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You Need A Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring By Adiamor

by Faith Austin

 Yellow gold solitaire engagement rings have been a stunning and popular choice since the beginning of time.  Almost every wedding greeting card shows the two simple yellow gold bands joined together recognized as a universal symbol of love. Yellow gold, with it’s warmth, blends with most skin tones and contrasts beautifully with white diamonds.  Let’s dive into some factors that have made this timeless classic the hottest choice in engagement ring styles. 

Yellow gold solitaire designs have evolved over time. No longer is the standard white gold six prong with a round diamond and 3mm yellow gold band your only option. Yellow gold solitaire choices have expanded exponentially over the past few years. This expansion has been fueled by the accessibility of fancy shaped diamonds, that means every shape other than round. Lab grown diamonds have further contributed to the increase of shape and size options available with attractive pricing. Large center diamonds set in a simple solitaire have been a favored choice for the last decade. The addition of lab grown options have made this look more affordable for a larger demographic. At Adiamor, you can customize any in-house yellow gold solitaire design or completely design your own from scratch. The options are literally endless. The  choices can make your decision more difficult and overwhelming. Fear not, we have your guide to designing your perfect yellow gold solitaire diamond engagement ring. In this guide we will explore every aspect of designing what’s become the not so simple yellow gold solitaire.

Once you’ve decided on the Shape and size center stone think about function and design. There are 5 design decisions to consider when selecting the perfect yellow gold solitaire for you: wedding band pairing, band width, prong type/style, prong color/metal choice, and custom detailing.


Wedding band paring with a yellow gold solitaire engagement ring setting is often overlooked and is one of the most important decision to make. How will a wedding band pair with your engagement ring? Are you adamant about having a ring set that sits completely flush? If this is the case, select a yellow gold solitaire that is flush set. You can determine a flush set by looking at the side view of the ring style.   If the base of the prong or basket protrudes further than the width of the band, it is not flush set. In most cases, selecting a wedding band that is the same mm width as the flush set engagement ring will guarantee a flush fit set. If you are considering a larger wedding band, such as an eternity band with larger diamonds, a lower set solitaire setting is a better choice. This creates a gap between the band and the engagement ring and allows for both rings to stand on their own. We recommend pairing this option with a spacer band as well. This will be a determining factor of which style of solitaire works best for you and your lifestyle.


Choosing a Band width for your yellow gold solitaire is likely the easiest choice and is typically made based on aesthetics. Thin bands ranging from 1.5mm-1.7mm have been the most preferred choice. This creates a dainty look that allows the center diamond to stand out. Wider band widths of 2mm-2.5mm requests are on the rise and may become the most popular choice for yellow gold solitaires this year.  All of our in-house designed solitaires can be customized to any band width you’d like. 

Prong Types/Styles

The prong on a yellow gold solitaire is the piece of the ring that holds the diamond in place and is attached to the ring band. There are 2 styles that are most commonly used in gold solitaire designs, a standard prong or a basket prong. Standard prongs are attached to the band on both sides.  They are made in standard sizes for each shaped centerstone and are adjusted upon being set. Custom prongs are an option for your yellow gold solitaire choice.  Basket prongs are custom made specifically for the diamond that is being set.  They can be set low on the finger or on top of a setting and have a thin piece of metal that connects all of the prongs for extra security . 

Bezel settings are prongless.  The diamond is held by a thin band of metal that folds over the edge of the entire diamond.  Bezels are increasing in popularity, especially for yellow gold solitaires. 

Prong/Basket Color

The color of your prong or basket on a yellow gold solitaire engagement ring is an important choice.  Some like the aesthetic of consistent yellow gold color for their solitaire ring band and prongs.  This is often the choice for lower color diamond choices and can mask the appearance of a warm center diamond by blending in with the warm tone of the yellow solitaire.  Colorless diamonds also look great in a yellow gold prong because there is a strong contrast in color between the white diamond and the warm tone of the prong.  

A white prong or basket choice does enhance the center stone by reflecting white vs warmth.  Select a white prong, white gold or platinum, if looking for your center stone to look as white and bright as possible in your yellow gold solitaire setting choice.  Standard prongs are always white, while basket prong colors vary by ring style.  All of Adiamor rings can be made with white or yellow gold or platinum prong selections  (Learn more about benefits of platinum as a prong choice)

Custom Detailing 

Custom detailing is a choice for every yellow gold solitaire engagement ring setting on our site.  The most popular custom details are the addition of hidden halos, color change of prongs, platinum basket prongs and mm width changes. Make a note in the notes section during checkout to add a custom detail to your ring or contact us to get a quote for your personal touch. Prices for customizations do vary and typical start at $150.  

Our most popular center diamonds to pair with a yellow gold solitaire engagement ring here at Adiamor are oval cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, and radiant cut diamonds. 

Yellow gold solitaire engagement rings have been seen on many celebrities, we all know about the obsessions with Hailey Bieber’s and Joelle Fletcher’s (from the bachelorette) yellow gold solitaire oval diamond rings. Pictures of both these yellow gold solitaire diamond rings have gone viral along with countless renditions of these yellow gold beauties. 

With that being said we do have a few yellow gold solitaire engagement rings that are crowd favorites. Not only is there a variation of a yellow gold solitaire engagement ring great for every persons style, they also look fantastic with every shape diamond. 

We are going to discuss our top three yellow gold solitaire engagement ring designs.


This classic basket solitaire is the perfect ring for any sized any shape center stone. This yellow gold solitaire engagement ring is 2.0mm wide, great for someone looking for a little wider of a look. The basket sits on top of the ring so it can accomodate a wedding band that sits flush which is great for those looking to have no space between their engagement and wedding rings. This setting looks fantastic with any shape, any size diamond and is a great choice setting for adding hidden halo or diamonds on the prongs as a personal touch detail.


A modern take on a classic solitaire, this thin band yellow gold solitaire engagement ring setting showcases the center diamond. This yellow gold solitaire engagement ring has a low basket which means the diamond sits lower on the finger. It is important to note as there will be a space between this engagement ring and a wedding band.  A low basket style is a common choice for larger diamonds. This type of setting makes the center stone appear as if it is glued to the finger.  The larger the center diamond, the larger the space between the engagement ring and a wedding band. 


Simple and refined, this yellow gold solitaire engagement ring setting can be customized fully. This setting is 1.7mm wide and comes with a standard prong that compliments the center stone of your choice. This setting will sit flush with any straight wedding band 2mm or below, meaning there will be no gap between your engagement ring and wedding band. The most notable feature of this yellow gold engagement ring setting is that it is styled with a white prong making it a two tone style.  You can select a platinum prong or a white gold prong which is a great feature as it brightens up the center diamond. This setting and prong can also be made in all one metal color based on your preference.

It’s no surprise that the evolution of the yellow gold solitaire engagement ring design has made them even more desirable. The addition of design choices whether they have dainty or thicker bands, gorgeous baskets, delicate prongs, hidden halos, and every other customization you can think of has made this style an obvious choice.  

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