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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings From Adiamor Are Modern

by Diana Jarrett
Knife Edge Platinum Basket Solitaire Engagement Ring

Deciding on the perfect engagement ring is more than simply selecting a setting. Besides the metal color and ring style itself, a couple often focuses attention on the center diamond which is really the star of a ring. Modern engagement rings can reveal style preferences of the couple and the individual taste of the bride. You might begin by selecting the center diamond before choosing a setting.  With so many diamond shapes available there’s a lot to consider.

What Exactly is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

We’d like to suggest a stunning diamond shape with extra personality; the chic cushion cut diamond. It’s a great modern choice. But you may be surprised to learn the backstory of this stunner. Cushion cut diamonds are actually a contemporary version of an antique diamond shape, the Old Mine Cut. This 18th and 19th century diamond cut looks similar to today’s cushion. The originals had a large open culet (on the bottom center pavilion) when viewed straight on. 

What’s Old is New Again!
A cushion cut diamond is one of the earliest diamond shapes ever fashioned—some 200 years ago to be exact. The first cushion cuts were designed with their complex facet pattern that shimmered to reflect candlelight to perfection—which was the only source of illumination back then. 

Today, cushion cuts continue to perform an incredible job of flashing light all around a room to a dazzling effect. Since you want an engagement ring customized to your own taste, consider how many of your friends own a cushion cut diamond engagement ring. Probably none or very few. That’s a good thing! You’re not like anyone else, so your ring should be as unique as you. From celebrities to the royals, cushion cut diamond engagement rings have been a the choice for those that loves sparkle but also wants a more unique shape.

Identifying the Cushion Cut

First off, let’s learn to recognize a modern cushion cut diamond. Like pears or round cuts, cushion cut diamonds get their name from their shape. The cushion cut looks like it sounds—a sumptuous sparkly pillow. When viewed from above, a cushion cut diamond appears like a square or a rectangle with nicely rounded corners, like an actual pillow cushion. As contrasted to some other cuts, the cushion cut offers lovely variations too. It can either be completely square, or a bit more elongated. These distinctions look attractive in different types of ring settings. 

Different Cushion Cut Diamonds Shown In Engagement Ring Settings. Length to width ratios of

Unlike several other diamond shapes, a cushion (with its square or rectangular outline) allows for further personalization of a ring to your exact preferences. This is a good time to envision how the stone will look in its mounting—and also how the two versions of the cushion can look on your hand. The rectangular version makes a petite hand appear more elongated and elegant. The square version is suitable for brides with longer fingers or placed in settings that looks best with a squarish stone. Finally, pick what you prefer—but consider the difference in how squared cushions look on your hand as contrasted to the elongated shaped cushions. 

Cushion Cut Diamond Length To Width Comparison 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, & 1.3

Best Use of Cushion Cuts 

Experts point out that rectangular cushions have the visual effect of drawing the eye down the finger, making the wearer’s hands seem slimmer and more elegant—especially if the lady has short hands. But in the end, the choice is always yours—wear what you like and what makes you happy. You’ll be wearing your rings every day of your life and you want to cherish them every time you glance at your bridal jewelry.

If you’ve decided that the cushion cut is your thing, you’ll be happy to discover even more varieties like the Vintage Cushion cut. This charming variation is closer to the original ancient cushion cut made centuries back. With noticeably broader facets, some collectors believe gives it a chunkier look. You may be drawn to this unique cushion cut version, especially if you like more romantic vintage-style settings.

Cushion shape diamonds are suited for a variety of settings. If you prefer a low-profile ring (where the stone is set closer to the shank), the cushion cut is an ideal choice.  Still, other settings are a natural for cushion cut diamonds too—and not just vintage styles. Because either cushion shape, whether squarish or elongated is striking, you may want to place it in a simple solitaire mounting. This timeless look will remain modern and fresh-looking decades from now. Don’t forget how spectacular a cushion diamond would be in a modern halo setting. That’s a real scene stealer. And halos as you know, always make the center stone look even larger. At Adiamor, all of our settings are custom made specifically for the diamond that is being set. The setting you choose will be made to the exact measurements of the cushion cut diamond that you select. This is essential for cushion cut engagement rings because every cushion cut diamond is different and truly unique. Below are a few of our favorite cushion cut diamond engagement ring settings. Shop cushion cut diamond engagement ring settings.

Knife Edge Platinum Basket Engagement Ring Setting

The knife edge on this thin band solitaire seems to disappear on the finger, for the ultimate thin band engagement ring. The cushion cut diamond that you select, stands out with platinum prongs that can be customized by adding a hidden halo. This is the perfect choice for making your cushion cut diamond the star of the show.

  • Center cushion cut diamond available in .25-10 carats
  • Setting available in 14K, 18K, Platinum 950
French Cut Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Way Shown with a cushion cut diamond

French Cut Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Way

This perfect thin band engagement ring, showcases any cushion cut diamond. With the extra sparkle on the band this engagement ring paired with a cushion cut diamond is sure to impress. This perfect thin band engagement ring is dainty at 1.5mm with diamonds that extend half way around. The basket is complete with a french cut set hidden halo. 

  • Center cushion cut diamond available in .25-10 carats
  • Setting available in 14K, 18K, Platinum 950
French Cut Halo Basket Setting Shown with a cushion cut diamond

French Cut Halo Basket Setting

This elegant engagement ring setting features a slim halo that perfectly follows the shape of the cushion cut diamond you select. This cushion cut engagement ring setting is perfect for those that love a lot of sparkle! Each ring is custom made at the time of order for a seamless fit. 

  • Center cushion cut diamond available in .25-10 carats
  • Setting available in 14K, 18K, Platinum 950

Consider Cushion’s Benefits

If you’re aiming for both beauty and budget, you’ll be happy to learn that cushion cuts are often priced less than the same size and quality of a round brilliant diamond. There’s a simple reason for this benefit. Round brilliant cuts are in greater demand so their prices-per-carat are usually higher. Here’s something else to be happy about. The multifaceted pattern that forms the cushion cut hides natural inclusions—so you can even go down a tad on the clarity grade and still get a beautiful cushion cut stone. Cushion cuts do show the real face up color of the diamond. So, buy the highest color-grade your budget allows.

Learning the back story on this iconic cut, you might just find that it’s become your favorite diamond shape—for its beauty and its rich history. You want a stone that delivers dazzle and a personalized style? Then cushion cuts are made for you.

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