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Are Rose Gold Rings Durable? Pros and Cons of Rose Gold Rings

by Ansley
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Over the years, rose gold rings have been growing in popularity. From its cozy flair to its timeless shimmer, there’s something about rose gold jewelry that you just can’t beat. However, just as with any ring type, there are bound to be a few pros and cons that you’ll definitely want to know ahead of time. So in this piece, we’ve broken down all the little things you need to about rose gold rings. From the cost to its durability, let’s see if rose gold is truly the gold-to-be for your soon-to-be.

What is rose gold?

To start, rose gold is one of the most unique gold variations on the market. With a warm summer hue, rose gold is known to be the strongest variation of gold in the jewelry industry. This is because this gold style isn’t made entirely from pure gold; it’s actually mixed with copper, which is what is used to create the reddish tint of the ring itself. The most common mixture for the majority of rose gold pieces is usually around 75% gold and 25% copper, which is what makes 18k rose gold.

Pros & Cons of Rose Gold Rings

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Now that we’ve gone over a little of what rose gold is and how it gets its color, we wanted to share a few of the biggest pros and cons. While there isn’t much of a downside for rose gold rings, there is definitely some things to keep in mind before you buy. Here’s our list of things to remember.


1. It’s more durable than yellow or white gold

To start, the biggest pro of rose gold rings is that they are much more durable than other gold styles. Yellow gold is known to be incredibly soft, while white gold is only slightly stronger than that. Rose gold, however, is believed to be one of the strongest of all the gold variations. This is thanks to the addition of copper in its mixture, which makes it a naturally heavier and tougher material. To put some perspective on this, other gold styles would require plating in order to equal the durability of how rose gold is naturally. This is something to keep in mind when shopping as softer golds have a higher chance of being bent out of shape, while rose gold does not. Rose gold also does not tarnish easily and is suitable for everyday wear.

2. It’s versatile

Next, rose gold rings suit all shapes and styles. Rose gold engagement rings look fantastic with every shape center diamond. They also compliment every style engagement ring. From solitaire engagement ring settings, to three stone, and pave you can be sure that any style setting you choose will be stunning in rose gold. You can also check out our personal selection of 18K rose gold rings here on adiamor.com.

3. It compliments all skin tones

And lastly, rose gold is also perfect for all skin tones. From the very lightest to the very darkest, its warm vibrancy seems to glow stunningly on every woman’s hand. Not to mention, at certain jewelers, you can even customize the amount of copper tint in the ring to match your partner’s skin tone perfectly, which makes this ring truly one of a kind.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a special ring for him, there are also some very striking men’s rose gold wedding bands on the market as well. You can check out our men’s rose gold collection here for a few ideas.


3 row rose gold oval

1. Rose gold is not hypoallergenic

Now, the only real con of rose gold engagement rings is that they are not hypoallergenic. What that means is that people who are allergic to copper could have a serious reaction upon wearing a rose gold ring. Therefore, if your partner has an allergy to this, this is definitely not the gold for you. Otherwise, if there is no allergy, you really have nothing to worry about for rose gold rings.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, if you ask us, rose gold engagement rings are one of the best rings to bestow upon the hand of your beloved. With little to no faults, now more than ever, their antique and timeless appearance is are making a comeback in our modern world, and people love it. So whether you choose to get your partner a beautiful rose gold ring or something else entirely, hopefully, this article has given you some insight into the beauty that rests just beyond its reddish glow. Still researching? Learn more about rose gold engagement rings.

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