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Diamonds and Rose Gold: The Perfect Engagement Ring Pairing

by Chris W

Rose gold engagement rings have ancient roots, but today they are more popular than ever. In fact, many retailers report them as being one of their current best sellers. But what caused the rise of interest in rose gold rings? Although there could be many contributing factors ranging from the desire to choose something different to an interest in vintage style, one primary reason explains why rose gold engagement rings are so popular: they pair perfectly with diamonds. Rose gold rings provide an excellent compliment to the fire and brilliance of diamonds. For this reason, diamond and rose gold make the perfect engagement ring pairing.

Popular Rose Gold Engagement Ring Settings

While rose gold engagement rings are incredibly popular, certain rose gold ring settings are true stars. Due to the rose gold resurgence alongside art deco style, many people find their favorite rose gold rings feature vintage styling. Vintage style rose gold rings often include hand engraved details or filigree. These elements add unique looks to rose gold rings that make even new rings feel classic and timeless. Additionally, though, rose gold works equally well with solitaire settings for the same reason. On the other hand, rose gold rings can bring exceptional beauty to modern engagement rings as well. One particularly popular choice for rose gold engagement settings is pave set engagement rings. This is due to the white sparkle of diamonds being amplified by the complimenting rose gold metal band.

pave rose gold ring

This pave set rose gold engagement ring combines vintage style with modern flair.

The Best Diamond Shapes for Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Choosing a rose gold setting is only half the battle, though. The next step in creating the perfect rose gold engagement ring is to decide on the best diamond shape. Since ros

e gold pairs so well with loose diamonds, almost any diamond shape will look great with rose gold. The choice here is really about matching the style to the person. Classic solitaire engagement rings obviously look gorgeous with brilliant cut round diamonds, but square shapes like princess cut diamonds work just as well. For vintage style rose gold rings, consider older cut style such as the Asscher cut or cushion cut diamonds. These diamond shapes will amplify the vintage appeal.

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