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Preparing For Your Holiday 2017 Proposal

The holidays are the perfect time to propose. Plus, since families are gathering together, it is also a great time to spread the good news. If you are planning to propose this holiday season, you probably have a lot on your mind. To help you stay calm and nail your proposal, we’ve put together this easy checklist. You’ll have no problem asking for her hand in marriage. Keep reading the Adiamor blog to be sure you’re prepared for your Holiday 2017 proposal!

Step 1: Pick The Ring

It may seem obvious, but you’re going to need an engagement ring. Choosing the right ring for her can be a challenge, so start off by getting educated on diamonds and ring metals. Once you understand what you’re after, be sure to select a ring that fits her personality and style. If you’re having trouble finding a preset engagement ring, consider designing your own engagement ring from scratch. This will allow you to choose the right diamond shape and engagement setting that will guarantee she says “Yes!” this holiday season. Finally, be sure to order your ring sooner than later, especially if it’s a custom creation. You need to be sure your ring will arrive before the date you’ve picked. You have picked a date, right?

Step 2: Pick The Date

Picking the time and place for your holiday 2017 proposal is just as important as getting the ring right. Not only do you need to pick a place that’s romantic and secluded, you also want the engagement spot to be meaningful. Additionally, she will definitely want to tell her friends and family, so be sure you propose before the big party instead of afterwards. Whether you plan on getting down on one knee before Thanksgiving or New Year’s, you definitely need to have your plan locked down ahead of time.

holiday 2017 proposal
Make sure you are prepared ahead of your holiday proposal.

Step 3: Ask Her

When it comes to asking her to marry you, it may seem like there are a lot of outside complications. How big of a diamond should you buy? How long should you save? Do you need to ask her parents for permission? What ring will be perfect for her? Truthfully, though, actually asking her is the most important part. In a relationship defined by true love, your commitment to her will be more important than the size of the diamond. However, having a proper diamond for her ring will certainly help!

If you are planning a holiday 2017 proposal, your best bet is to start getting prepared today. For assistance in picking the perfect diamond, contact us today!

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Summer Love: Proposal Ideas For Your Beach Vacation

For most couples, the summer months provide the best time to take a vacation. This also means that summer vacations provide a number of great opportunities to get engaged. If you are considering popping the question this summer but are looking for inspiration, consider these proposal ideas for your beach vacation before making your move.


Don’t Make Her Wait Too Long

When getting engaged, it is important to to make the moment special. However, you can drive yourself mad waiting for the most perfect moment. In fact, you may actually make it harder on yourself and your future bride by waiting it out, especially on vacation. If you have been together for some time and planned this trip together, she may be expecting you to ask for her hand in marriage on the trip. Additionally, if she has been hinting at a lifelong romance, you should definitely be prepared to take the leap before heading out on vacation. Therefore, make sure you have a plan before you and don’t wait the whole week to ask. Finally, make sure you can enjoy your vacation as engaged couple by giving her an engagement ring early in the trip.

beach proposal
The beach is the perfect place to propose

Take A Moonlit Walk

Although many couples take vacations to get away from work, days at the beach can actually get quite hectic. From planned adventures like parasailing or surfer lessons to simply getting caught up in all the fun in the sun, you may find it difficult to have the right romantic moment during the day. Instead, consider taking a moonlit walk on the beach. Not only will the night sky provide the right accompaniment to your proposal, you will have the time alone necessary to ask her to marry you. To add to the romance, pick a secluded spot with a great view such as a private cove or dock before dropping to one knee and presenting her with a diamond ring.

Skip The Buffet Line

These days, many vacation resorts are all-inclusive, but that also means crowded dining areas during the peak months. If you are planning a whole day of romantic events leading up to your proposal, consider skipping the buffet line and have a private dinner alone instead. Not only will this make her the center of attention, you will also have time to enjoy each other’s company before asking her. However, no matter what you do, do not put her engagement ring into her food. Not only is it a bit silly, she’ll want to put the diamond ring on her finger without it being covered in hollandaise sauce or mimosa.

Have The Right Ring

When you’ve decided to get married to the love of your life, there is nothing that will keep you apart. However, if popping the question is making you nervous, you can rest assured when you have the right ring. At Adiamor, we want all of ring customers to have their highest expectations exceeded. Let us help you create an engagement ring from scratch that will be as unique as she is. Contact us today for assistance in selecting a ring, or check out our Engagement Guide to learn more.

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Spring Proposal Ideas for 2017

Spring is officially sprung, and love is in the air. As the grass grows greener and flowers are in bloom, many couples are coming out of their winter hibernation and making summer plans. In fact, there’s a good chance that you have a wedding invitation in your mail right now. With so much excitement for the future, you may be planning your own engagement. However, one of the hardest parts of getting engaged is planning out the proposal. In order to help you plan, we’ve put together some spring proposal ideas. Consider this your road map to getting her to say “Yes!”

Love Is In Bloom

After the long months of winter, spring brings warmer weather and outdoor opportunities. One way to take advantage of this is by visiting a conservatory or arboretum. The blooming flowers and green foliage offer excellent scenery for a proposal. Take a walk around looking at the beautiful greenery and stop in front of your lover’s favorite flowers. Then, make your move. Whether you plan on giving a speech or dropping to a knee, there’s no way she can turn down an engagement ring when surrounded by such natural beauty!

spring proposal ideas
Taking a hike is a great way to get engaged

Take A Hike

If your future spouse is into adventure, then taking a hike is the perfect way to propose in the spring. Before you leave, make sure you secure your custom engagement ring! To make the proposal perfect, pack a picnic of her favorite foods. It also would be romantic to sneak a small bottle of champagne for a celebratory toast. Mountain tops, waterfalls, and lakes all make for a great secluded spot for asking her hand in marriage. Plus, not only will be she be wowed by the proposal, you’ll have plenty of time alone to discuss your future together on the hike back.

Get Out of Town

Another great idea for a spring proposal is to head out for the weekend. Take a short road trip to a favorite getaway or look for affordable flights to a city you’ve always wanted to visit. With a little planning, a romantic getaway is the perfect spring proposal idea. City explorers would do well to book a boutique hotel room while adventurers who prefer the countryside provide the perfect time to stay in a bed and breakfast. If she’s an extrovert, proposing in public in front of a landmark building can create a romantic memory that will last a lifetime. If she’s a bit more on the private side, take a nighttime walk before popping the big question.

These are just a few examples of spring proposal ideas. If you have a great proposal story, let us know about it by leaving a comment. We may even feature it in a future blog post!

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

How To Budget For An Engagement Ring

When you have found your perfect match, it can be difficult to put a price on that love.  But, some people feel that an engagement ring does just that. Because you will always want the best for your future wife, it may seem necessary to go overboard. However, simply selecting the most expensive choice is not the best idea when it comes to picking out the ring that will be right for your relationship. That being said, it is absolutely possible to select or even design an engagement ring that will definitely have her saying “Yes!” to your proposal while sticking to a budget.

French Cut Cushion Halo Setting 14K White Gold
French Cut Cushion Halo Setting in 14K White Gold

How Much Should A Ring Cost?

One of the most common myths is that an engagement ring should cost “three months salary.” However, this is greatly inaccurate when compared to reality, so don’t think you need to drop $12,000 on a ring in order for it to be special. Although average Americans spend approximately $4,000 on a ring, the truth is that the right engagement ring should fit in your budget. As you budget for an engagement ring, take time to consider your living expenses, your current savings, as well what’s coming next: the wedding and honeymoon.

Planning Ahead To The Proposal

In order to budget for a ring, it is imperative that you know when you will be proposing. If you have started shopping for an engagement ring, then you probably have a rough idea of when you would like to propose which means you have an idea of how much time you have to save up for the perfect ring. Are you waiting for her upcoming birthday or the anniversary of your first date to ask for her hand in marriage? In other cases, you may simply be waiting for the right moment instead of circling a date on the calendar, but in any of these scenarios, consider how many months you have to save in order to determine your budget. By setting back some money over time and learning to budget for an engagement ring, you can make nearly any ring affordable.

Princess Cut Pre-Set Engagement Ring
Princess Cut Pre-Set Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Start Shopping Now

Picking the perfect engagement ring is a tall order because there are an incredible amount of options. Starting your diamond education will help you make the best choice possible as you budget for an engagement ring. By knowing what’s available on the market, you will have a much better idea of what you can afford. Consider her sense of style and her tastes: would she prefer a large center diamond to show off or would she prefer something more dainty and feminine? Does she prefer to be on trend or does she prefer classic styles? Take a look at her current jewelry collection for inspiration.  Also, use your planned budget to decide on the right ring for her. Finally, while there are plenty of pre-set ring choices  available, your best bet may be creating a ring that is just as unique as she is.

At Adiamor, we offer custom diamond engagement rings so that you can create the right ring for her while staying within your budget. Start designing your ring today!

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas

Thanksgiving proposals have gained a lot of ground over the past decade; because there’s no frenzied shopping for gifts or lavish décor involved, many people have come to regard Thanksgiving as a more family-oriented holiday. If tradition, the home, and family gatherings are most meaningful to you and your beloved, why not prepare one of these Thanksgiving proposals to start your life together?

Propose Wishfully

Breaking the wishbone from the turkey is a long-standing ritual that has become part of many Thanksgiving celebrations. Remove the bone while carving and serving the turkey, clean it, and put it in a safe place to dry. (If you’re not hosting or carving, make sure that the person in charge knows that you need it!)


Wish Bone Thanksgiving Proposal Idea
Wish Bone Thanksgiving Proposal Idea

Tradition holds that two people grasp opposite ends of the wishbone, and whoever ends up with the larger piece after breaking it will be the one whose wish comes true. While you can’t control the outcome, you can prepare and have an eloquent, romantic proposal ready to suit either result. If you hold the larger piece, you can say something like “I need you to help my wish come true—will you marry me?” If she comes out ahead after you break the wishbone, you can say “I don’t know what you wished for, but I think I can make one of your wishes come true right now.” Play with these statements to make the words and references your own for a proposal that is both whimsical and heartfelt.

Propose Deliciously

This type of proposal, while potentially unique and memorable, carries one major caveat: use good judgment about how you choose to conceal or present the ring. Will finding it where you’ve decided to hide it be a pleasant, romantic experience for her? Will it be easy to ensure that ring doesn’t end up on the wrong plate, in the trash, or—worst of all—in the mouth of an unknowing recipient? You don’t want the memory of your Thanksgiving marriage proposal to include rushing a parent or younger sibling to the hospital or dentist’s office because you served their meal with some very expensive garnish!

Choose something pretty, pleasant to touch, and easy to clean from the ring with a napkin immediately after the big moment. Burying it in the turkey, stuffing, or casseroles? Certainly not! Topping a slice of pumpkin pie or cranberry sauce with a dollop of whipped cream and a sparkling engagement ring? Absolutely.

If you’re attached to this idea but concerned about the mess and potential troubles, there’s also the option of skipping the food component altogether. If your family dinner includes fancy table settings and cloth napkins, you can incorporate your proposal into her place setting. Slip the engagement ring around her napkin in place of a traditional napkin ring (or tie on with ribbon if the ring is too small), or hide it underneath her demitasse cup. This involves some very precise timing to ensure that you and the rest of those in attendance are at the table before she discovers her engagement ring and you make your proposal speech, but if you enlist the help of your dining companions, it can be done!

Engagement Ring Napkin Thanksgiving Proposal Idea
Engagement Ring Napkin Thanksgiving Proposal Idea

Propose Gratefully

In most American families and groups of friends who gather to share Thanksgiving dinner, it has become a tradition for one of the hosts to say something for which they are thankful that year and have each guest around the table follow suit.  Arrange with your host to be the last person called upon, and when it’s your turn, talk about your bride-to-be and all the reasons you’re thankful to have her in your life. Then, state that there’s one more thing that would make you the happiest and most thankful person alive: her hand in marriage.

Thanksgiving Family Dinner Proposal Idea
Thanksgiving Family Dinner Proposal Idea

Adiamor makes marriage proposal dreams come true. Our selection of certified loose diamonds and elegant engagement ring settings can be combined to design your own engagement ring to fit most budgets while yielding an engagement ring you’ll be proud to give your beloved.

We wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Dress Up As a Fiancé: Best Halloween Proposal Ideas 2014

Dress Up As a Fiancé: The Best Halloween Proposal Ideas for 2014

Halloween is the first of many special days celebrated near the end of each calendar year, kicking off the holiday season with celebrations, costumes, and delicious treats. For the sweetest Halloween of your lives together, why not propose to your special someone on All Hallow’s Eve and start the holiday rush on a happy note? Check out these Halloween proposal ideas below!

Many couples want to meet with friends and family soon after their engagement to celebrate the beginning of this exciting new chapter, and holiday dinners and get-togethers offer the perfect opportunity. Halloween proposals also leave a lot of room for creative, memorable gestures that lead to wonderful engagement stories. Here are a few ideas for proposing on Halloween.

Say It With Pumpkins

To make your proposal and create romantic seasonal ambiance in one move, arrange a set of carved jack o’lanterns or festively painted pumpkins to spell out “Will you marry me?” where your intended is sure to find them. Follow her in to present the ring, or set the open ring box in front of your display.

A rose gold engagement ring will gleam beautifully in candlelight and echo the warm hues of the pumpkins, yet radiate elegance all year long.

Will You Marry Me In Halloween Pumpkins Proposal Idea
Will You Marry Me In Halloween Pumpkins Proposal Idea

Bobbing for Diamonds

The Halloween tradition of bobbing for apples lends itself perfectly to a traditional bended knee proposal. As you move toward the floor, your beloved will think you’re simply participating in a lighthearted party game until the very moment you pull the ring from your coat instead.

If you’re adventurous, you could even arrange for the ring to be hidden among the apples and discovered during the gameplay—just make sure it’s in a waterproof container and ends up in the proper hands!

Bobbing For Apples Halloween Proposal Idea
Bobbing For Apples Halloween Proposal Idea

A Spooky Surprise

For a playful proposal, blindfold your special someone and guide her through an old-fashioned haunted house activity with grape “eyeballs”, cooked spaghetti “brains”, and so on. At the end of the activity, just before removing her blindfold, slip the engagement ring onto her finger.

Spooky Surprise Halloween Proposal Idea
Spooky Surprise Halloween Proposal Idea

Hidden Haul

Place the ring in its box at the bottom of a small, decorated Halloween candy bowl or bucket with an assortment of your partner’s favorite wrapped candies to give as a gift. Once you’ve presented it, ask for a type of candy you didn’t include, prompting discovery of the ring as your sweetheart searches for your request.

Engagement Ring Hidden In Candy Halloween Proposal Idea
Engagement Ring Hidden In Candy Halloween Proposal Idea

Halloween is a wonderful time for unique, memorable marriage proposals. For more tips or assistance choosing the right engagement ring for the one you love, contact Adiamor. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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Cat + Gorgeous Oval Diamond = Most Adorable Proposal Ever!

Adiamor customers are the best! We customized R2834 especially for this gorgeous 2.26 ct Excellent cut I VS2 oval cut diamond. The result was wonderful, but what really makes this story special was the proposal!

Our customer sent this adorable picture of a cat wearing the engagement ring tied to a bow around its neck, as well as a picture of the ring in the box and on her hand. When we inquired about the cat, our client said that he tried to use the cat in the proposal, but the cat did not really cooperate. It kept trying to get the bow off, and did not walk near her or jump on her, like our customer had hoped.  (Anyone who has ever had a cat will know that sometimes felines do not do what you want them to do.)

Cat and Oval Diamond Engagement Ring
Cat and Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Eventually she noticed the cat, and worried that it was choking. Our customer had to give her the cat and reassure her that it was just a bow he tied on. Once she started undoing the bow, she finally noticed the ring!  Our client said that “the ring was a great success. She loves it and thought it was perfect. Whew! I owe a lot (most) of that to you because you helped me pick out the ring, so thank you!”

Thank you for the pictures, you made our day!

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring on Hand
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring on Hand
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring in Box
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring in Box
emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

Winter Weather Brings Couples Together!

Even though the icy weather across the country has been wreaking havoc with people’s Valentine’s Day plans and our shipping schedules, our customers are still managing to have wonderful holidays!

We love when people use the weather as an excuse to spend some quality time together. It’s easy to stay inside when our diamonds sparkle even more than the snow outside! We are very inspired by all of our customer stories of winter engagements and romantic gifts for loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of snow, one of our customers recently sent us this wintery picture of her R2940 with a 1 ct cushion cut diamond in the snow. What a way to brighten the gray days of winter!

R2940 looks good in this customer's photo in the snow!
R2940 looks good in this customer’s photo in the snow!
emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

A Wintery English New Year’s Proposal!

Cushion cut engagement ring from Adiamor.
Cushion Cut Engagement Ring in our lovely ring box.

We just received these lovely pictures from one of our wonderful customers! Lawrence proposed to his beautiful fiance this past New Year’s in a British country house- on the same couch where they met 3 years earlier! We couldn’t ask for a more adorable couple or a more beautiful ring.

Adiamor cushion cut engagment ring on hand.
R2900 in platinum with a cushion cut diamond which was around 1.50 ct on her hand.

Here is their story in Lawrence’s own words:

My fiance and I work for the same company, her in the London office and me in NJ.  Just over 3 years ago, we met for the first time and really connected the next day on a company retreat to the Danesfield House in Marlow-on-Thames.  The entire division had a cocktail hour and a sit-down dinner.  When it was over, we all enjoyed drinks until later in the night.  At one point we found ourselves alone on a couch while everyone else was sitting in a circle together on the opposite side of the room.  We of course were called back to the main group but began dating shortly after.

Fast forward to this past New Year.  I knew I wanted to propose to her at the Danesfield House on the very same couch.  They were hosting a New Year’s Eve Black & White Gala so I only told her we were going to a B&W Gala event but didn’t say where.  I arranged for a cab to pick us up and instructed the driver not to announce the destination.  I knew she would figure it out along the way at some point and she did – she said her heart jumped.  We attended a champagne reception in the room with our special couch and then moved to another for dinner.  However, I noticed they intended to bring us back into that room to bring in the new year with live entertainment so I had to ask her before dinner concluded.  I lured her back to the room to check on the champagne we ordered and on the way back to our table for dessert I asked her to sit on our couch for fun.  I said a few words and then – one of the staff walked by and asked if we were OK and needed help!!!  After shooing him away, I finished what I wanted to say and asked her to marry me, to which she said yes.  She later said she was always a bit nervous about not liking her engagement ring when her day came but she was absolutely thrilled with it and couldn’t stop smiling.  She is getting amazing compliments from everyone who sees it.

Adiamor couple's proposal.
A New Year’s Engagement in England.

Thank you for sharing your pictures and adorable proposal with us, Lawrence! We are so happy to have been a part of your story.

emerald cut diamond pave engagement ring

5 Thanksgiving Proposals She Will Gobble Up

What better time of year than the holiday season to propose a long and happy life to the woman you love? With the spirit of giving in the air (along with the intoxicating scent of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie), you really can’t go wrong by bringing a little warmth to the coldest time of the year. So let her know that you’re thankful for everything she’s brought to your life by giving her two gifts that will last a lifetime: a diamond engagement ring…and your heart. Here are a few ways to drop to one knee and pop the big question this Thanksgiving.

1. Do it at dinner. While the whole family is gathered around, raise your glass of champagne, say what you’re thankful for, then take out the ring box and tell her you would be even more thankful if she would give you her hand in marriage.

2. Talk turkey. Putting a ring in food is always a bit dicey (especially if it’s something that needs to be cut), but if you want to get fancy, bring her a plate covered with a lid, then open it to reveal the ring box instead of the turkey dinner she was expecting.

3. Volunteer. Some people like to volunteer during the holidays (at shelters, soup kitchens, etc.). If you are one of the many people who gives your time to help those in need, wait until you are done for the day, tell her how grateful you are for your life together, and explain that you never want it to end as you get to one knee and present the ring.

4. Say a little prayer. Most families like to give thanks to a higher power for the bounty on their table before they partake. So offer to say grace and while you’re doing it, sneak in your proposal. If everyone bows their heads and closes their eyes, you may even be able to set the ring box in front of her before she realizes what you’re up to.

5. Utilize the wishbone. Clean it up, let it dry, and then place the engagement ring on her half before you let her pull it. Tell her that it is your sincerest wish that she say yes to your proposal. Even if you don’t get the bigger half of the wishbone, you’ll likely end up with your heart’s desire.