The Perfect Ring: Pave Engagement Rings

When it comes to shopping for engagement rings online, it can be difficult to know where to begin. At Adiamor, we wanted to ease the pain of deciding on the perfect engagement ring. To help our customers make the best decisions about diamond rings, we started this blog series called The Perfect Ring. In today’s edition, we’ll be taking a look at pave engagement rings. Our founder is especially skilled with pave settings, so these rings have a unique history within Adiamor.

What Are Pave Engagement Rings?

The first question to answer, of course, is what are pave engagement rings?  Pave rings are not limited to specific designs, which makes this ring style different from other settings. Nearly any engagement ring settings ranging from solitaire engagement rings to split shank engagement rings can be adorned with pave set diamonds. The name pave engagement rings comes from the French word for paved because these rings look as if they have been paved in diamonds. In most cases, pave engagement rings feature brilliant cut round diamonds carefully set into the band. However, some pave settings include additional diamonds as a halo design or even adoring the prongs or basket setting.

The Right Pave Ring

Pave set rings are one of the best selling styles, and that’s because these settings work in many different combinations. Pave settings pair well with every ring metal ranging from traditional yellow gold to rose gold rings and even white gold and platinum engagement rings. The small pave set diamonds enhance the sparkle of smaller center stones in halo settings as well as provide additional sparkle to the bands of solitaire rings. Essentially, there’s no wrong way to customize a pave set engagement ring, and that’s a primary reason they are so popular. Another rather obvious reason is that additional diamonds always add more sparkle and shine!

Our Favorite Pave Settings

yellow gold pave engagement ringsThe French Cut Cushion Halo Setting is the perfect example of a pave engagement ring. Shown here in 14k yellow gold, this setting perfectly displays the balance of white diamonds and yellow gold and features brilliant cut round diamonds totaling approximately 0.35cttw. Another option with this diamond ring is to swap the cushion cut center stone for a round diamond. The pave set stones provide beautiful compliments to the center diamond which makes this an ideal setting when choosing a smaller center stone. Click here to view more of the French Cut Cushion Halo Setting.


rose gold pave engagement ringsAnother popular pave setting is the French Cut Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Way. This gorgeous ring shines with pave set diamonds halfway around the band. One key difference is that the center stone is a solitaire setting. Because of this, shoppers will want to select a larger center diamond to be the focal point of the ring. Additionally, the rose gold provides pinkish hues that are the perfect backdrop for the pave set diamonds on the band and basket. Click here to view more of the French Cut Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Way.


platinum pave engagement ringsFinally, our third and final current favorite pave engagement ring is the Split Shank Halo Setting for Cushion Cut Diamond. Shown here in platinum, this stunning setting compliments either a cushion or round center diamond. The split shank band includes approximately 100 diamonds totaling at least 0.72ct which means incredible sparkle and shine. When shopping for pave set engagement rings, it’s hard to find a setting with more pave set diamonds than this! Click here to view more of the Split Shank Halo Setting.




Pave Engagement Rings In Three Ring Metals

For the past couple years, pave rings have been all the rage. With an appearance that looks as if the ring has been paved in diamonds, pave rings have a great deal of sparkle. Additionally, pave rings have a higher total carat weight than other engagement ring styles. The use of many small diamonds set in the band increases the diamond carat weight. The rise in popularity of pave engagement rings is showing no signs of slowing down. Check out three different ring styles in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The examples shown are just a fraction of the extensive selection of pave engagement ring settings we offer.

Yellow Gold Pave Rings

6 Prong Diamond Band And Basket Engagement Setting 14K Yellow GoldYellow gold rings are the most classic and traditional of engagement rings. However, by adding pave diamonds, yellow gold gets an updated twist. While yellow gold engagement rings are often solitaires, adding additional diamonds along the side of the band is a great way to add sparkle. The 6 prong diamond band on the right (R3059) features a classic basket setting. Although the ring features a round diamond, any diamond shape would look great in this setting. The 56 pave diamonds on the band total 0.35ct.

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Rose Gold Pave Engagement Rings

French Cut Basket Setting Diamonds 1/2 Way 18K Rose GoldPerhaps the only thing more popular than pave style rings are rose gold engagement rings. The color has seen an enormous growth in popularity recently in everything from fashion to tech. The pinkish hues of rose gold compliment skin tones and are considered to be very romantic as well. Rose gold pave engagement rings look great because they pair so well with white diamonds. By adding additional diamonds on the band, rose gold rings can truly shine bright. The ring on the right (R2981) features pave diamonds halfway around the band and a French Cut basket setting. This ring is the perfect vintage inspired pave ring and can feature any center diamond shape.

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Pave Rings in White Gold

Split Shank Halo Setting For Cushion Cut Diamond 14K White GoldWhite gold engagement rings feature a shiny white luster, similar to that of platinum. This clean, sophisticated ring metal works especially well with pave rings because of the increased sparkle. White gold pave rings also work well when combined with other styles. The split shank pave ring on the right (R2988) also features a halo setting. With a combined total of over 100 diamonds, this white gold pave ring has an astonishing total carat weight of 0.72ct before accounting for the center stone. When looking for a luxurious yet elegant engagement ring, look no further than this!

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