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Our Favorite Engagement Rings For Fall 2017

Fall is a gorgeous time of year. The changing colors in the leaves and pumpkin spiced everything provide the perfect ambience for romance. While summer still reigns supreme over wedding season, autumn is catching up. In addition to more and more weddings being planned in the fall, it is also becoming a popular time to propose. If you are thinking about getting engaged in the coming months, you may be seeking some inspiration. Check out three of our current favorite engagement rings for fall!

18K Rose Gold French Cut Halo Setting For Oval

rose gold french cut halo setting for oval

At this point, there’s simply no escaping the rise of rose gold. The romantic pink gold looks great with any skin tone. Plus, when combined with white diamonds, rose gold really shines. This is a perfect engagement ring for proposing in the fall. In addition to the pave set diamonds on the band, this ring also features a gorgeous halo setting with diamonds totaling 0.35cttw. Finally, the oval center stone brings a unique touch to this rose gold engagement ring that makes fingers look long and slender. If you’re looking to get engaged this October, this French cut halo setting is an excellent choice.

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French Cut Cushion Halo Basket in 18K White Gold

French Cut Cushion Halo Basket Setting

Adiamor’s French cut halo collection are some of our best known engagement rings. However, this cushion cut halo basket in 18k white gold is definitely an all time favorite. Like the oval setting, this engagement ring also features brilliant cut round diamonds totaling approximately 0.35cttw. The white gold provides a striking sophistication, and the cushion cut diamond is an elegant touch. One of the reasons this is one of our favorite engagement rings for fall is how the cushion cut diamonds appear in the ambient autumn lighting.

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Rose Gold Basket Solitaire Setting with Round Diamond

18k rose gold Basket Solitaire SettingFinally, another one of our favorite engagement rings for fall is the classic and timeless rose gold basket solitaire. This simple ring is understated with its beauty and features a 1.7mm band. Although the band is dainty enough to be remarkably feminine, it still has enough width to be both durable and comfortable. The rose gold once again allows the center stone to shine, and the half carat round diamond shown here is a the perfect engagement ring for young couples on a budget. However, this solitaire setting can fit large diamonds up to 5 carats which makes it incredibly versatile. Truly a classic, this modern spin on the rose gold basket solitaire is guaranteed to get her to say “Yes!”

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The French Cut Cushion Halo Setting in 3 Metals

When selecting an engagement ring, knowing the difference in settings is important. Often, a bride will have a particular diamond shape or setting they like best. The goal, then, is to use that information and pick the perfect ring for her style and personality. As one of the most popular rings sold by Adiamor, the French Cut Cushion Halo setting is the ring of many women’s dreams. However, the ring takes on new life depending on its ring metal. Keep reading below to see the many sides of the French Cut Halo setting and learn more about this ring style.

18K White Gold French Cut Halo

French Cut Cushion Halo Setting 18K White Gold

One reason so many people love the French cut style is because of the additional diamonds. The amount of fire and brilliance presented by the center cushion cut diamond is amplified by the 0.35 cttw of brilliant cut round diamonds on the band and in the halo setting. When combined with 18k white gold, this ring appears to be completely covered in diamonds. The silvery luster of the white gold setting  makes this a sparkling, stunning engagement ring.



The French Cut Halo in 18K Yellow Gold

French Cut Cushion Halo Setting 18K Yellow Gold

The idea behind the “French cut” style is to show as much diamond as possible while hiding the ring metal. In doing so, a jeweler places the primary focus on the diamonds. However, while white gold’s shine blends into sparkle, yellow gold rings provide a remarkable contrast. In 18k yellow gold, this French Cut halo engagement ring provides unparalleled beauty. Yellow gold compliments traditional diamonds extremely well, and this is why yellow gold is considered to be the most timeless of engagement ring metals.

French Cut Cushion Halo Setting 18K Rose GoldRose Gold French Cut Halo Setting

Finally, there is the 18k rose gold French Cut Halo. While white gold and yellow gold each provide their respective compliments to diamonds. rose gold has its own advantages. In addition to being flattering to nearly every skin tone, the pinkish hues of rose gold inherently create feelings of romance. Like yellow gold, rose gold rings compliment the white sparkle of traditional diamonds. Overall, the rose gold French Cut ring feels vintage inspired yet timeless, making it a perfect engagement ring option.

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