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How To Budget For An Engagement Ring

by Chris W

When you have found your perfect match, it can be difficult to put a price on that love.  But, some people feel that an engagement ring does just that. Because you will always want the best for your future wife, it may seem necessary to go overboard. However, simply selecting the most expensive choice is not the best idea when it comes to picking out the ring that will be right for your relationship. That being said, it is absolutely possible to select or even design an engagement ring that will definitely have her saying “Yes!” to your proposal while sticking to a budget.

French Cut Cushion Halo Setting 14K White Gold

French Cut Cushion Halo Setting in 14K White Gold

How Much Should A Ring Cost?

One of the most common myths is that an engagement ring should cost “three months salary.” However, this is greatly inaccurate when compared to reality, so don’t think you need to drop $12,000 on a ring in order for it to be special. Although average Americans spend approximately $4,000 on a ring, the truth is that the right engagement ring should fit in your budget. As you budget for an engagement ring, take time to consider your living expenses, your current savings, as well what’s coming next: the wedding and honeymoon.

Planning Ahead To The Proposal

In order to budget for a ring, it is imperative that you know when you will be proposing. If you have started shopping for an engagement ring, then you probably have a rough idea of when you would like to propose which means you have an idea of how much time you have to save up for the perfect ring. Are you waiting for her upcoming birthday or the anniversary of your first date to ask for her hand in marriage? In other cases, you may simply be waiting for the right moment instead of circling a date on the calendar, but in any of these scenarios, consider how many months you have to save in order to determine your budget. By setting back some money over time and learning to budget for an engagement ring, you can make nearly any ring affordable.

Princess Cut Pre-Set Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Pre-Set Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold

Start Shopping Now

Picking the perfect engagement ring is a tall order because there are an incredible amount of options. Starting your diamond education will help you make the best choice possible as you budget for an engagement ring. By knowing what’s available on the market, you will have a much better idea of what you can afford. Consider her sense of style and her tastes: would she prefer a large center diamond to show off or would she prefer something more dainty and feminine? Does she prefer to be on trend or does she prefer classic styles? Take a look at her current jewelry collection for inspiration.  Also, use your planned budget to decide on the right ring for her. Finally, while there are plenty of pre-set ring choices  available, your best bet may be creating a ring that is just as unique as she is.

At Adiamor, we offer custom diamond engagement rings so that you can create the right ring for her while staying within your budget. Start designing your ring today!

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