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What You Need To Know: Oval Diamonds vs. Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds

by Faith Austin

Looking to get engaged or an upgraded diamond ring? Then you’re very aware that choosing the perfect diamond shape is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the overall appearance and brilliance of your engagement ring. We’ve seen a trend over the past 2 years where clients are torn between an oval cut and an elongated cushion cut diamond. We believe this became a more prevalent request with the introduction of lab grown diamonds into our assortment.

For the past 2 decades, natural cushion cut diamonds had been cut in  primarily square shapes with length to width ratios of 1.0-1.10. There has been an increase in natural elongated cushion cut diamond offerings however, the options are far below to options in lab grown diamonds. Approximately 13% of our natural cushion cut diamonds over a carat have a length to width ratio over 1.20. Approximately 39% of our lab grown cushion cut diamonds have a length to width ratio over 1.20.

It’s clear that both oval cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds are a stunning choice for those who love a diamond with brilliant cut facets and similar sparkle making them both highly sought after. Oval cut and elongated cushion cut diamonds also look amazing in many different length to width ratios making both diamond shapes versatile when it comes to choosing your engagement ring setting. However, each diamond shape does possess their own unique charm, reflecting individual tastes and preferences. In this blog, we will dive into the distinct characteristics of oval cut diamonds and elongated cushion cut diamonds, helping you make an informed decision when selecting the ideal shape for your perfect diamond ring.

Let’s discuss the most obvious difference between these two diamonds cuts, their overall shape. The oval cut diamond is known for its elongated shape with softly rounded edges, resembling an elongated circle. Elongated cushion cut diamonds are also known for their softer rounded edges however, a an elongated cushion cut diamond is rectangular in shape and often referred to as “pillowy” in appearance. You can see below how both oval cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds give off a similar look but their overall shape is very different.

It’s clear that both oval cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds are a stunning choice for those who love a diamond with brilliant cut facets and similar sparkle. Both cuts exude timeless elegance and sophistication, providing a classic yet modern appeal that will outlive any trends. The elongated shape of oval cut or cushion cut diamond can create an illusion of longer, more slender fingers when choosing the perfect length to width ratio. This makes them highly sought after as they look great on most hand and finger shapes.

Oval cut diamonds typically feature a larger surface area than other cuts of the same carat weight and absolutely commands a large presence compared to other shapes. While an oval may measure overall larger than an elongated cushion cut diamond of the same carat weight, elongated cushions have girth from top to bottom. From a visual perspective, the 2 shapes both have a “That’s a ROCK” presence. Square cut cushion cut diamonds typically measure smaller than all other shapes of the same carat weight. Elongated cushion cut diamonds have become a viable contender as a choice for those who favor ovals because they measure larger for their carat weight, unlike square cushion cuts. Their chunky appearance fills up the finger and packs a punch in terms of sparkle. 

Another key difference in both of these shapes is the variety in faceting in a cushion cut diamond. You can see below how different each and every cushion cut diamond can appear, where as oval cut diamonds have faceting that is somewhat consistent.

Engagement Ring Styles

Oval Cut Diamonds and Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds are extremely versatile allowing them to look amazing in many engagement ring settings. Both shapes are equally as stunning in solitaire and diamond accented band settings. Elongated cushion cut diamonds are perfection in three stone settings. Oval cut diamonds are well suited with wide and thin band settings.


This setting is the most stunning ring for your diamond. The open bridge provides a clear view beneath the center diamond. This setting allows the diamond to be set as low as possible yet still accomodates a wedding band sitting flush. 2mm band width can be customized to 1.8mm at no charge.


The knife edge on this thin band solitaire seems to disappear on the finger, for the ultimate thin band engagement ring. The center diamond that you select, stands out with platinum prongs that can be customized by adding a hidden halo.


A modern take on a classic solitaire, this elegant setting showcases the center diamond and surrounds it with a basket of platinum. Vintage inspired, each ring is custom made to fit the measurements of the diamond you select.


This classic basket solitaire is the perfect ring for any sized any shape center stone. The basket sits on top of the ring so it can accomodate a wedding band that sits flush. 

In the end, the choice between oval cut and elongated cushion cut diamonds boils down to personal preferences and style. Oval cut diamonds exude classic elegance and measure slightly larger than other diamond shapes, while cushion cut diamonds give a modern sparkle with their romantic “pillowy” edges and rectangular shape. Whichever you choose, these cuts are sure to symbolize timeless love and commitment, making them perfect choices for engagement rings, anniversary gifts, or other special occasions. Consider your personal taste and the aesthetic appeal that resonates with you the most, and design the diamond ring of your dreams.

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