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Why You Can’t Go Wrong with Anniversary Diamonds

If you are a savvy shopper when it comes to appropriate anniversary gifts, you are probably well aware that there is a “diamond” anniversary (the 60th or the 75th…you decide if you make it that far). But if you are a savvy spouse, you’ll know that you can never go wrong with the gift of diamonds. Every year that you’ve been married is another opportunity to wow the one you love with a new set of diamond studs, a necklace, or even an updated ring. Here are just a few reasons why getting an icy gift will help you heat things up on your anniversary.

1. It’s better than wood. There are some pretty strange items listed for various anniversary years (wood, paper, and cotton to name a few). Although these traditional gifts could force you to get creative (photo frame or jewelry box could both work for wood), don’t you think diamonds will trump anything else you might come up with?

2. Get a set, dole it out. If you’re not really into shopping, you can buy a complete set (earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc.) and have gifts lined up for years to come. Best of all, she’ll think you actually remember from year to year which set the original gift came from.

3. No guesswork. If you dread the thought of coming up with anniversary gifts for the next 50-80 years, knowing that you’re going to get diamonds every year will certainly make things easier, especially if you’re not particularly keen when it comes to determining what she might like.

4. Repetition is encouraged. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so you know this is the one gift she’ll never protest. Even if she doesn’t like the setting you choose to house a diamond, she can always get it reset. She’ll appreciate the stone, if nothing else.

5. She can never have too many diamonds. This is just jewelry-buying 101. No matter how many sets of diamond earrings she owns, there is always a more perfect pair. And you could consider giving her a loose stone every year so that by the time you actually reach your diamond anniversary, she’ll have a large enough collection to create the necklace, the earrings, and any other accessory her heart desires.

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Need Bridesmaids Gifts? Adiamor Has Got You Covered!

Once you’ve got the wedding rings in hand, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the special ladies who are going to stand by your side on the day of your nuptials. You’ve got a lot on your mind, so you might not have time to put much thought into these gifts, but when you consider that these women are your best friends and/or family members, that they have probably been a part of your life for a good long while (and will continue to play a big role in your future), and that they are making a sacrifice on your behalf (spending the time and money to make sure your special day goes off without a hitch), you might want to rethink your commitment to finding the perfect gifts for them. Luckily, Adiamor makes it easy to say thank you to your bridesmaids.

One of the best ways to show your gratitude is to give the gift of jewelry. Your bridesmaids will be wearing matching dresses, so why not give them some fabulous diamonds to go with their ensembles? Jewelry is one of the most traditional gifts, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what to get. And there are certain things you’ll want to consider. What is your budget? Do the items you have in mind go with the dresses? Do they match the personality and style of your bridesmaids? Do they all have to be the same? Once you figure out the answers to these questions, you can begin to select the pieces you want. And here are a few you should consider.

Earrings are always a good choice. If you want something understated, you can go for some gorgeous studs in a variety of carats and settings (which any girl will be happy to have in her jewelry box). Or for something with a touch of elegance, opt for a pairing of diamonds and pearls. You could also get a little fancier by choosing a delicate yet dazzling tennis bracelet (the bezel style is gorgeous). Or you could go for a beautiful diamond solitaire pendant (the pear-shaped bezel set solitaire will elongate any neckline). There are plenty of options on Adiamor, for any style and price range, so you’re sure to find something special and beautiful for the ladies who are standing up for you on the biggest day of your life.

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Holiday Jewelry Wish List

The holidays are an excellent time to think about buying a gift that will keep a special person in your life happy for the rest of the year, and it that respect there is no better purchase than diamond jewelry. But don’t think that it’s only for women. Although the right diamond will make any woman swoon with joy, there are also many gifts for men that incorporate the hardest substance on Earth. So if you’re thinking about giving that special someone something really special this year, here are some options that may appeal to you.

1. Prong-set diamond studs. Every woman can use a pair of dazzling diamond-stud earrings and the best way to display them is generally a prong setting (unless the cut is very shallow). They go with any outfit and make an excellent addition to any collection. In short, this is a gift you can’t go wrong with.

2. Three-stone pendant. This unique pendant necklace features three diamonds in a triangular pattern or a straight line, making it a beautiful piece. But what makes it so special is the meaning that is embodied by the three stones. They serve to represent past, present, and future, symbolizing a lifelong promise of love.

3. Cufflinks. Who says men can’t wear jewelry? In fact, men have many options when it comes to accessorizing their outfits. But if the man in your life isn’t particularly keen on, say, bracelets or rings, give him a special piece to go with his dress wear. A fancy pair of cufflinks can class up his suits and let him know how much you love it when they look nice.

4. Wedding bands. Either partner in a relationship can do something nice for their significant other by updating the wedding bands. No woman will turn down a gorgeous eternity band and men will appreciate a piece that is more fitting of their style aesthetic (now that you know your partner a little better, you can find a band that he’ll really love).

5. Engagement ring. If you really want to wow that special woman in your life, consider making this a holiday she’ll never forget by giving her the engagement ring she’s been waiting for. And a tip for the ladies: don’t wait around if you’re ready for wedding bells. Express your intentions by getting down on one knee, presenting him with a ring, and taking the initiative to ask for his hand in marriage.

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Great Father’s Day Gifts from Adiamor

If you’re on the hunt once again for that perfect gift to give your dad on his special day, but you don’t want to go with the tired and overdone options of yesteryear, you need look no further than Adiamor. Most people think that diamonds are only for women, but with items designed specifically for the sophisticated man about town, you’re sure to discover several spectacular alternatives that any father will love. You might consider one of the following:

1. If your dad is one of the many men who is not averse to wearing jewelry, consider one of Adiamor’s many fine diamond bracelets for him. They feature invisible-set diamonds, so he won’t have to worry about snags, and are featured in both gold and platinum.

2. Adiamor also offers an excellent selection of men’s diamond-studded wedding bands that can function as a pinky ring (in a smaller size). No longer the province of wiseguys, pinky rings are worn by fashionable men everywhere, from lawyers to engineers to members of a masonic lodge. They can also be worn by regular guys who want to class it up a bit.

3. Money clips are something that every dad can use. Slimmer than a wallet, they are a much better option for those who wear slacks.

4. You can also consider a sophisticated key ring in polished stainless steel. Mom will be happy you convinced him to get rid of the banged-up bottle opener he’s had on there since his fraternity heydays.

5. If dad has even one nice suit, he shouldn’t be wearing it without the addition of cuff links. Adiamor has a selection of classics that will make your father look stylish and classic.

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When to Give the Gift of Diamonds

Diamonds may be forever, but how do you decide the right time to give them? While most women probably share the sentiment that they are happy to receive a diamond at any time, there are certain special occasions that warrant the gift of ice. So if you’re unsure about whether or not presenting a diamond will win you accolades or get you into hot water, here are a few general rules for diamond gifting.

1. Diamond ring/solitaire. This represents an offer of marriage. If you’re ready to propose, get her a diamond ring. If you’re considering a birthday present, do NOT give her a heart attack by presenting her with a ring box. If you’re already married, feel free to give as many diamond rings as you can afford.

2. Tennis bracelet. Traditionally worn by tennis players to denote tournaments won (the number of diamonds represented the number of tournaments) these in-line bracelets have become a popular gift from husbands to wives. They can be given for any occasion, but a popular trend is to offer one up at the birth of your first child.

3. Eternity band. These have become very popular as wedding bands, but they are really best given on an anniversary as a symbol of continuing love and devotion. You don’t have to wait until your diamond anniversary, either (60 years of marriage is a long time to wait for another diamond).

4. Diamond necklace. A single stone makes a great graduation gift, while something like a heart is better for a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Something a little more flashy, like a multi-diamond strand, should be given to celebrate an important lifetime milestone.

5. Diamond studs. The all-around best diamond gift. Every woman should have at least one set of diamond studs and they can be given to any woman, at any time. You can bestow them upon your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend without worrying about what they might read into it (other than the fact that you obviously care about them and have excellent taste).

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Diamond Jewelry for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is thought of and celebrated in many different forms. Mothers and grandmothers. Daughters who become mothers. Wives who become mothers. Sisters who become mothers. Everyone knows how hard they work, how much they love, how much they just know. Celebrate them! Flowers wither, and candy is eaten… Give a lasting gift, instead; one that will be remembered and enjoyed in the years to come. Give them jewelry. There is so much to choose from! Here is a list to help you narrow it down to their style.

Bracelets – Bracelets can be incredibly simplistic like a bangle or tennis bracelet, or incredibly ornate cuffs. Think of the woman you’re giving it to. Is it something they would wear every day or just on special occasions. Pearl bracelets have a beautiful lustre, and make a sophisticated piece. But silver, gold, or diamond tennis bracelets have a simplicity that can be worn every day.

Rings – Rings are a symbol of everlasting love, the unending circle. They make a beautiful gift. A band that compliments her wedding rings would be a well thought out, appreciated gift. Or a ring with various gemstones representing her kids’ birthdays or grandchildren’s birthdays would be very sentimental and cherished.

Pearls – Pearl necklaces are simple, sophisticated, and elegant. Individual pearls are often unique. Pearls are one piece of jewelry that often gets handed down in generations, and a wonderful statement for mother’s day.

Diamond Pendant – Diamond pendants will never go out of style. There are many varieties to choose from. A simple diamond on a chain is a classic. The three stone pendants (representing past, present, and future) are stunning, and yet simple enough to wear every day. Diamonds last forever.

Loose Diamonds – Does your mother have old jewelry, either hers, or passed on to her? Loose diamonds may be the way to go. Gift her loose diamonds and then remind her to put them in the jewelry she’s held onto for years. Just remember – the diamonds should be certified. The creativity to create unique jewelry may be just the ticket!

Moms are special. Sometimes they forget. Make sure to give her something that makes a statement, says “I love you,” and says “thank you.” Remind her that she’s the best with a well chosen gift.