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What To Do If Your Engagement Ring Diamond Comes Loose

While engagement ring settings are designed specifically to hold center diamonds, there are many ways the diamond may become loose. If this happens, you must take action immediately to prevent losing the diamond. Engagement rings can be damaged in many ways. Even cleaning an engagement ring has the potential to loosen the diamond. To help customers prevent diamonds coming loose, we’ve compiled this guide to preventing loose diamonds as well as what to do if a diamond comes loose.

Preventing Loose Diamonds

Depending on your day to day lifestyle and your job, you may not even wear your engagement every day. For women who spend a lot of time relying on their hands for work, keeping the engagement ring in a safe place will help prevent damage to the ring itself. However, it is still necessary to regularly clean and care for your ring at home. When cleaning an engagement ring, be sure to use an actual jewelry cleaner to prevent unknown chemicals from causing damage. You can also make your own jewelry cleaner by mixing a lukewarm water with a mild dishwashing soap. Only use a soft brush, and be careful of the diamond’s setting. Additionally, you should have a jeweler professionally clean your ring every six to twelve months. While ultrasonic cleaning by a professional jeweler can loosen the diamond, a professional jeweler will tighten the diamond after each cleaning.

When The Diamond Comes Loose

If notice the center diamond on your engagement ring to be loose, the first thing you should do is take it off. Keep the ring in a safe spot, such as a jewelry box lined with a clean, soft cloth. Next, it is important to contact a professional jeweler who can tighten the prongs that hold the diamond in place. Different engagement rings will contain different settings, but usually these are four or six prongs. Typically, a jeweler will fix a loose diamond for little to no cost, and most jewelers include the service in the price of cleaning.

four prong ring
A classic pave engagement ring with a four prong setting. Keeping the prongs tightened will prevent the diamond from coming loose.


Overall, the most important steps are remove the ring, store it in a safe place, and take it to a jeweler. Wearing a ring after you notice that the center diamond comes loose could result in the loss of your diamond. Play it safe and have your diamond engagement ring looked at by a professional right away.

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Why You Should Start Saving For An Engagement Ring Now

If the idea of proposing has crossed your mind, you should start saving for an engagement ring now. Although the price of an engagement ring varies widely, the most important things to do are budget and research. While learning about the 4’s will help you understand your budget, you’ll still need to come up with the money. Since an engagement ring is meant to be a once in a lifetime purchase, you have to get it right the first time. Be certain you can afford the ring she deserves by starting to save now.

The Average Cost of an Engagement Ring

Although we’ve covered the “three months salary myth” before, it’s worth revisiting. When trying to decide how much to spend on an engagement ring, there is no fixed price. However, there are some general ideas that can help you understand what your budget needs to be. First, consider the size and quality of the diamond you wish to purchase. The typical size of an engagement ring is approximately 1 carat. While the average cost of a 1 carat diamond ring varies from $1100 to upwards of $5000, be prepared to spend towards the top end. Diamonds that have a better quality cut will produce higher amounts of fire and brilliance. When saving for an engagement ring, plan on buying a diamond that truly sparkles to avoid any buyer’s regret.

one carat diamond
This one carat princess cut diamond is valued nearly $4,000

Save Now To Avoid Regrets Later

One mistake many men make is buying an engagement ring with a diamond they intend to upgrade later. While it is nice to know this is possible, this is not what should set your budget. There is a good chance you will be disappointed in the size of a smaller diamond. So, the best plan of action is to not buy a half carat diamond when you really want a one carat. By starting to save now, even if you haven’t started shopping, you’ll give yourself a larger budget. In the end, you should only purchase a ring that you can truly afford. But, with a good budgeting plan and a carefully thought out proposal, you can create the custom engagement ring of her dreams at a price you can handle.

After you set some money aside in your savings, start your diamond education today from Adiamor!

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How To Tell Your Mom You’re Getting Married

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things possible. The feeling of joy is matched only with the overwhelming feeling of love. However, not everyone takes engagement news the same way. With so many children moving away from home and starting their adult lives elsewhere, there’s a good chance your mom hasn’t spent a ton of quality time with your future husband. Plus, some parents find it hard to let their children go. Therefore, telling mom you’re getting married can be hard. It can be doubly so if your fiancee didn’t ask permission from your family ahead of time. In order to have the conversation go as smoothly as possible, make sure you and your fiancee are prepared.

How To Tell Mom You’re Getting Married

In most cases, parents are thrilled to hear that their children have found love. However, sharing the news that you’ve just received the engagement ring of your dreams can be difficult. Many parents are very protective of their children, and they will want to speak at length to your future husband. When telling your parents you are getting married, be sure to temper their desire to grill your fiancee. Focus on how happy you are, how beautiful the diamond ring is, and your plans for the future. One thing can really keep the peace is having a date selected. This shows your family that you’re serious about your marriage and future together.

getting married
Getting married is exciting news to share with your family.

The best way to tell your parents is in person. However, this is not always practical. In the days before social media, the news of your engagement could last until a trip home was planned. Now, though, engagement news spreads quickly, and in many cases a phone will have to suffice. If possible, video chat is a better way to tell your parents you’re getting married. They’ll be able to see your excitement, you’ll be able to present a unified front, and you’ll be able to show of the diamond engagement ring.

Things To Avoid

In the rare instance that your parents might be overly worried or potentially upset, warn your fiancee ahead of time. They will need to be prepared to answer tough questions, especially if you haven’t had the chance to spend lots of time together. Be sure to keep the conversation positive, and boost the confidence of your partner as needed. If you know the conversation could quickly turn sour, try and keep it short as possible. Finally, be sure to let your mother know you’re a grown woman, and you’ve made the best decision in your life saying yes.

If you find that your mother is still worried about your engagement news, perhaps it’s time to visit and show her the engagement ring in person!

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How To Plan The Perfect Labor Day Proposal

For many, Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer. However, because it is a three day weekend for most people, it is a popular time to get engaged during a romantic getaway. If you are planning to propose this Labor Day weekend, keep these helpful tips in mind!

Don’t Wait Too Long

While you may be planning a Labor Day proposal, that doesn’t mean you have to wait until Labor Day to propose. Depending on the travel arrangements for your weekend, you probably want to ask her either Friday night or Saturday. If you’re arriving at a hotel or campsite late Friday night, then find the right moment to present her with a custom designed engagement ring on Saturday.  Waiting to ask once you have already decided to pop the question just provides more chances for something to go wrong. By asking earlier in the weekend, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the romantic getaway.

Plan For A Quiet Moment

One of the most important things to do when planning a proposal is to pick a quiet moment for popping the question. Be sure to plan a romantic weekend getaway that provides these perfect opportunities. Whether its standing on the hotel balcony, a quiet walk through a vineyard, or sitting by a campfire, there are plenty of great times to ask for her hand in marriage. One of the things to consider is whether or not you want to propose indoors or outside. This will help you plan ahead for weather, as well as come up with a second option in case the moment isn’t right.

labor day proposal
Labor Day weekend offers the perfect chance for a proposal during a romantic getaway

Be Sure To Pack The Ring!

It may seem like the most basic of advice, but be sure to bring the engagement ring with you on your vacation. Since the proposal will be a surprise, forgetting the ring is possible. Pack the ring in a safe spot that is also hidden. A good place to store the ring box before asking is with your accessories, such as your watch. This will prevent her from stumbling across the ring while searching for some toothpaste or an oversized T shirt to sleep in.

For more planning help, check out the proposal tips from Adiamor’s education center!

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What Is The Best Day To Propose?

Any relationship with a future deserves an engagement ring. However, the act of proposing requires a little bit more than knowing you’ve found the one. Whether you plan on doing something crazy like proposing while skydiving or something more classic like a candle lit dinner, the proposal itself takes a lot of planning. In addition to popping the question at the right time in the right place, the engagement ring itself requires plenty of thought. It can be nerve wracking to learn about diamonds, budget for the cost an engagement ring, and finally to pick the perfect ring for her. But that is truly only have the battle. You still need to ask her parents for permission (or not) and determine the best day to propose. If all of this has your head spinning, relax. If she’s the one, then figuring out when to actually propose will be a breeze.

The Best Day To Propose

Ask any couple about their engagement story, and you’re likely to hear a wildly different take on the proposal. Many brides will claim they knew something was up early in the day. Whether it was the special dinner reservations, the awkwardly timed vacation, or the simple fact of him getting a haircut, future husbands often tip their hand. However, just as many brides to be are completely shocked by the proposal. The truth is, the best day to propose may not always be the day you planned. It is quite possible to plan a trip to the beach only for it to storm all weekend. It is also possible to pick the one night restaurant service is miserable or to get a parking ticket. In these cases, take it as a sign from the universe to wait a little bit longer.

best day to propose
If he’s acting weird and dressed nicer than normal, he might be trying to propose!


When it comes to getting engaged, the best proposals happen when a couple is truly in love. If this is the case, then the ring will be perfect, he’ll overcome any possible butterflies, and she’ll be able to overlook the fact he’s got a couple dozen roses “hidden” in the trunk. If you plan on getting engaged soon, trust your heart, and be sure not to stick the ring inside her dessert!


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Should I Engagement Ring Shop With Her or Surprise Her?

An engagement ring is intended to be a once in a lifetime purchase. Because of this, the pressure to find the perfect ring can be extremely difficult. Traditionally, an engagement ring is a proposal gift, and the proposal is usually a surprise. However, plenty of women claim to have seen the proposal coming, or they were tipped off by a friend. Additionally, since many brides to be have a particular ring style in mind, they may drop hints. Some future wives even engagement ring shop with their partner; this allows them to get the exact ring they want. If you are currently shopping for a diamond ring, should you engagement ring shop with her or surprise her? There are good reasons for each.

Reasons To Engagement Ring Shop With Her

The primary reason to engagement ring shop with her is she will get the exact ring she wants. Additionally, this may help make wedding planning easier because she may have her eye on a matching wedding ring as well. While some people may say shopping together ruins the surprise, that doesn’t have to be true. In nearly every proposal, the woman is expecting the relationship to result in marriage. Even if she knows what the ring looks like, even if she designed her own engagement ring, the proposal itself would still be a surprise. Plus, if she’s picking out her own ring, you definitely don’t have to worry whether or not she’ll say “Yes!”

engagement ring shop
There’s no feeling like a surprise proposal

Reason To Surprise Her

On the other hand, surprising her has some distinct advantages. Picking out the perfect ring will show her just how well you know and understand her. The mission will be to get some helpful advice from the right people. If you pay close attention to her sense of style, it will help you decide on the right ring for her. Additionally, it can be helpful if you ask one of her close friends you can trust for some pointers. This works best if you have a couple different rings in mind. Additionally, if you ask her parents for permission to get engaged, her mother may have some helpful advice on ring shopping. Even if she is not directly involved with shopping for the engagement ring, you can still find out her likes and dislikes. Knowing her preferences and finding the perfect diamond ring to match her personality will lead to a magical surprise proposal.

If you are planning to propose, start your engagement ring shopping at Adiamor!

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How Much Does An Engagement Ring Cost?

When planning a proposal, the cost of an engagement ring is a focal point. While plenty of myths exist about an engagement ring costing two or three months salary, these are simply guidelines. Although we’ve previously covered topics such as how to budget for an engagement ring and 10 things to know when shopping for a ring, cost deserves some special attention. What, exactly, does an engagement ring cost? The answer, as with most things, is a little more complex than “X amount of dollars.”

The Diamond

If you’ve ever thought about an engagement ring before, you’ve thought about the diamond. In fact, the solitaire engagement ring is perhaps the most iconic of all engagement rings. The single diamond atop a gold ring is so well known that it even exists as an everyday emoji. However, the diamond is mostly known only for carat weight. While the number of carats is great for pop culture and celebrity gossip, diamond cut actually has the greatest effect on diamond quality. When it comes to engagement ring cost, the ring’s center diamond will be the most expensive element. One carat diamonds can range from $5,000 to $15,000, and as a one carat diamond is the most popular choice, a typical engagement ring’s cost will begin in that range.

engagement ring cost
The diamond, the band, and the metal all affect engagement ring cost

The Band

While the solitaire band may be the most traditional, it certainly is not the only engagement ring setting available. These days, ring styles range widely from vintage engagement rings with simple accents to modern pave settings, and prices do as well. When considering how much it affects engagement ring cost, consider the complexity of the band. If a particular ring incorporates more diamonds, such as pave rings or three stone rings, it will be more expensive than a simple and dainty 2mm gold band. Again prices range widely between $200 and over $7,000 depending on the style, additional diamonds or gemstones, and ring metal.

The Metal

Finally, the type of metal an engagement ring will affect engagement ring cost. Quite simply, 14k gold is less pure than 18k gold, and therefore an 18k rose gold engagement ring will cost more than its 14k equivalent. Additionally, because platinum is the most rare previous metal on the planet, platinum engagement rings will typically be more expensive than gold. However, it is possible an extravagant 18k rose gold halo ring could be more expensive than a simple 14k white gold engagement ring. Overall, though, the metal will probably have the least amount of effect on engagement ring cost. 14k gold rings start around $200 while their platinum counterparts are closer to $550. 18k gold engagement rings tend to fall in between, closer to the 14k side of things.

The Total Cost of A 1 Carat Engagement Ring

A one carat engagement ring, will cost somewhere in the range between $5,400 and upwards of $25,000. However, that $25,000 one carat ring would require a flawless diamond and an opulent platinum engagement band filled with additional diamonds. When considering how to pay for a one carat engagement ring, start with budgeting at least $5,400. From there, consider the sense of style and personality of your bride to be. This will help you find the right engagement ring to fit your relationship and fit into your budget.

And if you can’t find something perfect, you can always consider designing her an engagement ring that will match her uniqueness.

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What If My Engagement Ring Is Stolen?

When most people buy an engagement ring, they expect it to be a once in a lifetime purchase. Unfortunately, there are a number of scenarios where an engagement ring would need to be replaced. In the past, we’ve covered what to do if your engagement ring is lost as well as tips on how to travel with an engagement ring to prevent loss. In the event that an engagement ring is stolen, though, there are different steps to take. Hopefully, you already had your engagement ring insured. This would also mean your diamond ring was already appraised.

The Importance of Ring Insurance

Engagement ring insurance is extremely affordable. Typically, an engagement ring can be added to a homeowner’s policy or even rental insurance for just a couple bucks a month. However, it is very important that the ring itself is insured as many general homeowner’s policies do not provide the same coverage. In order for your ring to be insured, it will need to be appraised to determine the retail replacement value. This will determine how much the insurance company will pay to replacement your ring.  If you do not have ring insurance, you definitely should get it right away. If your engagement ring is stolen and not covered under your current insurance policy, your only hope is recovering the ring.

Call The Police If Your Engagement Ring Is Stolen

If your engagement ring is stolen, the first phone call should be to the police. By filing a police report, there is a very slim chance you will be able to recover your diamond ring from a pawn shop or other second hand retailer. Diamonds are all unique, and their individual internal characteristics can be used for identification. If you had your engagement ring appraised, you more than likely have a diamond certificate for your ring. These certifications essentially provide a list of the diamond’s inclusions and can help the police recover your ring.

In most cases when an engagement ring is stolen, it can be very hard to recover. However, with a bit of luck, the police can identify a stolen ring. If you recently purchased an engagement ring, the best advice is to acquire ring insurance right away. This will ensure you have the proper coverage, appraisal, and certification needed to potentially recover your ring.

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Important Questions For Buying Engagement Rings Online

Online shopping is surpassing brick and mortar retail stores in surprising ways. While most people can attest to ordering household items and clothing online, many people still prefer to shop for big ticket items in person. However, in recent years, more and more companies are offering big incentives to buy online. With fast and free shipping, easy return policies, and lower prices, online shopping is simply more convenient. This includes shopping for engagement rings. When buying engagement rings online, you have to know what you’re after. If you plan to buy an engagement ring from the internet, consider these helpful tips before placing your order.

Buy From A Reputable Jeweler

One of the biggest mistakes online shoppers make is choosing bottom line price over a quality store. In the effort to save money, many people will sacrifice customer service and quality. When buying engagement rings online, this should never be the case. While you still want a good deal, be careful from where you buy. The easiest thing to ask yourself is whether the online store is a jeweler or simply a retailer for all items. When shopping for engagement rings, you want to purchase from a real jeweler. Quality jewelers will ensure your diamonds are authentic, conflict-free, and will include diamond certification. They should also be able to answer your questions about ring metals and the four c’s. If you are ever in doubt, simply check out the reviews.

Diamond Price Matching

When buying engagement rings online, you must still be sure you’re getting a fair deal. Premier online jewelers will offer to price match diamonds. Because the diamond is often the most expensive element of an engagement ring, diamond price matching matters. If one diamond seller is unable to match a verifiable price from a competitor, then they are marking up the diamond too much. Only the best online diamond stores offer price matching, so consider this when shopping for engagement rings online.

diamond price match
Make sure you get the best deal and ask about diamond price matching for the center stone

Know The Return Policy

The worst thing that could happen when buying engagement rings online is to wind up with a ring you dislike. As your shopping, be sure to check out the return policy. If a store offers full refunds 30 days after the purchase date, feel confident to purchase your diamond ring online. This will allow you to make sure you love the ring and also to make sure the ring fits well. Cheap jewelry comes at heavy price, which means discount stores generally do not accept returns.

If you’ve found a reputable online jeweler willing to price match the diamond while offering a 30-day refund policy, you should be confident in your engagement ring purchase.

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Proposal Ideas for the 4th of July

While most Americans recognize the 4th of July as Independence Day, it is actually a great time to get engaged. Between family BBQs and fireworks, there’s a good chance you and your future bride will be surrounded by people you love. Additionally, the fireworks offer a perfect opportunity because your night will literally end with a celebratory bang. If you are planning to propose tomorrow, take a couple of these ideas into consideration.

Before You Leave The House

Independence Day is usually a day long celebration. One of the best times to present her with an engagement ring is before you even leave the house. This gives you the chance to have a romantic moment alone. After she gets ready– make sure she’s finished her hair and make up– drop to one knee and ask her for her hand in marriage. Proposing before you leave the house means their will be plenty to celebrate at the party. Plus, this will give her a chance to show off her ring in the daylight to all of party guests.

During The BBQ

If your beloved loves to be the center of attention, then proposing during the BBQ is another option. There are two approaches to this: quietly or in front of everyone. If you intend to propose to her alone, though, your best bet would be to do it before leaving the house. When you decide to ask her to marry you in front of a bunch of people, make sure you keep eye contact with her and make sure she’s the focus. A great way to do this is by proposing a toast, and then asking for her hand in marriage. If you can pull this off, you’ll be the life of the party for the rest of the day. Plus, since its the 4th of July, you’ll never forget the day you got engaged!

4th of July
The 4th of July is a great time to get engaged

Just Watch The Fireworks

One last option is proposing during the fireworks. This can be extremely romantic, especially if the two of you have a spot to yourselves. However, a key part of proposing is making sure she’s the center of attention.  Plus, since you are presenting her with a diamond engagement ring, you want to make sure she’s able to see it sparkle! If you plan on proposing during the fireworks, just be certain you have some space. You want the proposal to be a romantic moment she remembers forever, so plan your proposal accordingly!