2 Reasons to Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day

There is nothing quite as romantic as celebrating your engagement on the same day the whole world celebrates love. If you have been thinking about popping the question, there is no better day to do it than Valentine’s Day. With all the flowers, chocolates, and dreamy-eyed lovers around, your sweetheart will be feeling romantic and won’t hesitate to say, Yes! Here are some reasons why you should choose Valentine’s Day for Cupid to strike an arrow right through your honey’s heart as you slip a diamond engagement ring on her finger.

Built in Romance
Valentine’s Day, also known as hearts day, is a day of love. Getting engaged on Valentine’s Day is a great idea when you consider all of the restaurants and hotels that offer special packages that will enhance the evening even more. Also, Valentine’s Day has romance already built into it. You don’t have to worry so much about setting the tone because love is already in the air.

The Most Intimate Holiday
New Years, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., are all holidays that involve a lot of friends and family members. Valentine’s Day revolves around the couple in love and no one else. The two of you can share in the initial bliss together before you run off and announce your engagement to the world.


The Shape of a Diamond

While everyone can recognize a round cut diamond right off the bat (it is the most common cut for engagement rings and is considered the classic standard for diamond rings), you may not realize that there are actually several different cuts for your diamonds that may offer unique properties. For starters, your stone can be deep or shallow, but the proper proportions lie somewhere in the middle to ensure maximum brilliance. Then there are the different shapes of cut. Here are a few of the most popular cuts and what you can expect from them.

1. Round. As stated, this is the most traditional cut, mainly because it brings out the most brilliance and fire in your stone. It is also the most researched, so there are precise mathematical calculations to ensure proper depth and symmetry of the stone.

2. Princess. This cut is second to the round cut in both demand and brilliance. It is generally square in shape (although it can be closer to a rectangle), which makes it a nice alternative to round cut since it can still be more or less symmetrical. But because of the way it is cut, even mostly colorless stones may show a bit of color in the corners.

3. Emerald. These diamonds have a rectangular cut in the pavilion (the lower portion of the stone) that gives them a uniquely open table (the face of the stone). This makes it an excellent cut to showcase stones with particularly good clarity.

4. Marquise. The beauty of this cut is that it can make the best of a small carat in that it looks larger than other stones of the same weight. It is a good choice for women with long fingers because the dimensions highlight this attribute.

5. Heart. There is little to recommend this cut aside from the obvious symbolism it embodies. It has no edge over other cuts, although it may be less expensive.