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Do You Need A Flush Set Engagement Ring?

by Faith Austin

What is a flush set engagement ring? 

A flush set engagement ring is an engagement ring setting that accommodates a wedding band sitting flush against it.  A flush set ring style has a standard prong or a basket prong that sits on top of the engagement ring band.  The prongs on a flush set ring do not extend beyond the width of the band. This allows a wedding band of the same height to sit flush against the engagement ring without creating a gap.  

Flush set engagement rings can be made in any style including solitaire, diamond band, three stone and halo settings.

Factors often overlooked when considering a flush set engagement ring setting are: band width, height of center stone, shape and size of center stone, lifestyle, wedding band style, and finger shape. Let discuss these factors and how they can affect your choice of a flush set engagement ring setting. 

Band Width

 Thin band engagement ring settings with a band width between 1.5mm-1.7mm typically can’t accommodate a standard prong set on top of the band and therefore don’t sit flush with a wedding band. Thin band settings with a cathedral can usually accommodate a thin wedding band sitting flush. Engagement ring settings with thinner bands are usually made taller in order to offset the narrow width of the band in terms of durability.  If you love the dainty look of a thin band ring, a flush set engagement ring setting may not be for you.  Consider the width of the wedding band you are selecting.  A flush set engagement ring and wedding band will appear as if they are one band in-terms of width.  The overall visual appearance will be the width of the wedding band and the engagement ring band combined.  For example, a 2mm engagement ring setting with a 2mm wedding band will take up 4mm of space in your finger and appear as 4mm. In this case, selecting a ring setting that has a prong that slightly extends past the ring band will create a slight gap.  This will maintain the dainty look of the engagement ring and the dainty look of a thin wedding band. Engagement ring settings with bands over 2.5mm almost always will be flush set.  

Height of the Center Stone

Consider your preference on how high the center stone is set.  The center stone on a flush set engagement ring sits on top of the ring setting.  This results in the diamond sitting higher off of your finger than it would on a low set engagement ring setting. A low set engagement ring setting has a basket that sits on the finger and the band attaches to the sides of it. A standard prong has more metal at the base than a basket prong does.  Diamonds set in a standard prong on a ring band of 3mm or less will sit higher than a basket prong and may not be flush set. If you like the look of a standard prong and want a ring band that is 3mm or less, pay attention to the side view of the ring. The prong base may exceed the width of the band and therefore create a gap. The gap would be minimal, but may require a spacer band if you are considering a pave or prong set diamond wedding band.

Size and Shape of Center Stone

Larger center stones inherently sit higher on an engagement ring setting because they are larger and therefore deeper than smaller stones.  Round, princess and square cushion cut diamonds are deeper than other shapes with the same carat weight.  Rectangular and longer shaped diamonds are shallow for their carat weight.  The prongs for a longer diamond, such as an oval, will extend out further and lower than those of a round or square.   Your wedding band would need to be the same height or shorter than the engagement ring setting in order to sit flush.


A flush set engagement ring setting may not be a good choice for you if you lead a life that requires a lot of work with your hands you may.  You may want your center diamond set as close to your finger as possible. This would also be a consideration when selecting longer cut diamonds such as ovals and pear shapes as a center stone.  Longer cut diamonds are sometimes preferred in settings closer to the finger because they are more prone to catching on things in higher settings.  Low settings on a thin band usually aren’t flush set and would require a specialty band or spacer band in order to sit flush.  Low settings on a wide band can be flush set providing that the ring band is wider than the length of the center stone.  

Wedding Band Style

If you are planning on selecting a larger diamond band as your wedding band, you may not want a flush set engagement ring setting.  Wider diamond wedding bands that sit under the center stone can blur out the center stone or appear disproportionate.  Considering a diamond band that is the same width or thinner than the engagement ring band will allow the center stone to stand out.  Selecting a low set engagement ring setting allows both rings to stand out no matter what the width differences may be. A spacer band is recommended for low set engagement rings worn with a diamond band. Thinner wedding bands with three stone rings may cause the wedding band to get lost underneath a flush set three stone engagement ring setting. Consider selecting a wedding band that is not an exact match for your flush set three stone engagement ring.  Flush set diamond band engagement ring settings look fantastic with plain bands.  Flush set solitaires look best with diamond bands that are not wider than the engagement ring band width. You can’t go wrong with a super skinny wedding band with or without diamonds.  Thinner wedding bands do not detract attention from the center stone and compliment engagement ring settings of any style. 

Finger Shape

Your finger shape can help you determine your ring style.  If your knuckle is larger than the base of your finger, your rings will move and shift constantly.  Selecting a flush set engagement ring setting will allow the band to sit flush but your rings will rarely sit flush together on their own.  There are some options that help to keep your ring set sitting as close together as possible.  Your options are to solder your wedding band and your engagement ring together or have sizing beads added to the inside of your rings. 

Below are some of our top flush set engagement rings that look fantastic with every shape!

French Cut Basket Setting
Classic Basket Solitaire

Is a flush set engagement ring right for you?

Flush set engagement rings make the most sense for people that want to create a uniformed looking engagement ring with a wedding band.  Unique wedding bands with a height that is equal to or less than the height of the band on the engagement ring also look great with flush set engagement ring settings.  A low set engagement ring sits closest to the finger and allows the wedding band and engagement ring to stand out. An engagement ring setting with a slight or minimal gap is similar to a flush set style and offers a bit of separation between the 2 rings.  

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