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Elevate Your Style: The Wide Band Trend

by Faith Austin

Are you torn between the allure of a wide band engagement ring and the comfort of a thinner band? Fear not, for the solution lies in the art of stacking. Discover the perfect balance of style and comfort by incorporating a thin band engagement ring and mastering the art of stacking wedding bands with ease.

Comfort Meets Style:

Thin band engagement rings offer a level of comfort that is unparalleled. With a sleek and slender band ranging from 1.5 to 2mm in width, these rings effortlessly blend into your everyday life. Whether you’re typing away at work or indulging in your favorite activities, the subtle presence of a thin band ensures that your ring remains comfortably nestled on your finger throughout the day.

Versatility Personified:

One of the greatest advantages of thin band engagement rings is their unparalleled versatility. Regardless of the diamond shape or size, these rings effortlessly complement every style and preference. From the classic round brilliant to the contemporary emerald cut, to the modern feel of a radiant cut, every diamond shines brighter against the backdrop of a thin band. Thin band engagement rings also give you a variety of options when looking for your wedding band. The versatility of this band pairs well with a wider wedding band whether that be a diamond or plain wide band.

Making a Statement with Wide Bands:

While thin bands offer understated elegance, wide bands make a bold statement. From plain metal bands to dazzling diamond eternity bands, the possibilities are endless. By pairing your thin band engagement ring with a wide wedding band, you create a captivating contrast that exudes modern sophistication and style.

Practical Considerations:

When stacking rings, it’s essential to consider practicalities such as wear and tear. Wide diamond eternity bands, while stunning, can sometimes rub against the prongs of your engagement ring, leading to damage over time. A plain metal wide band serves as the perfect spacer band, protecting both your engagement ring and eternity band from unnecessary wear and tear.

Finding the Perfect Fit:

When selecting the ideal band width, it’s crucial to consider the proportions of your fingers. While longer fingers can accommodate wider bands with ease, shorter fingers may feel overwhelmed by anything wider than 3mm. Additionally, keep in mind that wide bands and stacked rings fit tighter than their thin band counterparts, often requiring a slightly larger size for optimal comfort.


While searching for the perfect engagement ring, consider the timeless elegance and versatility of a thin band design. With its comfort, effortless style, and endless stacking possibilities, a thin band engagement ring offers the best of both worlds. Elevate your style and embrace the art of stacking with confidence, knowing that your jewelry is as unique as you are by pairing your engagement ring with a wider wedding band. This combo will be sure to convey style and elegance along with giving you endless options when it comes to adding more rings to your stack. The Adiamor manufacturing offices are located in the historic jewelry district of downtown Los Angeles, and we invite you to visit with us anytime for your own private appointment and showing. To design your custom Classic Basket Solitaire Engagement Ring or just for more information, call us at 877-627-5094, or email us at service@adiamor.com, to set an appointment!

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