What To Do When She Doesn’t Love The Ring

Planning a proposal can be hectic and stressful. Between deciding on the right time and place to picking out the perfect ring, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Additionally, it can take months to get everything in line. Getting engaged means deciding on a lifelong commitment, including winning the favor of her friends and the blessing of her family. On top of everything, she’s got to love the ring! However, even with hours of planning and asking the opinion of everyone you trust, there’s a chance you messed up. She might still say “Yes!” to the idea, but if she hates the ring you must replace it immediately.

engagement ring
Not everyone gets the ring right the first time.

Learning Her Style So She’ll Love The Ring

Many people simply aren’t good at shopping, and that’s because they don’t know enough about style. Whether its being impatient and settling or feeling intimidated by the research, many first time diamond buyers make mistakes. However, the majority of wholesale diamond sellers provide great diamond education centers. These can help you be an informed shopper to get it right the second time. With these guides, you will have a better understanding of diamond pricing, ring metals, and much more. Plus, you can learn which type of metals and diamond shapes represent her style. This will make the second ring the one she’ll love forever.

Fixing It Together

When all else fails, the best option for replacing an engagement ring is to shop together. Since she’s already accepted the proposal, now is the time for her to love the ring she’ll have forever. Even if she would still prefer you to do the final shopping, one great way to learn her likes and dislikes is design your own engagement ring. She will be able to pick out the style, diamond shape, and much more. This will ensure she gets the ring of her dreams.

Finally, be sure to note the return policy of where you are shopping. This will ensure that you can exchange the ring just in case she doesn’t love the way it looks on her hand.


Understanding The Price Of Loose Diamonds

With online shopping’s overtaking of retail stores, more and more customers are doing all of their holiday shopping online. For many couples, that means jewelry. However, buying diamonds online takes a bit more knowledge that picking out a sweater. To help our customers better understand the price of loose diamonds, we’ve put together this guide ahead of the holiday season. Known as the Four C’s, we’ve outlined how cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are factors which determine the price of a diamond.

Cut Is King

When it comes to the price of loose diamonds, cut is the most important of the Four C’s. Cut, though, refers to the quality of a diamond’s cut and not to the diamond’s shape. Essentially, the higher the quality of the cut, the higher the price. This is because a diamond’s cut will determine the proportions of the diamond, and therefore diamond cut determines the amount of reflected light. This means better quality cuts will create more fire and brilliance. Rated from highest to lowest, diamond cuts range from fair to good to very good to excellent to Affinity.

diamond cut example
An example of a diamond’s proportions with the cut rated Very Good. Diamond cut has a high impact on the price of loose diamonds.

Color and Clarity

Clarity and color are closely related because both terms refer to a lack of elements that will reduce light refraction. The best diamonds, then, are referred to as “colorless” diamonds as they appear to be completely clear. Additionally, diamonds with “flawless” clarity will have no inclusions- marks inside the diamond- or blemishes which are surface marks. Diamond color ranks from K, representing diamonds which have a yellow or brownish hue, to near colorless diamonds in the J through G range then colorless diamonds in D, E, and F. Clarity tops out at flawless followed by internally flawless then VVSI down to the low end of Slightly Included 2.

Why Carat Weight Matters

Finally, carat weight is the diamond’s size. Carat, though, is probably the most commonly recognized element of the Four C’s. For example, many times entertainment media will refer to a star’s diamond by carat size. Although carat size is the least important factor of the Four C’s, it still has a major impact on the price of a diamond. While diamonds of the same carat size will range in price due to cut, color, and clarity, larger diamonds cost exponentially more. This is because larger diamonds are much more rare, and finding them with ideal qualities even more so.

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The Perfect Pair of Diamond Earrings For Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is hard work. From finding the right dress to getting the seating chart just right, there’s plenty of details that can be overlooked. However, one thing many brides focus on is wedding day jewelry. In addition to finding the perfect matching wedding band, most women want the right pair of earrings too. While earrings may seem like a small detail, the right pair can make a huge difference. Although picking the right pair of diamond earrings can seem impossible, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Consider these tips when selecting your diamond earrings, and you’ll find the perfect pair in no time!

Match Your Diamond Earrings To Your Diamond Ring

One of the best ways to pick the right pair of earrings is to match them to your ring. For example, if you have a halo setting, then pre set diamond halo earrings make perfect sense. Even if you have a custom designed engagement ring, matching styles is a great option. This simplifies your decisions, and it also allows your jewelry to appear as a set. Additionally, while the diamond earrings may be intended for your wedding day, they can still be worn for other occasions. When selecting diamond earrings, be sure to also match the diamond shape. If your ring is round, you’ll want round diamonds in your earrings whereas a princess cut ring should be paired with princess cut diamond earrings.

diamond earrings
These round diamond earrings would pair perfectly with a halo engagement setting.

Contrasting Metals?

One question many brides ask is whether or not to have contrasting metals. The truth is that the decision is up to you. While some engagement rings and wedding bands combine two different metals successfully, this should definitely be the limit. Also, consider what pieces of jewelry are made from which metals. If both your engagement ring and wedding ring are rose gold, then you should probably continue the theme with your diamond earrings. However, white gold earrings are extremely versatile and can be paired with almost anything. Therefore, if you like the look of white gold earrings with a yellow gold ring, then go for it!

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Why It Makes Sense To Buy A Matched Set

Many people struggle when choosing wedding rings. These days, there are more styles and non traditional alternatives than ever. However, many of these options are ultimately impractical and excessively expensive. Unless you’re happy with a rubber ring that symbolically represents your marriage, buying a real wedding band makes the most sense. Additionally, when choosing the right wedding ring for you, consider a matched set. For most women, a matched set makes the most sense as a wedding ring.

What Is A Matched Set?

Matched sets are a type of wedding ring that directly pairs with the engagement ring. A matching plain or diamond accented band is created in the same style as the diamond engagement ring, and many times these rings are tailored to the base of the engagement ring. Therefore, both rings fit flush together; sometimes the rings are soldered together. The main goal of soldering the rings together is to prevent wear and scratches. This is something that cannot be done by stacking a nontraditional ring with a classic solitaire engagement ring.

matched set
A matched set of 14k white gold rings

Picking The Right Matched Set For Your Ring

One misconception is that a matching ring limits the amount of options brides have. However, this is not the case as a matched set can include two custom rings. While you can shop for matched sets that include the perfect ring pairing, this is not the only way for your rings to match. If you already purchased an engagement ring from Adiamor, we can use your custom designed diamond ring and create a matching wedding band. We can do this because we create and manufacture our rings ourselves.

When shopping for the wedding bands, the best advice is not to overthink it. At first, it may seem like rubber or wooden alternatives offer something different. However, these rings will not last like precious metal wedding bands. Additionally, these rings may even damage the diamond engagement ring. A matched set is the perfect answer as it allows for the rings to be paired perfectly. Plus, you won’t have to worry about knocking any diamonds loose.

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How To Pick An Updated Solitaire Engagement Ring

The solitaire engagement ring is the most classic engagement setting. Typically, this ring is made out of yellow gold and features a round diamond. While this traditional engagement ring is still incredibly popular, many women wish to have something a little more unique. However, contemporary solitaire rings offer much more. From adding pave set diamonds to the band to changing the diamond shape or ring metal, today’s solitaire rings offer many more options. Check out a couple of ideas on updated solitaire engagement ring options!

The Rose Gold Solitaire

rose gold solitaireWhen it comes to ring trends, there is nothing more popular than rose gold engagement rings. This ring metal continues to rise in popularity year after year.  While many people pick rose gold for its romantic pink color, the rose gold ring also offers a simple twist on classic yellow gold. This allows women to have something both timeless and in style. Although rose gold is extremely popular, it does look different from the classic yellow gold ring. This makes rose gold settings the perfect choice for an updated solitaire engagement ring.

Unique Diamond Shapes

heart shaped diamond ringWhile swapping the ring metal is one of the quickest ways to to update a classic engagement setting, another option is to choose a different diamond shape. If you are looking for a subtle change from the round diamond, both oval diamonds and pear shaped diamonds offer similar looks. However, square and rectangular diamond shapes are growing in popularity, with the princess cut diamond being the second most popular option. If you are looking for something truly unique, the heart shaped diamond is unlike any other.

Add Sparkle and Style to the Band

updated solitaire engagement ringFinally, another great option for an updated solitaire engagement ring is to customize the band. Contemporary solitaires feature everything from pave set diamonds to split shank bands. By modifying the ring band, this gives the solitaire engagement ring new life. Plus, pave rings add a whole other level of fire and brilliance with the addition of more diamonds. Even the most classic yellow gold solitaire can be updated into a modern ring with pave set diamonds.

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Rising Engagement Trends: Dainty Engagement Rings

While engagement rings have an iconic history, their looks have changed many times over the years. In recent years, the traditional yellow gold solitaire has given way in popularity to other ring styles. From the rise of rose gold engagement rings to the split shank trend, engagement rings are constantly changing. In the past, the larger the diamond size meant the the more luxurious the ring. However, these days, engagement rings are more sophisticated and classier. One of the most recent rising trends are dainty engagement rings. These rings feature smaller bands that allow for a more feminine look. Additionally, dainty engagement rings make the center diamond appear even larger.

What Makes A Dainty Engagement Ring?

While there is no specific size that creates a dainty ring, generally speaking they feature thinner bands, often under 2mm. However, just because a ring may have a smaller band does not mean it will be uncomfortable. In fact, many dainty engagement rings feature comfort edge bands. This prevents the ring from creating sharp pressure points around the edges or to feel like its pinching the finger. Although dainty engagement rings have thinner bands, this does not mean the bands must be plain. Even with a thin band, it is possible to for a dainty ring to feature hand engraved details or pave set diamonds.

Dainty Diamond Engagement Ring Setting
This dainty diamond ring features pave set diamonds on a 1.7mm band with a 1 carat diamond center stone

A Dainty Ring’s Effect On The Center Diamond

In addition to the smaller rings making fingers appear more feminine, dainty rings are attractive for their effect on diamond size. Due to the smaller band width, these rings create an optical illusion of a larger diamond. While a dainty engagement ring may sound undersized, the result is quite different. With a dainty ring, a typical diamond feels nearly a quarter carat larger. This means a one carat diamond ring would look like it was closer to a 1.25 carat diamond. For this reason, many owners of dainty engagement rings find them to provide more value for the price.


How Big Of A Diamond Should My Engagement Ring Have?

While the cost of an engagement varies wildly, there are some ways to help understand price points. Although even  one carat diamonds can vary in price by as much as $12,000, the size of the diamond often has less to do with price than quality. Higher quality cut diamonds will typically demonstrate better quality in color and clarity.  However, most people best understand diamonds by their size, or carat weight. Typically, engagement rings fall into one of three carat weight classes: under one carat, one to two carats, and larger than two carats. Larger diamonds are more rare, and therefore deciding how big of a diamond to choose will raise the cost.

Diamonds Under One Carat

Diamonds under one carat are typically used either in budget friendly engagement rings or as accent diamonds. For example, a popular three stone diamond engagement setting is the R2237. This tapered baguette setting features two smaller diamonds channel set around the center stone. These two diamonds total 0.35 cttw which means how big of a diamond is selected for the center will make the side stones feel larger or smaller. A half carat diamond will give the appearance of three smaller, fiery stones. Half carat diamonds range in price from about $1,000 to as much as $3,000.

three stone engagement ring
This three stone engagement ring features smaller side stones which make the center stone appear larger

Diamonds Between One and Two Carats

The most common size of an engagement ring diamond is in the one to two carat range. When side stones are considered, the total carat weight of most diamond engagement rings is approximately two carats. When all of these factors are considered, the most common engagement rings average around $5,000 to $15,000. However, two carat diamonds are considerably more expensive than one carat diamonds, so deciding how big of a diamond to use as a center stone matters. Larger, high quality stones can cost as much as $25,000 on their own.

Diamonds Larger Than Two Carats

Finally, the most luxurious engagement rings are those which contain center diamonds larger than two carats. For the average American, these rings are out of budget. However, rings of this size are extremely common amongst celebrities and those with high end tastes. Diamonds larger than 2 carats typically start near $12,000 for just moderate quality. The most expensive diamonds that can be used for most engagement ring settings top out in the 5 carat range. These diamonds, with the highest quality in cut, color, and clarity cost nearly $150,000. This puts large diamond engagement rings for many, yet they are still desired by most.


What To Do If Your Engagement Ring Diamond Comes Loose

While engagement ring settings are designed specifically to hold center diamonds, there are many ways the diamond may become loose. If this happens, you must take action immediately to prevent losing the diamond. Engagement rings can be damaged in many ways. Even cleaning an engagement ring has the potential to loosen the diamond. To help customers prevent diamonds coming loose, we’ve compiled this guide to preventing loose diamonds as well as what to do if a diamond comes loose.

Preventing Loose Diamonds

Depending on your day to day lifestyle and your job, you may not even wear your engagement every day. For women who spend a lot of time relying on their hands for work, keeping the engagement ring in a safe place will help prevent damage to the ring itself. However, it is still necessary to regularly clean and care for your ring at home. When cleaning an engagement ring, be sure to use an actual jewelry cleaner to prevent unknown chemicals from causing damage. You can also make your own jewelry cleaner by mixing a lukewarm water with a mild dishwashing soap. Only use a soft brush, and be careful of the diamond’s setting. Additionally, you should have a jeweler professionally clean your ring every six to twelve months. While ultrasonic cleaning by a professional jeweler can loosen the diamond, a professional jeweler will tighten the diamond after each cleaning.

When The Diamond Comes Loose

If notice the center diamond on your engagement ring to be loose, the first thing you should do is take it off. Keep the ring in a safe spot, such as a jewelry box lined with a clean, soft cloth. Next, it is important to contact a professional jeweler who can tighten the prongs that hold the diamond in place. Different engagement rings will contain different settings, but usually these are four or six prongs. Typically, a jeweler will fix a loose diamond for little to no cost, and most jewelers include the service in the price of cleaning.

four prong ring
A classic pave engagement ring with a four prong setting. Keeping the prongs tightened will prevent the diamond from coming loose.


Overall, the most important steps are remove the ring, store it in a safe place, and take it to a jeweler. Wearing a ring after you notice that the center diamond comes loose could result in the loss of your diamond. Play it safe and have your diamond engagement ring looked at by a professional right away.