certainly aren’t the only options. Start designing your own rose gold ring today!