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3 Reasons You Need A Spacer Band In Your Ring Stack

by Faith Austin

It is very common to choose a wedding band that perfectly matches your engagement ring. You create the perfect set of two rings that are often identical if not very complimentary of each other, however, this does not have to be the only option when you are deciding how you want your engagement ring stack to look. Personal style and preference play a large part in how we make our decisions for our wedding bands and for many the perfect matching set may not always be the top choice. Along with style it is also very important to protect the engagement ring you chose and here’s how you can do both, by adding a spacer band. Now style may be the obvious reason to add a spacer band to your stack but there are a few others that involve you protecting your engagement ring that you may not have been aware of. 

We are going to tell explain what a spacer band is and introduce you to a few very compelling reasons that you need to seriously consider adding one to your engagement ring stack.

To start, a spacer band is simply that. A band to space apart other rings. Spacer bands can be a solitaire band in between two diamond bands, they can be a diamond band in between two solitaire bands, or any combination of that mixed with other great styles of both engagement rings and wedding bands. Now why is this important? We’re here to tell you.

  1. Spacer Bands protect your center diamond!

First and probably one of the most important reasons to get a spacer band is to protect your center diamond. A diamond band constantly rubbing on the prongs of the center stone can damage the prongs or basket which holds the center diamond, making it vulnerable for further damage. If you’ve chosen a setting with decorative details on the prongs or basket and plan on wearing a diamond band, wearing spacer band is highly recommended. Open bridge settings or settings without metal protecting the culet of the diamond are at higher risk of damage being caused to the center stone without a low profile spacer band in place.

2) Protect your bands from rubbing on each other!

Our second very important case for adding a spacer band to your stack is that not only can your wedding bands rub on your center diamond but it can rub and hit your engagement ring band as well! Why is this important? Have you ever heard of someone losing diamonds from one of their rings? A stone falling out of their eternity band? A stone falling out of their engagement ring band? Outside of normal wear and tear from working with ones hands, having two diamond bands rubbing against each other or clinking together can cause just this. Diamonds can fall out or even crack each other when stacked together. Putting a spacer band in between two diamond bands can minimize the damage to the diamonds on both bands and create a much safer stack.

3) Spacer bands are SUCH a vibe✨

Last but certainly not least, spacer bands can give you every kind of vibe you are looking to achieve! Spacer bands can enhance a look with person style and flare that makes your engagement ring stack not only a sign of your every lasting love, but something that feels like you! With so many different options for spacer bands you can choose thin and dainty to chunky statement bands and pair them all together! You can choose a spacer band that allows you to show off your engagement ring and a fabulous eternity band! The possibilities are endless and we are here to help you create your perfect stack. Don’t forget we can always build you custom spacer and wedding bands and you can really create your own unique look. 

Below are a few of our favorite spacer bands! Which would you choose?

Our Knife Edge Spacer Band is great choice for those who want all the protection of a spacer band but do not want to take away any attention from their wedding band or engagement ring. This 1.5mm band is shaped in a way to minimize its appearance and is the perfect spacer band between any 2 rings. Mainly for use between diamond bands and engagement ring settings this band will protect diamond bands from rubbing up against eachother and prevent unusual wear and tear.

This Open Diamond Spacer Band is the perfect band to fill the gap between a low set engagement ring and a wedding band. It provides the perfect amount of sparkle with 22 diamonds pavé set into a 1.5mm band. This band can be customized in different widths and opening sizes. Due to these diamonds being protected by metal on both sides, this spacer band can sit against other diamond band rings and not cause damage.

To see other styles of spacer bands or to create your own head to our website now! Always remember that you don’t want diamonds rubbing against each other or hitting each other and a that a spacer band is a great way to protect them!

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