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Should You Get Engaged on Halloween?

by Chris W

In the past, Halloween was a holiday reserved for kids. It centered on fun costumes, campy scares, and lots of candy. These days, adults have taken the holiday back. Not only are more adults celebrating Halloween, it also have become a trendy time to propose. While there are plenty of reasons people think Halloween is more scary than romantic, some people find its the perfect time to get engaged. If you are considering getting engaged on Halloween this year, check out these Halloween proposal tips.

Is Halloween The Right Time?

It is important to determine if Halloween is the right time to propose. First, getting engaged on Halloween is very non traditional. However, there is a good chance she’s into the idea if she’s a big fan of horror films or costume parties. Plus, Halloween is a popular time for single people to meet. If the two of you met at a costume party, then proposing on Halloween is much more romantic than it seems. If your bride to be is into all things spooky, then presenting her with a custom designed engagement ring on All Hallow’s Eve is a great idea.

get engaged on halloween

For the right couple, Halloween offers an excellent chance to get engaged.

What’s Your Proposal Plan?

Although Halloween weekend is now known for revelry, parties aren’t the best place to propose. Therefore, you need to have a great plan for proposing. One idea would be to stay home and have a horror film fest. However, just be sure not to hide the ring in her popcorn or candy. If you’re going to be out of the box with proposing, be sure to avoid those cliches. Another great idea is proposing in a corn maze or pumpkin patch. This is especially true for couples who met on Halloween but aren’t into ghosts and ghouls. On the other hand, if she’s into campy horror, then proposing at a haunted house will make for a memorable story.

It takes a certain type of couple to get engaged on Halloween. However, the idea has a lot more romance than it may seem. If this sounds like the perfect start to your marriage, then start shopping for the perfect engagement ring and plan your Halloween proposal today!

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