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5 Thanksgiving Proposals She Will Gobble Up

by Craig

What better time of year than the holiday season to propose a long and happy life to the woman you love? With the spirit of giving in the air (along with the intoxicating scent of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie), you really can’t go wrong by bringing a little warmth to the coldest time of the year. So let her know that you’re thankful for everything she’s brought to your life by giving her two gifts that will last a lifetime: a diamond engagement ring…and your heart. Here are a few ways to drop to one knee and pop the big question this Thanksgiving.

1. Do it at dinner. While the whole family is gathered around, raise your glass of champagne, say what you’re thankful for, then take out the ring box and tell her you would be even more thankful if she would give you her hand in marriage.

2. Talk turkey. Putting a ring in food is always a bit dicey (especially if it’s something that needs to be cut), but if you want to get fancy, bring her a plate covered with a lid, then open it to reveal the ring box instead of the turkey dinner she was expecting.

3. Volunteer. Some people like to volunteer during the holidays (at shelters, soup kitchens, etc.). If you are one of the many people who gives your time to help those in need, wait until you are done for the day, tell her how grateful you are for your life together, and explain that you never want it to end as you get to one knee and present the ring.

4. Say a little prayer. Most families like to give thanks to a higher power for the bounty on their table before they partake. So offer to say grace and while you’re doing it, sneak in your proposal. If everyone bows their heads and closes their eyes, you may even be able to set the ring box in front of her before she realizes what you’re up to.

5. Utilize the wishbone. Clean it up, let it dry, and then place the engagement ring on her half before you let her pull it. Tell her that it is your sincerest wish that she say yes to your proposal. Even if you don’t get the bigger half of the wishbone, you’ll likely end up with your heart’s desire.

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