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The Most Popular White Gold Engagement Rings of Spring 2018

It is no secret that tastes change over time. One of the most obvious changes is in the jewelry industry. Since jewelry and fashion are often related, trends in jewelry are often reflected in fashion. In recent years, rose gold has been all the rage. However, white gold’s popularity is current unmistakable. At Adiamor, we’ve seen a recent rise in the popularity of white gold. Today, we’re highlighting the most popular white gold engagement rings of 2018.

Dainty Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

dainty solitaire 14k white goldThe solitaire engagement ring is the most iconic and timeless of all engagement setting designs. Solitaire settings showcase the diamond, allowing the stone to shine as the star. While the yellow gold solitaire is the historical icon, currently the most popular white gold engagement ring is the Dainty Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold. A simple and refined take on the classic, the dainty solitaire features a 1.7mm band. This feminine look is the perfect compliment to every diamond shape from Princess cuts to pear shaped diamonds. This makes the white gold solitaire an extremely versatile choice.

14k White Gold French Cut Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Down

french cut basket 14k white goldAnother one of the most popular white gold engagement rings is the French Cut Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Down. This extremely popular ring adds another layer of sparkle by including French cut set diamonds on the band. Like the Dainty Solitaire, this engagement setting also features a feminine band. The basket setting is also very versatile and looks great with the diamond shape of your choosing. The added shine of the additional diamonds which run halfway around the band can help a smaller diamond to appear to have even more sparkle.

The Classic Solitaire Engagement Setting

classic solitaire 14k white goldThe third and final most popular white gold engagement setting this spring is the Classic Solitaire Engagement Setting. Featuring a slightly wider band than the Dainty setting, this 14k white gold ring has a 2mm band that feels comfortable without being oversized. The white gold version of this timeless design is perfectly on trend for 2018. Also, like the other rings featured on today’s blog, the classic solitaire can showcase any diamond shape. The versatility of this popular white gold engagement ring helps it remain a best seller year after year.

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Ring Size 201: Ring Sizing Without A Ring and Re-sizing

In our previous installment of our series on ring sizing, the goal was to surprise her with an engagement ring that actually fits. Since it would be difficult to surprise her if you visited a jeweler together, we explained how the best way to size an engagement ring without her knowing is to use a different ring. However, this isn’t always possible. For these scenarios, we’ve compiled part 2 of our ring sizing in Ring Size 201.

Ring Sizing Without A Ring

Depending on where you look, there are all kinds of ring sizing guides available online. Some of them say to use string to to measure the ring finger, and then measure the length of string. However, when attempting ring sizing without a ring, the string method is not a good solution. One of the main problems is that string will often stretch. Because of this, the best methods for ring sizing without a ring are to use paper.

ring sizing 201
Ring sizing without a ring doesn’t mean you can’t surprise her with the perfect fit.

Ring measurements are standardized by countries, and you can check out the Adiamor guide to Find Your Ring Size for help in determining the proper size.

When All Else Fails, There’s Resizing

While getting the exact ring size is the best way to get the perfect fitting solitaire engagement ring, some times things just don’t go as planned. Even with the most careful of planning, there’s a chance her ring won’t fit perfectly. Fortunately, nearly every newly purchased engagement can be resized by a jeweler. However, with older vintage engagement rings, it can be very difficult to determine the exact ring metal used. If you purchased your engagement ring online, check out the ring sizing policy of the jeweler.  Here at Adiamor, we offer free ring sizing within the first 90 days from the original shipment date. Additionally, most rings can be quickly resized in just four business days. This means she’ll be back to wearing a perfectly fitting engagement ring in about a week!

Need more help when selecting an engagement ring? Visit the Adiamor Engagement Guide today!

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Ringing In The New Year With A NYE Proposal

The end of the year is a great time to reflect back as well as look forward. Next year, you may have some very big plans such as getting engaged. However, if you want to start off 2018 the right way with an NYE proposal, there are some things to consider. For instance, with New Year’s only a couple of days away, hopefully you have a plan. Even more importantly, hopefully you’ve picked out a ring! In case you don’t have everything squared away for your NYE proposal, we’re here to help. Keep reading the Adiamor blog for tips on ringing in the new year with a new bride to be!

The Midnight Champagne Toast

A classic way to ask for her hand in marriage on New Year’s Eve is in the midnight champagne toast. While it may be tempting to nestle the perfect solitaire engagement ring inside her glass, definitely do NOT do this! Not only will the ring ruin the champagne, it’s terribly cliche. Unless her dream NYE proposal involves accidentally swallowing some diamonds, the best way to handle the midnight champagne toast is to write a toast to her. With a little bit of planning and reflecting, you can make sure you cover all the reasons she’s the perfect companion. Not only will this make for a great proposal, it will make her the center of attention. Raise a glass to her, then drop down on a knee and show her the ring to start the New Year off right!

the perfect solitaire

The Quiet NYE Proposal

While millions of people will be celebrating New Year’s Eve out in public, this doesn’t mean you have to make your proposal a spectacle. In fact, a quiet NYE proposal can be every bit as memorable. Whether you’ve decided to cook your best dish or call her favorite take out spot, make sure you make the evening about her. When it comes to proposing, the important things to get right are not necessarily midnight fireworks but simply making sure she’s the focus. In fact, after all the research you’ve done in preparing your ring budget and learning about ring styles, you know she’ll love the 14k rose gold engagement ring. But, if you create an evening around her favorite dinner with a diamond ring proposal after, she’ll be telling your engagement story for years to come.

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When To Wear Your Engagement Ring To Work

According to the Mohs hardness scale, diamonds are on of the strongest substances on earth. However, diamonds can still be scuffed, chipped, or knocked loose.  Additionally, precious metals are often very soft. Pure gold, for instance, is much too soft to use for jewelry. For this reason, most engagement ring settings are made from common alloys such as 14k or 18k gold. Because engagement rings consist of precious metals and gold, wearing them to work is not always the best decision. Depending on your ring style and your career, you may wish to rethink whether or not to wear your engagement ring to work.

How Does Your Career Affect Your Ring?

Depending on your career, you may want to skip wearing your engagement ring to work altogether. Women that work extensively with their hands or with machinery probably fall in this category. In these cases, it’s probably best to keep your engagement ring in a safe spot, such as a ring box. Additionally, women who are care givers should be careful with their diamond ring as well. With so much contact with others, it is possible diamonds on a pave set ring to be knocked loose. Finally, women who work primarily with strangers and the public, such as social workers or police officers, should be careful. However, women who work in an office may find that wearing an engagement ring to work creates little issue.

engagement ring at work
A ring with 6 prongs will be more durable to wear to work

Your Engagement Ring Style

In addition to determining if your career will prevent wearing your engagement ring to work, consider the ring style too. Modern rings, which often feature channel set diamonds and smooth edges, are less likely to cause problems. Additionally, solitaire diamonds with tension settings tend to be more durable. Finally, even if your engagement ring features a 4 prong setting, pave diamonds, and a knife edge, you can still wear your ring to work. Be mindful of your ring, your hands, and consider an alternative when necessary. One popular alternative is to wear the ring on a chain during tasks that may damage the ring. In the end, the best thing to do is be cautious. However, over time, your ring will feel as if it becomes a part of your fingers, and you will be more confident wearing your engagement ring to work.

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How To Pick An Updated Solitaire Engagement Ring

The solitaire engagement ring is the most classic engagement setting. Typically, this ring is made out of yellow gold and features a round diamond. While this traditional engagement ring is still incredibly popular, many women wish to have something a little more unique. However, contemporary solitaire rings offer much more. From adding pave set diamonds to the band to changing the diamond shape or ring metal, today’s solitaire rings offer many more options. Check out a couple of ideas on updated solitaire engagement ring options!

The Rose Gold Solitaire

rose gold solitaireWhen it comes to ring trends, there is nothing more popular than rose gold engagement rings. This ring metal continues to rise in popularity year after year.  While many people pick rose gold for its romantic pink color, the rose gold ring also offers a simple twist on classic yellow gold. This allows women to have something both timeless and in style. Although rose gold is extremely popular, it does look different from the classic yellow gold ring. This makes rose gold settings the perfect choice for an updated solitaire engagement ring.

Unique Diamond Shapes

heart shaped diamond ringWhile swapping the ring metal is one of the quickest ways to to update a classic engagement setting, another option is to choose a different diamond shape. If you are looking for a subtle change from the round diamond, both oval diamonds and pear shaped diamonds offer similar looks. However, square and rectangular diamond shapes are growing in popularity, with the princess cut diamond being the second most popular option. If you are looking for something truly unique, the heart shaped diamond is unlike any other.

Add Sparkle and Style to the Band

updated solitaire engagement ringFinally, another great option for an updated solitaire engagement ring is to customize the band. Contemporary solitaires feature everything from pave set diamonds to split shank bands. By modifying the ring band, this gives the solitaire engagement ring new life. Plus, pave rings add a whole other level of fire and brilliance with the addition of more diamonds. Even the most classic yellow gold solitaire can be updated into a modern ring with pave set diamonds.

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Our Favorite Engagement Rings For Fall 2017

Fall is a gorgeous time of year. The changing colors in the leaves and pumpkin spiced everything provide the perfect ambience for romance. While summer still reigns supreme over wedding season, autumn is catching up. In addition to more and more weddings being planned in the fall, it is also becoming a popular time to propose. If you are thinking about getting engaged in the coming months, you may be seeking some inspiration. Check out three of our current favorite engagement rings for fall!

18K Rose Gold French Cut Halo Setting For Oval

rose gold french cut halo setting for oval

At this point, there’s simply no escaping the rise of rose gold. The romantic pink gold looks great with any skin tone. Plus, when combined with white diamonds, rose gold really shines. This is a perfect engagement ring for proposing in the fall. In addition to the pave set diamonds on the band, this ring also features a gorgeous halo setting with diamonds totaling 0.35cttw. Finally, the oval center stone brings a unique touch to this rose gold engagement ring that makes fingers look long and slender. If you’re looking to get engaged this October, this French cut halo setting is an excellent choice.

Shop the French Cut Halo setting in a variety of metals today!

French Cut Cushion Halo Basket in 18K White Gold

French Cut Cushion Halo Basket Setting

Adiamor’s French cut halo collection are some of our best known engagement rings. However, this cushion cut halo basket in 18k white gold is definitely an all time favorite. Like the oval setting, this engagement ring also features brilliant cut round diamonds totaling approximately 0.35cttw. The white gold provides a striking sophistication, and the cushion cut diamond is an elegant touch. One of the reasons this is one of our favorite engagement rings for fall is how the cushion cut diamonds appear in the ambient autumn lighting.

Shop the French Cut Cushion Halo setting in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum!

Rose Gold Basket Solitaire Setting with Round Diamond

18k rose gold Basket Solitaire SettingFinally, another one of our favorite engagement rings for fall is the classic and timeless rose gold basket solitaire. This simple ring is understated with its beauty and features a 1.7mm band. Although the band is dainty enough to be remarkably feminine, it still has enough width to be both durable and comfortable. The rose gold once again allows the center stone to shine, and the half carat round diamond shown here is a the perfect engagement ring for young couples on a budget. However, this solitaire setting can fit large diamonds up to 5 carats which makes it incredibly versatile. Truly a classic, this modern spin on the rose gold basket solitaire is guaranteed to get her to say “Yes!”

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A Man’s Guide To Engagement Ring Styles: Part 1

Shopping for engagement rings can be really difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. For many men, this is the case when starting out. In order to help future husbands understand different ring styles, we’ve put together a man’s guide to engagement ring styles. In the first of a two part series, we’ll take a look at four popular engagement ring settings. Keep in mind, though, that some styles can be combined together. In addition to the eight general categories, Adiamor also offers the option to create something totally unique by designing your own engagement ring. Hopefully, this man’s guide to engagement ring styles will help men purchase an engagement ring that will perfectly suit their bride to be.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

When it comes to classic, nothing beats a solitaire engagement ring. The traditional design of a solitaire ring puts focus on the central diamond. Solitaire engagement rings are the perfect choice for every diamond shape. However, the solitaire does not have to be a plain Jane ring. Today’s solitaire ring designs incorporate additional detailing and unique takes on the classic look.

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Halo Engagement Rings

When shopping for a bride who shines brighter than the crowd, a halo engagement ring might be the perfect fit. Halo rings surround the center diamond with additional smaller diamonds. The result is a stunning amount of sparkle, and the center diamond looks even bigger. Halo rings continue to grow in popularity because they provide additional value by adding to the total carat weight of diamonds. Additionally, halo rings are a popular choice for combining other ring styles, such as adding a pave band.

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Pave Engagement Rings

While halo rings add additional diamonds around the center gemstone, pave engagement rings bring an extra layer of sparkle to the band itself. Named for the French word for “paved,” small diamonds are set into the ring band so that each ring appears to be paved in diamonds. Pave engagement rings are incredibly popular because they brighten up classic looking bands without being overindulgent. Pave diamond rings are incredibly versatile, and for this reason, many customers like to combine pave bands with other engagement ring styles.

Shop the Adiamor collection of pave engagement rings.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

While the halo diamond ring utilizes smaller diamonds in a circle around the center stone, the three stone engagement ring adds larger diamonds to either side of the diamond in the middle. This allows for a wide variety of looks as vintage inspired engagement rings will use the larger diamonds to create a sparkling cluster; however, modern spins on the three stone ring use channel set diamonds. Either way, the three stone engagement ring is extremely versatile and can be used to compliment almost any bride’s sense of style.

Shop the Adiamor collection of three stone engagement rings.

Check back later this week for part 2 of a man’s guide to engagement ring styles!

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What are the Best Diamond Shapes for an Engagement Ring?

Certain diamond shapes and sizes look incredibly beautiful when paired with particular settings. Here are some of our favorite combinations of diamonds and rings to help you decide the best diamond shapes for your engagement ring:

Larger round brilliants:

If you budget allows, round diamonds .90 ct and above look exquisite in the Large French Cut Pave setting, R2834.

French Cut Diamond Pave Setting from Adiamor
French Cut Diamond Pave Setting from Adiamor


One of our favorite customizations of this ring is to add diamonds on the prongs for a very luxurious and romantic look. The diamonds in the gallery are visible to the wearer only, so it’s like a secret love note to your beloved.

For more petite round brilliant stones, such as .50 ct and below, the classic solitaire makes a charming counterpart.

Diamond Solitaire Engagment Ring from Adiamor
Diamond Solitaire Engagment Ring from Adiamor


Rectangular fancy shaped diamonds like Emerald cuts and elongated Radiants or Cushions look great in three stone rings. Some of Adiamor’s recent favorite custom rings have been rectangular fancy shapes in three stone rings with tapered baguette side stones.

Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring with Baguettes
Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring with Baguettes

Tip: If you are looking for a rectangular stone, make sure the length to width ratio is above 1.10. The most popular L:W ratios for emerald cuts are between 1.30-1.40, because this produces a rectangular shape. If you know you like a very long rectangle, feel free to go higher, though. Or, if you want a squarer rectangle, look for L:W ratios from 1.20-1.30. Any diamond with a L:W ratio below 1.05-1.08 (depending on cut) will appear as a square.

Later on, we’ll discuss halo engagement ring styles!


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Feng Shui and Solitaire Engagement Rings

ad1So, we’re assuming that you’ve heard of Feng Shui.  Perhaps you even believe that there is something to this ancient Chinese interior decorating philosophy that involves terms like yin and yang, Taoism, and chi. According to Feng Shui, having objects with positive “chi” in your environment may help you prosper while objects with negative “chi” won’t do much at all to improve your life.  If you’re not familiar with the term “chi”, it basically just means energy.   If you ask me, a strong cup of coffee gives me some incredible chi.  But what do I know…


So what on earth does Feng Shui have to do with solitaire engagement rings?  Well, truth be told,  you can apply principles of Feng Shui to just about anything you want, including your hair and other things that you wear (Dr. Suess anyone? … anyone?).  And since an engagement ring is something you’ll wear for the rest of your life, you want to make sure that it offers you the most positive “chi” possible.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

ad2A diamond solitaire engagement ring may be best possible choice when consulting the rules of feng shui.  Since a diamond solitaire ring has only one diamond, it indicates that the bride is “the one and only” love of the groom and vice versa (not a difficult concept to grasp).  The energy of one large diamond is very strong and clear, so a diamond solitaire speaks to clarity of purpose, strength of love, dedication, fidelity and even honesty.  Within the solitaire tradition, you have the choice of going with a classic solitaire setting, a rose gold solitaire setting, a flat edge solitaire setting, and many more.

Pave Settings


When it comes to solitaire engagement rings, an even better feng shui rule to follow is to have one big stone in the center and smaller stones around it. Once again, this is because having one big stone in the center speaks to clarity of purpose.  A setting such as the Pave Engagement Setting for Round Diamond could indicate that the relationship between two spouses is the most important thing for them both while other smaller things in life serve to enhance it.  A setting such as the Pave Knife Edge Engagement Setting could indicate that the road of life might be paved with small gems, but the one in the center i.e., the relationship, is the most important.


ad4There are many gemstones to choose from when selecting an engagement ring, but a diamond is considered to have the most powerful Feng Shui-ness since it is the “king of stones.”  After all,  diamonds are the strongest known substance available in nature. If you incorporate Feng Shui, you may assume that every relationship may be strengthened by the good “chi” that a diamond engagement ring confers.

Whether or not you buy in to the whole feng shui philosophy, you can never go wrong with the exquisite selection of solitaire engagement rings we have to offer.  Take your “chi” to a whole new level by browsing our selection of diamond rings online today; or go grab yourself a cup of coffee and drop by our store to see our selection in person!