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Your Guide To Rose Gold Engagement Rings

by Faith Austin
rose gold emerald trapezoid

Rose gold engagement rings are for those who prefer a unique and subtle look. With the rose gold engagement ring complimenting most skin tones and diamonds ranging in shape, cut, and color, the blush hue is a sought-after and distinctive choice. 

Should You Buy A Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

When it comes to choosing the best engagement ring for you and your loved one, every step is a personal choice. Deciding to buy a rose gold engagement ring is no different. Below we are going to give you a few helpful tips to guide you in your decision. To learn more about how rose gold is made click here!

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings A Trend?

Incase you are worried about your rose gold engagement ring being a trend, don’t be! Everything is made in rose gold now, and for a good reason. Rose gold as a color has proven itself to be tried and true. It has moved on from once being a trend to now being a classic. From flatware, IPhones, blenders, to even hair color, you’ll soon find out when doing your bridal registry that rose gold has become a house hold staple.

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings More Expensive.

The simple answer? No, rose gold engagement rings should not cost more than yellow or white gold engagement rings. Due to the combination of mixed metals and pure gold used to produce 14k and 18k rose gold they should not be more expensive than their yellow and white gold counter parts. See more here!

Below are 3 of our Top Rose Gold Engagement Rings

This round cut rose gold diamond engagement ring setting showcases your center diamond. This rose gold engagement ring setting also compliments other shape diamonds. From round to radiant and emerald cut diamonds this ring is certain to stun. The band is dainty at 1.5mm, diamonds extend 3/4 of the way. The basket is adorned with a French Cut Pave hidden halo. This ring is the perfect thin band engagement ring. 

This pear shape rose gold halo engagement ring showcases the sparkle of your center stone while adding even more sparkle with the halo. The halo on this rose gold engagement ring will also give the illusion of a large center stone. This elegant engagement ring setting features brilliant cut round diamonds totaling approximately 0.30cttw. Not only does this ring suit pear shape diamonds, but other shaped diamonds will stand out as well.

This cushion cut rose gold solitaire will surely showcase your center stone with this super thin band engagement ring setting. From Oval to Emerald this engagement setting will flatter every center stone. The knife edge on this thin band solitaire seems to disappear on the finger, for the ultimate thin band engagement ring. The rose gold band can enhance the bright sparkle of your center stone making this engagement setting a top seller. This ring can also have a hidden halo added for that extra touch of sparkle!

Overall, rose gold engagement rings have become a unique classic and are not more expensive than their yellow and white gold counterparts. If you are looking for an engagement ring to compliment every center diamond and every woman’s style, rose gold is the way to go.

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