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Buying A Radiant Diamond?

by Faith Austin
Radiant Diamonds

Radiant diamonds are a popular shape for those who love the square shape of an Asscher or Emerald diamond, but also desire the sparkle of a round diamond. GIA does not grade cuts for fancy shapes. We have done the work for you by measuring the depth and the table percentages. When a fancy shaped diamond falls in within a very good and excellent cut it will have the maximum amount of sparkle. It will also measure appropriately to its carat weight.

When choosing your Radiant diamond it is very important to establish your budget first. Once you know your budget, then it is time to rank the 4 C’s in order from most to least important to you; Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut.

Radiant diamonds may vary greatly in their shape, from square to very elongated. This is due to their cut and length to width ratio. The length to width ratio measures the overall shape of the Radiant diamond. A ratio of 1.1 would be a very square radiant, where as a ratio of 1.4 would be a very rectangular radiant.

Below are 4 Radiant diamonds with different length to width ratio’s ranging from square to rectangular shapes.

When choosing the length to width ratio you prefer for your Radiant diamond, there is no wrong answer. All choices made when deciding which diamond is best for you is completely personal.

Another factor that may be important to you is the color of your Radiant diamond. Color is also a personal preference when choosing your diamond. It is important to note that similarly to Oval diamonds, Radiant diamonds tend to hold on to warmth. Below are four different diamonds with different color grades.

Radiant diamonds are brilliant cut stones therefore they tend to hide inclusions. Radiant diamonds with a clarity of VS2 and above will almost always be eye clean.

Here are a few of our favorite ring settings for Radiant diamonds:

Basket Solitaire Setting 1.7mm View Here

French Cut Diamond Basket Engagement Setting View Here

French Cut Basket Setting Diamonds 3/4 down View Here

3 Stone Engagement Ring Setting with Trapezoids View Here

French Cut Halo Basket Setting View Here

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