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5 Ways to Announce Your Engagement

by Craig

Once he has popped the big question (and you have accepted), the next step is to tell all of your friends and family that you’re officially off the market. But you don’t want to start calling everyone; that would take forever! You want the announcement of your engagement to reach all of your loved ones at the same time (and you want it to be special). So here are a few ways you can tell everyone on your list that the man of your dreams is soon to become your husband.

1. Throw an engagement party. Announce your engagement old school by throwing a party to celebrate. Get all of your favorite people together in one place, have some punch and pie, and toast your good fortune in a room full of (happily) weeping relatives. This is also an excellent time to broach the topic of payment with your Dad (while he’s a little buzzed on the bubbly).

2. Post it on Facebook. It’s a brave new world in which our forms of communication have advanced significantly. And you can use that to your advantage when you have some information that you need to spread to everyone you know. All the people who love you most are linked to you on Facebook (even your mom!), so simply post an update on your wall and wait for the comments and congratulations to come rolling in.

3. Let a little birdie tell them. If they aren’t following you on Twitter, then they don’t deserve to know. Just kidding! But this is a fairly economical and direct way to inform a lot of people about your looming nuptials at the speed of your network connection.

4. Pix message. Take a photo of your ring finger with its shiny new adornment and send it out to friends and family via pix message. They’ll get the idea and your phone will soon be ringing off the hook.

5. Send out announcements. Everyone loves to get good snail mail and news of an upcoming wedding is always welcome (except maybe to ex-boyfriends who have since landed in the friend zone). Of course, the mail won’t reach everyone at the same time, but as long as it gets to your mother (and mother-in-law) first, you shouldn’t have any problems (in fact, you may just want to mail the announcement to the moms a few days ahead of everyone else).

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