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When to Give the Gift of Diamonds

Diamonds may be forever, but how do you decide the right time to give them? While most women probably share the sentiment that they are happy to receive a diamond at any time, there are certain special occasions that warrant the gift of ice. So if you’re unsure about whether or not presenting a diamond will win you accolades or get you into hot water, here are a few general rules for diamond gifting.

1. Diamond ring/solitaire. This represents an offer of marriage. If you’re ready to propose, get her a diamond ring. If you’re considering a birthday present, do NOT give her a heart attack by presenting her with a ring box. If you’re already married, feel free to give as many diamond rings as you can afford.

2. Tennis bracelet. Traditionally worn by tennis players to denote tournaments won (the number of diamonds represented the number of tournaments) these in-line bracelets have become a popular gift from husbands to wives. They can be given for any occasion, but a popular trend is to offer one up at the birth of your first child.

3. Eternity band. These have become very popular as wedding bands, but they are really best given on an anniversary as a symbol of continuing love and devotion. You don’t have to wait until your diamond anniversary, either (60 years of marriage is a long time to wait for another diamond).

4. Diamond necklace. A single stone makes a great graduation gift, while something like a heart is better for a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Something a little more flashy, like a multi-diamond strand, should be given to celebrate an important lifetime milestone.

5. Diamond studs. The all-around best diamond gift. Every woman should have at least one set of diamond studs and they can be given to any woman, at any time. You can bestow them upon your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend without worrying about what they might read into it (other than the fact that you obviously care about them and have excellent taste).