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What is French Cut Pave?

by Ashley

Many of the beautiful rings at Adiamor feature a diamond setting style called French Cut Pave. You can see it in the descriptions for R2940, our French Cut Cushion Halo, or R2834, the Large French Cut setting. Our French Cut Pave engagement ring settings are our most popular settings and are available in every width from a dainty 1.5mm to 2.5mm. If you are looking for a specific width for your diamond band you can request a custom designed ring at any width you would like.

“French cut” refers to the way the small pave diamonds are set into the metal of the ring. The diamond setter hand cuts small “V” or “U” shapes into the metal in order to set the diamonds. This style is meant to show as little metal as possible, making rings appear like they are solid diamonds.

You can see the V shapes clearly on the side of the Large French cut wedding band R2835. The diamonds are larger in this ring, so the design is easier to see.

Large French Cut Pave Diamond Wedding Band

Large French Cut Pave Diamond Wedding Band

On the French Cut Halo for Square Diamond, R2862, the Vs are smaller and little harder to see, but the effect of the French cut is the same. The ring looks like it is made of diamonds with very little metal surrounding them.

French Cut Halo Setting for Square Diamond

French Cut Halo Setting for Square Diamond

You can see the difference in diamond setting style between these rings and classic pave set rings. Classic pave has little beads of metal which hold the diamonds. This yellow gold engagement ring and wedding band have a classic pave setting style, as well as a milgrain edging on either side of the diamonds.

View our complete French Cut Halo collection here.

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