The Best Engagement Rings of 2017: Part 3

With the end of the year quickly approaching, we’re finishing up our best engagement rings of 2017 countdown. Today, we take a look at the top 3 most popular engagement rings from Adiamor this year. As a reminder, these rings were picked by our Facebook followers. Click here to see the earlier parts of our end of the year countdown: Part 1, Part 2.

Best Engagement Rings of 2017 #3

halo engagement ring

Rounding out the top three best engagement rings of 2017 is the French cut halo engagement ring for a rectangle diamond. This elegant setting features approximately 0.35cttw along with a stunning 2.5 carat radiant cut diamond center stone. It’s no surprise to see this gorgeous ring at the top of our year end favorites! View more of R2964 here: https://goo.gl/2Vn20d

Best Engagement Rings of 2017 #2

rose gold engagement ring

Rose gold engagement rings are routinely one of our best sellers. Accordingly, its no shocker to see this beautiful ring at #2! The Adiamor hand engraved pave halo engagement ring contains 38 brilliant cut round diamonds totaling 0.56cttw. Shown in rose gold with a 1 carat cushion cut  diamond enter stone and a beautiful engraved detail that runs along the side profile of the halo ring. View R2839 here: https://goo.gl/DpMQ58

Our #1 Best Engagement Ring of 2017

best engagement rings solitaire

We’re finally here at the top of the list! Our most popular ring of 2017 is the Adiamor tapered solitaire diamond ring! This setting offers an antique flare with a detailed hand engraved design. This versatile setting is shown in 14k white gold with a 1 carat princess cut diamond center stone. View R2956 here: https://goo.gl/ZTY7P9

At Adiamor, we love creating custom designed engagement rings for our customers. We know that buying an engagement ring is a once in a lifetime event, and we’re truly blessed to be a part of so many new families each and every year. We hope you’ve enjoyed following along with our best of 2017 countdown, and we look forward to another year of designing unique engagement rings in 2018! Happy holidays!



5 Popular Rose Gold Engagement Rings under $1000

For the past couple of years, rose gold rings have been the hottest thing about proposing. If you’re looking for the right ring to propose with this summer, check out these five popular rose gold engagement rings available from Adiamor! Each of these styles is also a great value as all are priced under $1000 for the ring. Simply add a diamond for the ultimate unique engagement ring.

Custom Fit Platinum Basket Solitaire


solitaire rose gold engagement ring
A classic solitaire rose gold engagement ring


This popular rose gold engagement ring is a  modern take on a classic solitaire. Featuring the center diamond, this elegant setting surrounds it with a basket of platinum prongs. Vintage inspired, each ring is custom made to fit the measurements of the diamond you select.

Plain Band Princess Halo Engagement Setting

halo rose gold ring
A rose gold engagement ring featuring a halo setting

Looking for a ring with a bit more going on than the classic solitaire? Check out this simple yet stunning halo engagement setting. Featuring a simple, high polished, 1.7mm solid band, this ring pairs perfectly with diamond eternity bands for a gorgeous balance of shimmer and shine.

Vintage Leaf Diamond Engagement Setting

vintage rose gold engagement ring
A vintage rose gold engagement ring with diamond accents

For ladies that prefer the vintage look, the vintage leaf diamond setting is the way to go. This inspired design includes 0.25 cttw round brilliant diamonds as accents. However, you can mix and match your center diamond for an even more unique look. When it comes to popular rose gold engagement rings, it’s hard to be the vintage style of this setting!

Classic Pave Engagement Setting

pave rose gold engagement ring
A rose gold engagement ring featuring a pave setting

If the vintage look isn’t your lady’s preferred style, then the pave rose gold setting may be the right ring to set her heart aflutter. This diamond pave engagement ring is set with 16 round brilliant cut diamonds totaling 0.25 carats. This classic pave ring is every bit as beautiful in person, too!

Split Shank Setting For Emerald Cut Diamond

rose gold split shank engagement ring
The split shank engagement ring looks great in rose gold

Finally, the split shank setting offers something a little different. Designed for rectangular diamonds, this is one of the most popular rose gold engagement rings available for under $1000. Split shank rings are a hot trend, but with the rose gold color, they are sure to stay in style for years to come.

While these are 5 of the most popular rose gold engagement rings, they certainly aren’t the only options. Start designing your own rose gold ring today!


How To Pair Your Rose Gold Engagement Ring

While rose gold continues to be the preferred colorway for everything from smartphones to shoes, it can still be a difficult color to match in fine jewelry. While 18k rose gold rings contain the same amount of gold as 18k white gold rings, they are much harder to pair with other jewelry. One of the reasons for this is that rose gold is created by alloying pure gold with other metals, namely copper. Copper itself is a precious soft metal, but color consistency can be tough. If you are looking for a way to pair your rose gold engagement ring with other jewelry choices, keep reading the Adiamor blog to learn your options.

pave rose gold engagement ring
A rose gold engagement ring featuring a classic pave setting

Matching Your Ring’s Rose Gold

Rose gold looks fantastic, especially on diamond engagement rings, because its hue compliments skin tones so well. However, not all rose gold is exactly the same. In addition to the amount of gold– 14k or 18k— the other metals used in the alloy affect the final color. While one jewelry retailer may use only copper, others may incorporate other popular metals like nickel and palladium. Therefore, when attempting to directly match the color of your ring, one of the best solutions is to purchase from the same jeweler. This means you will be able to perfectly pair your rose gold engagement ring with a matching rose gold bracelet or pendant necklace.

Pair The Diamonds

Another option for matching up your jewelry is to pair the diamond shapes instead of the settings. If you received the halo solitaire rose gold ring of your dreams, then consider adding a pair of diamond earrings with a halo setting. This gives you more freedom in shopping for jewelry as you can use the diamonds as your theme. Additionally, this allows the engagement ring to stand apart in your jewelry collection. Even though you wear the engagement ring every day, it allows the rose gold ring to feel more luxurious than the diamond earrings.

Don’t Go Overboard With Rose Gold

Perfectly matching every element of your outfit is important if you’re a celebrity hitting the red carpet for a major premiere. However, in day to day life, it can be overwhelming and even gaudy to match your earrings, necklace, and engagement ring alongside your rose gold iPhone and Gucci watch. As Coco Channel famously said, you’re probably better off looking in the mirror and taking something off. If you feel like you are wearing too much of a good thing, consider putting something back in the jewelry box.

Figuring out what jewelry works with your ring is always a struggle, but rose gold presents different challenges. In the end, it all comes down to your personal style and aesthetic. If you prefer a matching look, then go for it! If you prefer to pair your rose gold engagement ring with similar diamonds, then shine on. And if you have tips for pairing jewelry, let us know in the comments!


How Is Rose Gold Made?

Rose gold originally gained popularity in the United States and around the world during the Art Deco period of the 1920’s, but since then it has remerged as one of the most popular engagement ring metals on the market. While the resurgence of love of the Jazz Age has dwindled, vintage inspiration continues to dominate the design world. From musical festival fashion to television, the boutique chic look has evolved. However, rose gold engagement rings are still a favorite choice for everyone from celebrities to millennial couples. While this gold has timeless elegance which keeps it looking great year after year, many people are unaware of how rose gold gets its beautiful color.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring
A vintage-inspired Rose Gold Engagement Ring

How Is Rose Gold Made?

Gold itself is a very soft metal, and therefore pure gold is rarely used in the creation of jewelry. However, in addition to its value, gold is sought after for creating jewelry because it will never rust or tarnish. Therefore, 24k pure gold is often alloyed with other metals for strength. There is a large number of metals that can be combined with gold for the purposes of making it stronger, including palladium, nickel, and copper. Each of these metals will make the gold more durable and resistant to scratching. However, alloying gold with another metal can change more the strength; it can also change the color. Alloying nickel with pure gold, for example, will create white gold. On the other hand, rose gold is made by mixing 24k gold with copper.

Is Rose Gold Still Valuable?

Although rose gold has a pinkish hue that produces its desirable, vintage look, many people are curious as to whether their rose gold engagement ring is as valuable as their traditional gold counterparts. The short answer is yes because a 18k gold ring will have the same amount of pure gold as a 18k rose gold ring. Both rings use approximately 75% of pure gold with a combination alloys to give the jewelry more strength. This means rose gold contains around 25% copper, although sometimes silver is also used to produce specific tones of rose.

Other Types of Rose Gold

At Adiamor, we carry both 14k and 18k rose gold metals for producing custom engagement rings and diamond jewelry, but these are not the only types of rose gold being made around the world. For example, the highest grade of rose gold, which is also known as crown gold, is 22 karat. A variation known as red gold is often found in jewelry throughout the Middle East. Red gold contains higher percentages of copper and less silver, so the color is less pink.

If you are searching for the perfect engagement ring, Adiamor carries styles that can any budget or look. Start designing your own custom rose gold ring today.


What Are The Best Rose Gold Engagement Ring Settings?

If you are shopping for an engagement ring, you may have been asked “what type of metal do you prefer the ring to be made out of?”  Rose gold is becoming more popular with its beautiful pink color.  It is composed of both gold and copper, and it is the high percentage of copper that produces the warm and rich rose metal color.  Since copper alloys were most common in the 19th century, most antique jewelry is rose gold.  It has become even more sought after in recent years with a look that is both modern and vintage.  The rosy warm color is a romantic look and pairs beautifully with diamonds; it is also suitable for all skin tones due to its soft appearance.

Adiamor R2998 paired with R2987
Adiamor R2972 paired with R2982








1. French Cut Basket

One style that is very popular is the French cut basket setting. It looks great in rose gold and with an oval cut center diamond.  Both Blake Lively and Julianne Hough have oval cut diamond center stones set in a rose gold setting.  Our Adiamor R2981 is an elegant choice in rose gold. It showcases the oval center diamond and has a dainty band at 1.5mm wide with diamonds that extend half way down the band.  The basket is adorned with French cut diamonds. You are also able to customize this ring by adding diamonds to the prongs for added brilliance!

French Cut Basket and Oval Diamond
Close up of Blake Lively’s Ring

2. French Cut Cushion Halo

Another engagement ring setting that looks great in rose gold is the French cut cushion halo with a round center diamond.  Evan Peters proposed to Emma Roberts with a round cut diamond center stone set in a rose gold cushion shape halo.  Our Adiamor version, R2940 features brilliant cut round diamonds that total approximately 0.35 carat total weight on the setting.  This cushion halo setting can accommodate both a cushion cut center stone as well as a round cut.  Shown with a round cut center stone, it has the best of both worlds: the brilliance of a round diamond and the soft edges of the cushion shape halo.  Alternative center stone shapes can also be found in our Adiamor French Cut Halo Collection.
French Cut Cushion Halo

3. The Dainty Solitaire

The Dainty Solitaire setting with a round cut center diamond is simple and refined, while at the same time modern and stylish in rose gold.  Lauren Conrad made this style popular.  Here she pairs her engagement ring with a French cut diamond wedding band.  Our Adiamor version, R3046 is 1.7mm wide and can be set with any shape or size center stone of your choice.  The simplicity of this ring is timeless and will never go out of style, while the rose gold metal is a soft and romantic touch.  If you want a style that will make your center stone stand out, then this is the ring for you!

Dainty Solitaire and Round Diamond

4. Custom 3 Row Micro Pave Basket

Oval cut diamonds look great when set in a rose gold custom 3-row micro pave basket engagement ring setting.  Whitney Port’s engagement ring from Tim Rosenman is both classic and modern at the same time.  This fashionista is all about standing out and being unique, which is exactly what her rose gold oval cut engagement ring says.  Our Adiamor version, R3077 is absolute perfection!  This ring has 3 rows of micro pave diamonds for the maximum amount of brilliance!  This ring with an oval cut center diamond is stunning, but can be made for any diamond shape that you select.

3 Row Micro Pave and Oval Diamond

5. Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement

A bezel set solitaire setting with an Asscher cut center diamond looks beautiful in rose gold.  When Adam Brody proposed to Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester, he did it with this Art Deco inspired bezel set solitaire in rose gold with an Asscher cut center diamond.  Our bezel set solitaire version R3055 is sophisticated and modern.  The band is 1.7mm wide and can be polished to a sand, matte, hammered, or high polish finish.  This has a true vintage feel that will never go out of style!

Bezel Set Solitaire and Asscher Diamond

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