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Pear Shaped Diamond Rings From Adiamor Are Perfect

by Faith Austin

Pear shaped diamond rings are the way to go, if you are looking for all of the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond but also want a unique shape for your diamond engagement ring. They are not the obvious choice for most but with their great shape and versatility you really can’t go wrong! We are going to go over why a pear shaped diamond ring from Adiamor would be the perfect ring for your engagement, anniversary upgrade, or treat yourself ring!

First let’s discuss the pear shape!

Pear shaped diamonds are a fabulous choice for those that consider size as the most important specification for a diamond ring.  This is due to the fact that they measure large for their carat weight when compared to other shapes.  A well cut, 2 carat pear compared to a 2 carat round, oval, or radiant diamond will most likely measure quite a bit larger.  This makes them a great option to get the largest presentation for your money when designing your perfect engagement ring.

2 Carat Pear Shape, 2 Carat Oval, 2 Carat Radiant

One key factor to pay attention to when selecting your center diamond is the color of a pear shaped diamond. Pear shapes do tend to hold on to color similarly to other fancy shaped diamonds.  If you are sensitive to warmth and want a clear colorless look, you should consider G color and above.   Another key factor to look at is the clarity.  Pear shapes are great at hiding inclusions at around the edges of the stone however, they do show inclusions in the center of the stone. We would avoid choosing a diamond for your ring with large black inclusions in the center.  A wider range of clarity will provide more options and could save you money on your pear shaped diamond ring.

Pear Shaped Diamond Rings Are Versatile

Another reason you should be considering a pear shaped ring is because they are extremely versatile. The first amazing factor in a pear shaped diamonds versatility is their length to width ratio. Based on the ratio you choose, your pear shape diamond can be teardrop, chunky, or slender! This allows for a lot of flexibility when designing the perfect ring for your significant others style and finger shape. The most preferred length to width ratios are anywhere from 1.45-1.75. We advise choosing a length to width ratio that is opposite of your finger shape as this will allow your pear shaped diamond to appear bigger on the hand. You can do this by choosing a chunkier diamond for long and slender fingers and a long and slender diamond for shorter fingers. You should also pay close attention to the measurements of your pear shape.  Select the one with the largest measurements within your preferred length to width ratio and budget.

Pear shaped diamonds look amazing in all metal colors and setting types! This is another factor that makes pear shaped engagement rings really stand out.  No matter what your style, coloring, or budget, your pear shaped diamond ring by Adiamor is sure to look stunning! Below we have a few examples of perfect rings created by our amazing customers. Comment on this blog and let us know how you would build your ring!

Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

We love all the possible combinations of pear shape diamond rings however there are a few clear favorites here at Adiamor. Below are some of our top engagement ring setting choices when designing your ring:


A modern take on a classic solitaire, this thin band setting showcases the pear shaped diamond. Each ring is custom made to fit the measurements of the diamond you select. Add some more sparkle to your pear shaped diamond ring with a hidden halo by adding diamonds to the basket for an additional $250, and customize with Platinum basket is $170. The ring above has been customized with a platinum basket which helps to brighten up the pear shaped diamond even more!


The pear shaped diamond of your choice is perfectly flanked with 2 elongated tapered baguettes weighing approximately 0.45cttw. This three stone engagment ring setting is custom made for your diamond selection. All of the diamonds are set in perfectly fit baskets. This ring is a true statement piece and will surely allow your pear shaped diamond ring to be a show stopper. 


This diamond engagement ring setting showcases any pear shaped diamond you select. All different ratios of pear shaped diamond will look stunning in this setting. The band is dainty at 1.5mm, diamonds extend 3/4 of the way down. The basket is adorned with a French Cut Pavé hidden halo. This ring is the perfect thin band engagement ring that will allow your pear shape diamond to stand out. If you are looking for all of the sparkle will a classic look, this setting will surely be a great choice for your pear shaped diamond ring.

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