Why Not a Diamond Ring for a Push Present?

If you’re wondering just what a push present is, you’re not alone. Although this type of gift is far from unheard of, the term may be unfamiliar to you because it is one that has spread largely by word of mouth rather than corporate advertising. In essence, it’s a gift that is given by a father to a mother either before or after she goes through labor (sometimes even during) as a way to commemorate the birth of a child. Although some see such a present as materializing what would otherwise be a non-gifting occasion, the truth is that it’s no different from any other type of celebratory gift. And the traditional item chosen for the mother is diamonds.

In most cases, a push present is diamond earrings. This trend started just a few years back with a jewelry company that ran a campaign with the slogan, “She delivered your firstborn, now give her twins.” And while every woman can certainly use a pair of diamond earrings, you have a lot of latitude with what you choose to give the woman that brings your child into the world. Tennis bracelets are also a favorite for this occasion. The reason for this is that a diamond bracelet is not necessarily linked to any particular event, traditionally. In addition, whereas a diamond necklace would be impractical for a woman with a baby (for obvious reasons), a tennis bracelet can be worn daily without having to worry that the baby is going to tug at it or put it in his mouth.

However, earrings and bracelets are not the final word for diamonds when it comes to this intimate gift. You clearly don’t want a necklace, but if you’d rather flout tradition, why not go for a diamond ring? Certainly she already has one on her ring finger, from the day you got engaged. But in the same way the engagement ring symbolized your union as a couple, you can offer her a complimentary piece to represent your new status as members of a larger group: a family. In this respect, you could go for a ring with a solitary stone, for your child, you could get a three stone ring (one for each of you), or even an eternity band to symbolize the everlasting love created by the familial bond. Whatever you choose, she’s sure to love it.