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Five Good Reasons to Break Out the Diamonds

by Craig

You may treat your diamond jewelry like a priceless treasure, keeping it locked away in some secret cabinet and allowing it out only for special occasions, but you really should stop holding your diamonds hostage. Yes, your gemstones are a precious commodity. You want to keep them tucked safely away to prevent theft, damage, or loss of any kind, but are they really worth having if you’re not going to use them? Here are a few good reasons to relax your inhibitions and break your diamonds from their bondage.

1. You deserve it (and so do they)! If you are able to afford nice diamond jewelry, you are clearly working hard. So reward yourself with the gift of beauty. You’ll feel good wearing them and people will be drawn to your natural radiance. And if you don’t love them, what the heck are you saving them for?

2. It shows good taste. There’s a reason the best things in life are said to meet the diamond standard. They really are at the top of the gemstone ladder when it comes to allure and outright value. So ditch the craft-project cheapies you’ve been wearing (macaroni necklaces are not cool, no matter how hard your kid worked on them) and deck yourself in diamonds to inspire a high opinion.

3. Prove you have style and class. Nothing is more sophisticated than simple diamond studs and an understated pendant or tennis bracelet. Pearls are for the elderly or prim (think Queen Elizabeth or Donna Reed), whereas diamonds are a little more age-appropriate for the younger set (20-50) – just check out some of the dazzlers to be seen on red carpets.

4. They go with everything. Because they’re generally colorless, diamonds will go with absolutely any ensemble. Of course, you should still strive to pair the appropriate jewelry with your outfit (a full diamond necklace may go great with a strapless black cocktail dress, but you wouldn’t wear it to the gym).

5. Insurance. If you’re really worried about losing your diamonds, simply get them insured. Then if anything happens, your favorite treasures can be easily replaced.

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