The Perfect Ring: Split Shank Engagement Rings

Today on the Adiamor blog, we are welcoming a new series on finding the perfect engagement ring. Since an engagement is a once in a lifetime event, it’s important to pick the right diamond ring for the occasion. However, with so many different engagement setting options on the market, choosing can be overwhelming. That’s how we can help. In the following posts, we’ll cover the various ring setting options to help you decide on the perfect ring. Today, we’re covering split shank engagement rings.

What Are Split Shank Engagement Rings?

Split shank rings feature a ring band that forks to beautifully twist around the ring and showcase the center stone. In most cases, split shank engagement rings feature diamonds, and split shank rings look gorgeous with nearly every diamond shape available. For smaller center stones, some encircle the diamond with a decorative diamond halo as seen here in our Split Shank Halo Setting for Cushion Cut Diamond.

split shank halo engagement ring

Split Shank Engagement Ring Metal Options

With most engagement rings, there are four primary ring metal options: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. Since platinum engagement rings are made from only the purest alloys featuring 95% platinum, there are no other choices to make. However, gold rings are available in both 14k and 18k options. Higher karats will have higher quantities of gold, but they will also be softer rings. This means 14 karat rings will have more durable settings, which is important when considering whether or not to include diamonds on the band of your split shank engagement ring.

When it comes to the different colors of gold, this is primarily a matter of personal preference. Yellow gold is the most traditional, and it also compliments the fire and brilliance of white diamonds. White gold offers elegance and sleek sophistication similar to platinum, but at a lower price point. Finally, rose gold has ancient history as a preferred ring metal, and its resurgence in popularity with millennials proves its pinkish hues to be a timeless, romantic choice.

Diamonds Or Plain Band?

The final option in selecting the perfect split shank engagement setting is deciding on how the ring band is adorned. For ring buyers searching for maximum sparkle, select a ring with diamonds pave-set on the band. This style will generally be found accompanying halo set rings as well. However, many people prefer the center stone to be the star, and that’s why they choose split shank engagement rings in the first place. In this case, selecting a plain diamond band is the best choice. It pulls attention directly to diamond. This makes a plain band a great option when pairing a split shank engagement ring with a larger diamond.

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Split Shank Engagement Rings in Three Metals

Featuring a band that splits to embrace the central diamond, split shank engagement rings are a gorgeous take on classic diamond engagement rings. Split shank engagement rings offer future brides a unique twist on the traditional, and this allows each ring to demonstrate a woman’s individuality. Below, check out three popular styles of split shank rings including solitaire rings and pave set rings featured in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

Yellow Gold Split Shank Engagement Rings

yellow gold split shank engagement ring

Yellow gold engagement rings a the pinnacle of traditional style. Because yellow gold does not rust or corrode, it has been the precious metal of choice for centuries. Jewelers love the fact that yellow gold doesn’t tarnish, but one issue with pure 24k gold is it is too soft. For this reason, yellow gold split shank engagement rings are made in either 14k or 18k gold. This allows the ring to be strong and durable, helping keep the center stone in place. The featured split shank ring on the right is a classic solitaire, perfect for showcasing a round diamond.


Rose Gold Split Shank Engagement Rings

rose gold split shank engagement ring

When it comes to the hottest engagement ring styles available, nothing surpasses rose gold. As an alloy, rose gold rings are made by combining yellow god with copper. This produces the distinct, pink hues which fans of rose gold cannot get enough of these days. Rose gold engagement rings typically feature vintage design aspects as they found their resurgence in popularity with the rise of Art Deco trends in the early aughts. Since then, rose gold has found its way into the mainstream in everything from smart phones to shoes. The split shank ring on the right features an intricate pave design with 64 brilliant cut round diamonds weighing a total of 0.44ct. This particular rose gold engagement ring looks best with a princess cut diamond.

White Gold Split Shank Engagement Rings

white gold split shank engagement ringFinally, there is the gorgeous white gold split shank engagement ring. Like rose gold, white gold is also an alloy. However, instead of using copper, fine jewelers blend together yellow gold with a metal metal such as nickel, silver, or palladium. For future brides searching for a more a more understated sophistication, white gold is an excellent choice. This white gold alloy is then plated in rhodium which gives the engagement ring a shiny luster. However, as time passes, the natural yellowish tint of the gold will begin to shine through. In order to prevent this, it is important to have your ring re-plated every six to twelve months. White gold engagement rings are extremely versatile. The design on the right features a modern take on the split shank ring, a pave set tulip ring  with 66 brilliant cut round diamonds.

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