5 Obvious Signs That It Is Time To Get Engaged

Deciding to spend the rest of your life with another person is a huge decision. However, waiting around to decide is not the right way. Whether you’re afraid of ruining a good thing or looking for a sign, choosing the right moment is stressful. Although you may be waiting for just the right moment, the “right time” to pop the question is different for every couple. If you find yourself considering marriage but aren’t sure when to ask, see if any of these signs say you’re ready for the big moment.

5 Signs It’s Time To Get Engaged

  1. If you’re already married under common law, then it’s way past time to get married! Common law marriages require cohabitation for an extended period of time. There’s no reason not to take living together to the next level. Additionally, if she’s been putting up with you for this long, the least she deserves is the tax break that comes with getting hitched. If you’re already common law married, do the right thing and give her the engagement ring she truly deserves.
  2. Perhaps you haven’t been living together, but you’ve been together for years and years, then it’s time to ask the question. While “years” isn’t exactly a specific number, a definite way to tell if its time is if you’ve been together for more than half your life. If you met her at a pep rally in high school and now you’re pushing 30, then it’s definitely time to lock it down and put a ring on it.

    get engaged
    Take the next step in your relationship.
  3. This is another no brainer. If a long term relationship has resulted in a pregnancy, then you definitely need to propose. When you’re planning to raise a child together, you’re making a dedicated commitment to the future, so why wait? An engagement ring is the perfect accessory for the pregnant lady of your dreams. However, presenting her with a ring doesn’t get you out of buying the good stroller.
  4. If she’s browsing for rings online when you’re streaming a show, that’s sign she is waiting on you. Although this might seem stressful, her checking out engagement rings can be really helpful for planning your purchase. Not only will you have an idea of where to start, you can also see the budget you need to set aside.
  5. The final no brainer sign that it’s time is when she makes an ultimatum. If she’s straight up telling you to ask, then you better be ready to ask! Be careful, though, that you aren’t jumping into a commitment unless you’re prepared to follow through. However, if its reached the point of her asking to decide, you’ve probably been together long enough to get engaged.

There’s no perfect moment for getting engaged, but there are definitely some signs that will tell you it’s time. Start your Diamond Education today to get ready for the purchase that will change your life. Check out our Engagement Guide for more tips!


How To Choose A Man’s Wedding Ring

When it comes time to pick out the wedding bands, choosing the man’s wedding ring is always difficult. Although some chalk this up to men not caring about jewelry, others think men are unable to decide. Another issue that occurs is the man’s taste may differ drastically from his future bride’s. In many cases, choosing a man’s wedding ring comes down to simple comfort and making a few compromises. In order to help future newlyweds, this guide helps you choose the ring wedding band for your new husband.

Does His Ring Have To Match Her Ring?

A primary issue in selecting wedding bands is many people believe that the bride and groom’s ring must match exactly. This can make the process difficult, especially if the bride wants her ring to be part of a matched set. In these scenarios, it is possible that the groom ends up with a ring he wears solely out of obligation. To avoid this problem, give your future husband a little freedom to choose a ring he likes. Instead of an exact ring match, provide some direction based off your choice of wedding band. For example, if both your engagement ring and wedding band are white gold with complex, hand engraved designs, allow your man to choose either a simple white gold wedding band. Or allow him to choose a matching design in a different metal. While the rings won’t match exactly, they will compliment one another.

man's wedding ring
A comfort fit men’s wedding ring in 14k white gold

Comfort Truly Matters

Many men do not wear jewelry on a daily basis, but getting married means wearing a wedding ring every day. To help your future husband get used to wearing a wedding band, it is very important to choose a style that is comfortable for him. Many men’s wedding rings are designed with rounded edges which provides more comfort. Additionally, consider his career when choosing a man’s wedding ring. If he brings home the bacon by using his hands every day, he will need a ring that can easily be removed before getting his hands dirty. By choosing a comfortable band, you can be sure the band will return right back to his ring finger as soon as the job is done.

The Right Wedding Ring Is The One He’ll Enjoy Wearing

Overall, the best wedding ring for your future husband is the one he enjoys wearing all the time. If you have a particular style you are set on, try to find a happy middle ground that will allow him to wear a comfortable ring. Whether that means matching metals or giving him total freedom will depend on the couple. However, if you are having a difficult time compromising, there is one more possible solution: engraving. While you may have different tastes, having both of the wedding bands engraved on the inside provides a lasting connection. You could get some lyrics from the song of your first dance, a simple phrase, or even the date of your wedding. Just remember: no matter what ring he picks, he’s still your husband, and the symbolism of the eternal unbroken circle of love means way more than if your man’s wedding ring style matches.

If you are still having trouble, consult our Wedding Ring Guide today!


How To Identify Diamond Alternatives

Synthetic diamonds are a popular diamond alternative, especially for millennials. Additionally, they can be incredibly difficult to identify. While synthetic diamonds are created in a lab, the process imitates how diamonds are formed naturally. However, lab grown diamonds are not real gemstones. While synthetic diamonds continue to grow in popularity, they are not rare gemstones and therefore do not have the same value as real diamonds. Although synthetic diamonds can be nearly impossible to spot with the naked eye, a certified gemologist is capable of identifying a real diamond when compared with a diamond alternative.

Types of Diamond Alternatives

In addition to lab grown synthetic diamonds, there are a number of other diamond simulants available on the market. Lab grown diamonds are created over the course of a couple days. The canisters mimic the natural conditions that create real diamonds. For this reason, synthetic diamonds are incredibly difficult to spot without proper training. However, other diamond alternatives are much easier to recognize. For instance, the mineral moissanite is a popular diamond alternative introduced to the marketplace in 1998. Although moissanite mined like diamonds are, it is more comparable to cubic zirconium, better known as CZ.

Comparing Moissanite and Real Diamonds

Moissanite and diamonds have many similar characteristics, including the fact that moissanite is incredibly hard. Additionally, moissanite has a crystalline structure that is similar to the makeup of natural diamonds. Because of their similarities, moissanite is often used in scams that replace actual diamond gemstones with alternatives. However, certain tests can demonstrate the differences. Both higher electrical conductivity and birefringence of moissanite will show that it is not a real diamond. Another test involves heating the moissanite which will cause a change in color that will not happen to mined diamonds.

The Benefits of Natural Diamonds

One of the reasons so many people are interested in diamond alternatives is they are much cheaper. While this may be a selling point, the driving force behind this is that synthetic diamonds and diamond alternatives do not have the same scarcity or value. Since real diamonds are made through millions of years of pressure and the combining of elements, they are more rare and therefore retain much more value. When purchasing diamonds, be sure your diamonds are accompanied by proper certification. These documents ensure that a diamond is genuine and includes an examination of the diamond’s characteristics.


Summer Love: Proposal Ideas For Your Beach Vacation

For most couples, the summer months provide the best time to take a vacation. This also means that summer vacations provide a number of great opportunities to get engaged. If you are considering popping the question this summer but are looking for inspiration, consider these proposal ideas for your beach vacation before making your move.


Don’t Make Her Wait Too Long

When getting engaged, it is important to to make the moment special. However, you can drive yourself mad waiting for the most perfect moment. In fact, you may actually make it harder on yourself and your future bride by waiting it out, especially on vacation. If you have been together for some time and planned this trip together, she may be expecting you to ask for her hand in marriage on the trip. Additionally, if she has been hinting at a lifelong romance, you should definitely be prepared to take the leap before heading out on vacation. Therefore, make sure you have a plan before you and don’t wait the whole week to ask. Finally, make sure you can enjoy your vacation as engaged couple by giving her an engagement ring early in the trip.

beach proposal
The beach is the perfect place to propose

Take A Moonlit Walk

Although many couples take vacations to get away from work, days at the beach can actually get quite hectic. From planned adventures like parasailing or surfer lessons to simply getting caught up in all the fun in the sun, you may find it difficult to have the right romantic moment during the day. Instead, consider taking a moonlit walk on the beach. Not only will the night sky provide the right accompaniment to your proposal, you will have the time alone necessary to ask her to marry you. To add to the romance, pick a secluded spot with a great view such as a private cove or dock before dropping to one knee and presenting her with a diamond ring.

Skip The Buffet Line

These days, many vacation resorts are all-inclusive, but that also means crowded dining areas during the peak months. If you are planning a whole day of romantic events leading up to your proposal, consider skipping the buffet line and have a private dinner alone instead. Not only will this make her the center of attention, you will also have time to enjoy each other’s company before asking her. However, no matter what you do, do not put her engagement ring into her food. Not only is it a bit silly, she’ll want to put the diamond ring on her finger without it being covered in hollandaise sauce or mimosa.

Have The Right Ring

When you’ve decided to get married to the love of your life, there is nothing that will keep you apart. However, if popping the question is making you nervous, you can rest assured when you have the right ring. At Adiamor, we want all of ring customers to have their highest expectations exceeded. Let us help you create an engagement ring from scratch that will be as unique as she is. Contact us today for assistance in selecting a ring, or check out our Engagement Guide to learn more.


Diamond Earrings Are The Perfect Summer Accessory

Diamond earrings are a classic gift that is perfect for Mother’s Day, bridesmaid gifts, and as a graduation present. Additionally, earrings are the perfect accessory for all of those summer weddings you will be attending this year. So, in order to help our customers buy the right set, we put together this guide on buying diamond earrings online. From pre-set diamond earrings to custom diamond studs, we can help you choose the perfect earrings for any occasion.

Pre-Set Diamond Earrings

When looking for the perfect pair of diamond earrings, pre set diamond studs are a great option. This means the task of selecting a diamond is already done for you. With pre-set earrings, all you need to do is select which metal you prefer. At Adiamor, we carry earrings in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum settings in addition to our bezel set earrings. After choosing a metal, the next thing to do is select the size. We carry diamonds ranging from ¼ cw to 1 cw for the pair. Pre-set diamond earrings are the perfect accessory for almost every occasion.

diamond earrings
Diamond earrings with a halo setting

Design Your Own Earrings

While pre-set earrings are an easy option, many people prefer to create custom  earrings. This option allows customers the opportunity for a unique piece of jewelry. Additionally, if you purchased a ring from Adiamor, we can help you match the style of your other jewelry. Custom earrings can be created in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum using round, princess, or Asscher cut diamonds. No matter your style or budget, our fine jewelers can produce the perfect earrings for you.

Diamond earrings are a classic accessory that can dress up any look. Plus, with the option of designing your own earrings, you can be certain that your earrings are exactly what you want. Learn more about earrings on the Adiamor Earring Guide or contact us for help creating a unique pair of earrings today!


A Brief History of May’s Birthstone: Emeralds

Known around the world for its green color, the emerald is a precious gemstone. This gemstone gets its famous green coloring from the mineral element chromium. Like other gemstones, the emerald is highly sought after for making fine jewelry. One of the reasons is that emeralds rate between 7.5 and 8 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. In addition to its rich coloring and desirable hardness, emeralds also have an ancient history with romantic roots. Seeing as the emerald is May’s birthstone, we have put together a brief history of this gem.

The Ancient Roots of the Emerald

Today, emeralds are mined in Colombia, Brazil and Zambia. Colombia harvests more than half of the world’s emeralds, including up to 95% depending on the year. However, ancient cultures mined for emerald gems as early as 1500 BC in both India and Egypt. Egyptian rulers wore jewelry adorned with emeralds, perhaps none more famous than Cleopatra. Additionally, both Greeks and Romans believed the emerald possessed great powers. In fact, the ancient Romans associated the emerald with the goddess Venus. This connection to romance is part of the widely held belief that emeralds bring both passion and unconditional love.

Cut and polished emeralds

Grading Emeralds

Just like diamonds, emeralds are grading on the four C’s: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. However, emeralds are often highly included. This means the clarity of May’s birthstone is not graded under 10x magnification; instead, emeralds are graded by the naked eye. Although inclusions can greatly affect how light passes through the gemstone, emeralds that appear to not have any inclusions to the naked eye are considered flawless. In addition to interior inclusions, many emeralds often have surface cracks known as fissures. To maximize the value of emeralds with inclusions, they are often treated with cedar oil. Just like diamonds, the inclusions of an emerald are helpful in identifying each stone as these inclusions are unique.

Emeralds and Jewelry

Although the diamond is the most common gemstone used for fine jewelry, emeralds are a popular choice as well. Emeralds can be used to make earrings, pendants, and even engagement rings. However, because of their inclusions, emeralds are not often cut with facets. Instead, emeralds are more frequently shaped and polished. Nevertheless, when emeralds are cut, there is a signature cut that is used. Known as the emerald cut, it is a rectangular cut with facets around the top edge.

Emeralds are beautiful gemstones, and they make for great pieces of jewelry for that special someone born during the month of May. Check out the Adiamor glossary to learn more about emeralds today, or contact us today to have all your gemstone questions answered!


Know Your Diamonds, Part 5: The Carat Weight Considerations

If you were to ask anyone on the street about diamond engagement rings, carat weight is one of the first things they will mention. This happens for a number of reasons. In celebrity engagement news, the size of the ring is almost always the lead information. Additionally, celebrities enjoy rather larger rings, often in the 5 carats and up size. However, while carat weight is a crucial aspect of the four C’s, it is possibly the most misunderstood. While large carat diamonds are certainly more rare and therefore more prized, the largest carat weight is not always the best possible diamond. To better understand carat weight and its relation to a diamond’s fire and brilliance, we conclude our Know Your Diamonds series with important information on carats.

Carat Weight and Diamond Cut

When most people first start shopping for an engagement ring, they often consider diamond size first. However, as we’ve discussed previously, the most important of the four C’s is actually diamond cut. The quality of a diamond’s cut directly affects fire and brilliance, better known as a diamond’s sparkle. If a diamond has a poor cut that results in less desirable proportions, light will leak from the diamond. Shallow cuts create glassy diamonds, and cuts that are too deep result in dark diamonds. However, many diamond shoppers are unaware that diamonds are often cut poorly on purpose. The reason for this is to maximize carat weight, and this process is known as spreading.

The Effects of Spreading

Spreading essentially means that a diamond retains the highest possible carat weight while being cut to a specific shape. When a diamond is cut with a laser, the shape of the diamond cut should have ideal proportions. However, in an effort to keep as much of the rough diamond intact, sometimes the cut sacrifices these ideal proportions. The reason for this is many customers prefer larger diamonds, and therefore they would rather purchase a less shiny 1 carat diamond than a perfectly cut ¾ carat diamond. While this is the current market trend, and has been for years, it certainly does not result in the best quality diamond for an engagement ring. Nevertheless, this does not mean that all 1 carat diamonds are poor quality. In fact, there are an incredible amount of gorgeous diamonds available that are 1 carat or larger.

Consider Your Options

When buying a diamond engagement ring, it is incredibly important to do your research. At Adiamor, we do our absolute best to inform our customers to they make the right choices. Whether you are creating a custom ring or shopping for a preset diamond ring, be sure you are paying close attention to the quality of the diamond’s cut in addition to the size of the diamond. For the best possible cuts, limit your diamond searches to Very Good and higher. After selecting the cut, then you can adjust the rest of your search settings based on personal preference. If your future wife wants a large gemstone, carat weight is the next place to explore. It is important to remember, though, that carats refer to a diamond’s weight and not total size.

carat weight chart
This carat weight chart shows relative diamond sizes and weights.


Be sure to pay close attention to the measurements of a diamond when shopping for diamonds online. If you have any questions while shopping, we are always here to help! Contact us today for assistance with your purchase.


Know Your Diamonds, Part 4: Diamond Cut

In a continuing celebration of the diamond being April’s birthstone, we forge ahead with our Know Your Diamonds blog series. In part 4, we examine what most experts consider to be the most important of the four C’s: diamond cut. When many people think of diamond cut, they are actually thinking of a diamond’s shape. Diamond cut determines the gemstone’s proportions, and these proportions create brilliance, fire, and scintillation– also known as a diamond’s sparkle.

The Most Important of the Four C’s

In the diamond industry, a diamond’s cut is widely considered to be the most important aspect. Diamond cut will greatly affect how a diamond sparkles as well as the diamond’s carat weight. In order to keep the maximum weight of the mined rough diamond, most diamonds are “spread” when cut. The result of spreading creates a heavier diamond. However, this technique sacrifices the potential fire and brilliance of the stone. Therefore, the diamond could potentially have less sparkle, especially to the naked eye. The way light enters and exits the diamond depends heavily on the cut because the width and depth have the greatest effect on how light travels within the diamond. The light exiting the diamond is also affected. Both shallow cuts and deep cuts have specific characteristics.

Shallow Cuts and Deep Cuts

When diamonds have shallow cuts, light leaks out of the bottom. Unfortunately brilliance is lost, and the diamond appears dark or watery. A shallow cut diamond with these characteristics is referred to as a “fisheye”. On the other hand, in diamonds with deep cuts, light leaks out of the sides. This means brilliance is lost, and the center of the diamond will appear to be dark. A diamond with these characteristics is referred to as a “nailhead”. When a diamond has an ideal cut, it will retain the maximum amount of light, resulting in a more brilliant diamond.

Diamond Cut Characteristics
Diamond Characteristics

Grading A Diamond’s Cut

There are several measurements used to grade a diamond’s cut. Two key factors in grading diamond cut are known as depth percentage and table percentage. Depth percentage measures the height of the diamond against the width of the gemstone. To calculate table percentage, a gemologist would take a measurement of the diameter of the top facet of the gemstone against the average width of the diamond. The GIA or AGSL grading reports that accompany every loose diamond from Adiamor list these percentages.

While different gem experts possess differing opinions on the best table size and the best depth for a diamond, these two factors are not enough to fully grade a diamond’s cut. A number of other factors contribute to the overall diamond cut quality, including crown angle, culet size, girdle thickness, polish, and symmetry.

Thanks for checking in on our current installment of the Know Your Diamonds series. For more information on diamonds, visit the Adiamor Education Center.