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5 Reasons to Design Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

by Craig

You’ve seen the selection in the stores…the engagement rings you’ve come across seem to be nothing like the one you’ve got in your head. They’re either of the freakishly large Rachel Zoe variety or so small you’d need a microscope to see them. And the ones that are decently sized are colored, oddly shaped, or otherwise all wrong for you. You had visions of walking into a store only to be surrounded by a pile of sparkling diamonds so perfect that you just couldn’t decide, but as it turns out, you’re having the opposite problem. So if you want to get the ring of your dreams, what are you waiting for? Design it yourself.

1. It’s easy. Most websites have a create-your-own-ring feature. You can browse through a huge selections of diamonds using the four Cs to come up with the stone that perfectly matches your personality (2-carat, round, F color, FL-IF clarity, perhaps). Then all you have to do is choose a setting you love and, voilà! You’ve just designed your engagement ring.

2. It’s inexpensive. A ring in a store will cost you beaucoup bucks because it has probably gone through about a dozen middlemen before it ever reaches you, and it undergoes a markup each time. If you choose your ring online, and you pick the parts separately, then you can be pretty sure it’s passed through a lot less hands. And that’s why online retailers can offer such good deals.

3. No annoying sales people. By creating your own diamond ring, you won’t be subject to a cadre of sales people intent on selling you something you don’t want and can’t afford. You just open your browser and get exactly what you’re after.

4. Be creative. Choosing a ring is a very intense and personal experience. The process is all about you and you’re going to have to wear this ring for the rest of your life, so don’t be afraid to get creative and really express yourself through your choice of components.

5. No compromise. Most people end up getting something that is only marginally close to what they want because they simply can’t find quite what they’re looking for. But you don’t have to suffer this unfortunate fate. Simply browse online for the stones, the setting, and the overall style that fits your aesthetic. You’ll be glad you did every time you gaze at your ring finger.

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