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3 Carat Diamond Rings Are Extraordinary

by Faith Austin

If you are looking for the perfect size engagement ring look no further, 3 carat diamond engagement rings are eye catching, extra sparkly, and are extraordinary. Three carat diamond rings are a great choice for engagement rings, anniversary upgrades, and celebration diamond rings. 3 carat diamond rings are also a great choice for those that want to show a little self love with an “I bought it for myself” ring. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a 3 carat diamond ring.

3 carat diamond rings are the best carat weight for someone looking to step it up. Due to this beautiful size, 3 carat diamond rings are eye catching due to their ability to catch the light. This makes them extra sparkly, hence why they are an extraordinary choice! Due to this lovely size diamond we do have a few tips and trick for you to keep in mind while selecting your 3 carat diamond ring!

The first step in designing your 3 carat diamond ring is to SET YOUR BUDGET! This will give you a great guideline to work with while you are shopping for your 3 carat center diamond. If you need help while searching for your diamond ring, please give us a call. At Adiamor we put our customers first and don’t add any crazy mark ups. We love assisting you in choosing your perfect 3 carat diamond and designing your perfect engagement ring.

The second thing to keep in mind when choosing your perfect 3 carat diamond is that they are larger which means all of its beauty and all of its flaws will be magnified. We highly suggest learning more about the diamond shape you are choosing as this will help you become aware of which “C” Color, Cut or Clarity, you should d pay attention to after Carat Weight. 

A great tip for making the most out of your 3 carat diamond ring is to choose a setting that will showcase your center diamond. We recommend choosing a thin band engagement ring for those that would like to keep all of the attention on their center stone. For those who love all of the sparkle and making a statement, our eternity band setting and trapezoid setting are great options. As for our classic diamond ring lovers, we suggest our French cut basket setting as this diamond ring will showcase your center diamond while still having a little extra sparkle.

All 3 carat diamond rings look amazing with any shape center diamonds however, we do have our crowd favorites! Below we will discuss a few of the best shape diamonds for your 3 carat diamond ring.

What are the best shapes for a 3 carat diamond ring?


3 carat round diamond rings are an extraordinary choice because they make a statement without overtaking your hand. This classic shape is a cult favorite for many reasons. The brilliance and sparkle of a 3 carat round diamond will surely take your breath away and look great with many wedding bands. 3 carat round diamond rings also compliment all hand and finger shapes making them a no brainer when choosing your 3 carat diamond ring. We do suggest paying attention to your diamond’s color as round diamonds can hold on to color. We also recommend selecting a diamond that is eye clean and doesn’t have any large dark inclusions.


3 carat radiant diamond rings are an eye catching statement and are quickly becoming a popular choice for engagement rings. Radiant cut diamonds can be square in shape or elongated. The versatility is stunning at the 3 carat size because both square and elongated 3 carat radiant cut diamonds suit many styles and hand shapes. 3 carat radiant diamond rings are also a great choice for someone that loves all of the sparkle but still prefers the square or rectangular shape. Radiant diamonds tend to hold on to color so we recommend keeping this in mind when shopping for your diamond.


3 carat asscher cut diamonds are stunning. Asscher cut diamonds are a great choice for someone that loves a square shape and wants to stand out! Your 3 carat asscher diamond ring is sure to be extraordinary because they have a stunning flash of light, which makes them very eye-catching. Due to these diamonds being step cut we suggest focusing on the clarity of your 3 carat diamond. Avoid choosing any diamond with dark inclusions and go for one that is at minimum eye clean.

Overall, 3 carat diamond rings are eye-catching, extra sparkly, and extraordinary. They look stunning with all different shape center diamonds and in many different Adiamor engagement ring settings. With each shape 3 carat diamond there are a few things to be conscious of, the biggest being their beauty! 3 carat diamond rings are extraordinary because their gorgeous size is sure to stop anyone in their tracks when it sparkles. They make a great anniversary upgrade and a a great gift to yourself for all of our boss babes! If you are looking to step it up this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with a 3 carat diamond ring.

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