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5 tips to choose the perfect halo engagement ring

by Haig Ter-Martirosian
emerald cut halo engagement ring

OK, so you want a halo engagement ring but you’re stuck at crossroads trying to figure out which design would truly please your significant other?

In this article, we will present you with 5 tips regarding the halo engagement ring and what makes it distinguishable from its classical counterpart, say the solitaire.

Halo settings hold distinctive characteristics such as:

  • Making your center stone look bigger
  • More diamonds equal extra sparkle
  • Enhancing the protection of the center stone
  • Being more cost-effective
  • Expressing a higher desire for glamour & glitz

The good news is that halo rings come in a sea of design and style, which means there definitely is a ring for everyone out there!

A stunning diamond halo ring for example (thus you may prefer another gemstone instead) is the result of joining together ultramodern design, clear-cut technology, and the irreplaceable touch of a skillful stone setter.

How to make your diamond appear larger on the ring?

One of the biggest benefits of wearing a halo engagement ring is the glitter-boosted visual appearance it has by drawing attention to the center stone. If your bride to be is a stylish dresser who loves shiny things, going halo for her engagement ring is, the way to go.

Like this Plain Band Round Halo Engagement Setting from Adiamor:

The tiny pavé diamonds (the ones encircling the center stone) amplify the latter to make even the smallest carat diamond appear bigger! This is a great method for those who are on a budget and wish to spend less without cutting the shine aspect.

More brilliance and sparkle with a halo ring

With a halo setting, your engagement ring will hold more sparkle than the rest of them.

That’s because the tiny accent diamonds surrounding your center stone will do just that, accentuate the light reflecting through it. Hence creating extra glitter for your piece.

Furthermore, you can also opt for a hidden halo for more enhanced elegance. A Hidden Halo is typically beneath the center stone and can only be noticed from the side view. The reflected light will shine with a soft shimmering effect.

An example of a hidden halo is shown in the image below for this gorgeous Two-row Halo French Cut Engagement Setting.

Does a halo setting protect the center stone?

Technically speaking, yes. A halo setting will reinforce the center stone from daily wear and tear.

A double halo engagement ring is a good example of such a structure, with its twin rows of micro pave diamonds contouring the center stone.

By protecting your center stone, in the long run, you are really helping it to preserve value. Hence, the center stone becomes much less vulnerable to damages or cracks due to the halo guarding it.


Are halo engagement rings expensive or cost-effective?

It really depends.

As a budget-conscious shopper who wants more for their money, a halo engagement ring would be a good choice.

The reason is simple. When you go with less carat weight, you’re fairly cutting down your expense by choosing a slightly smaller stone. On the other hand, the solitaire (for instance) would cost more because the center stone primarily dictates the overall value of the ring. Less is more!

For example, this lovely Rose Gold Pave Halo Cushion Cut:

A halo ring can only get as pricey as the design tells it. Since there are gazillion styles of halo rings to pick from, the level of versatility can be limitless. Despite this fact, for the sake of this article, let’s just stick to the center stone only.

Thus, if you put a solitaire ring with a prong setting next to a halo engagement ring with equivalent 4C’s, the solitaire will come with a much higher price tag!

Halo Craze: What’s the buzz all about?

Halo rings are a reigning goddess in the fashion jewelry world. If your lady loves the extra flash and pizzazz, the marvelous look of a halo engagement ring won’t disappoint her.


Definition of pizzazz

The quality of being exciting or attractive: such as





One may ask, “Yes, but why are halo rings so popular?”. The current ongoing halo craze, where many still consider this style a trendy choice. It would also explain why celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Nikki Reed both decided to flaunt halo rings.

Vintage & glitz can coexist like in this Yellow Gold 3 Stone Cushion Halo Engagement Ring:

Our Last thoughts

Before you begin to shop for a halo engagement ring online, you may want to take the 5 tips mentioned in this blog into consideration. Also, during your search for the perfect ring, you must have an educated guess on what best suits your partner’s personality, charisma, and looks.

Are you ready to make a move? At Adiamor, our engagement rings specialists hold advanced expertise in guiding couples who are budget-conscious to make the right decision.

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Halo rings are today’s trendy styles that many of us preferring to have. I believe this piece of informative advice will help them have the right Halo engagement rings that they are expecting. Thank You, Haig!


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