Ring Size 201: Ring Sizing Without A Ring and Re-sizing

In our previous installment of our series on ring sizing, the goal was to surprise her with an engagement ring that actually fits. Since it would be difficult to surprise her if you visited a jeweler together, we explained how the best way to size an engagement ring without her knowing is to use a different ring. However, this isn’t always possible. For these scenarios, we’ve compiled part 2 of our ring sizing in Ring Size 201.

Ring Sizing Without A Ring

Depending on where you look, there are all kinds of ring sizing guides available online. Some of them say to use string to to measure the ring finger, and then measure the length of string. However, when attempting ring sizing without a ring, the string method is not a good solution. One of the main problems is that string will often stretch. Because of this, the best methods for ring sizing without a ring are to use paper.

ring sizing 201
Ring sizing without a ring doesn’t mean you can’t surprise her with the perfect fit.

Ring measurements are standardized by countries, and you can check out the Adiamor guide to Find Your Ring Size for help in determining the proper size.

When All Else Fails, There’s Resizing

While getting the exact ring size is the best way to get the perfect fitting solitaire engagement ring, some times things just don’t go as planned. Even with the most careful of planning, there’s a chance her ring won’t fit perfectly. Fortunately, nearly every newly purchased engagement can be resized by a jeweler. However, with older vintage engagement rings, it can be very difficult to determine the exact ring metal used. If you purchased your engagement ring online, check out the ring sizing policy of the jeweler.  Here at Adiamor, we offer free ring sizing within the first 90 days from the original shipment date. Additionally, most rings can be quickly resized in just four business days. This means she’ll be back to wearing a perfectly fitting engagement ring in about a week!

Need more help when selecting an engagement ring? Visit the Adiamor Engagement Guide today!


Eternity Bands and Wedding Rings: What’s the Difference?

Eternity bands and wedding rings are often confused to being the same item. However, there are differences between the two ring styles ranging from design and construction to purpose. While wedding bands are traditionally exchanged as part of the ceremony, some couples do opt to use eternity rings instead. Keep reading the Adiamor blog to learn more about the differences between eternity bands and wedding rings.

Wedding Rings


wedding ringsTraditionally, wedding rings are used in the wedding ceremony. The rings are symbolic, representing an unbroken circle of love. During a ceremony, the wedding ring is placed on the ring finger of the bride by the husband and vice versa. For brides, the wedding ring typically matches the engagement ring. While most classic rings feature a plain band, contemporary rings often include diamond accents. For matched sets, the wedding band will directly match the engagement ring. However, many modern brides like to mix and match their ring styles. Additionally, many wedding rings include a notched base that allows the band to fit flush against the engagement ring. Some times, the wedding band and engagement ring are soldered together to prevent damage to either ring.

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Eternity Bandseternity bands

While wedding rings that include diamonds generally only wrap halfway around, eternity bands feature diamonds that go all the way around the band. Although many eternity bands feature round diamonds, these rings can be made with fancy shapes ranging form princess cut diamonds to emerald cut and more. Although wedding bands are generally used as part of the wedding ceremony, eternity bands are often used to celebrate sentimental moments such as an anniversary or the birth of a child. Eternity rings are incredibly versatile in that they can be worn  on their own or stacked with other types of rings. The never-ending circle of diamonds is meant to represent an everlasting love.

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Diamond Jewelry: 5 Must Have Essentials

The perfect collection of diamond jewelry complements your engagement ring to create a complete set. In order to fill out your jewelry box with pieces that match your ring, consider these must have essentials!

1. Engagement Ring

Now that you are engaged and have your dream ring, it is time to start thinking about building your jewelry collection with staple items that will coordinate with your ring.  Take into consideration your engagement ring: is the center stone round, princess, or cushion cut?  What type of metal is your ring: platinum, rose gold, etc.?  You can coordinate your other jewelry box items to your ring.  Here are 4 additional items that will dress up any look day or night.

French cut halo setting
French Cut Cushion Halo Setting R2940

Browse our collection of engagement rings here.

2. Eternity Bands

This can be added to your collection as a wedding band, but eternity bands look great stacked together if you have a few of them.  This is where you get to show your own personal style.  Pick bands in different widths, metals, and diamond setting styles.  Since an eternity band has diamonds all the way around the ring, there is no need to worry about which side of the band is showing.  Eternity bands make great anniversary or birthday gifts.

Stacked Diamond Eternity Bands

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3. Diamond Studs

Diamond earrings are a staple that you can wear all the time no matter what the occasion.  For diamond studs, you can choose to have a classic pair where the center diamond stands out, or you can choose a pair with a halo setting with smaller diamonds around the center stone.  Either is a good option and will add a bit of glitz to your ears.  Earrings make a great wedding day gift or push present to celebrate a milestone.

Round Halo Diamond Earrings E5197

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4. Solitaire Pendant

Another must to add to your jewelry box is a diamond solitaire pendant.  Just like earrings, this can be made in a classic single center diamond or it can be made with a halo to enhance the center stone.  Paired with your diamond stud earrings the pendant will draw eyes upwards and will create a triad of sparkle directly to your eyes and face.

Round Diamond Halo Pendant P5182

Browse our collection of pendants and necklaces here.

5. Tennis Bracelet

You cannot go wrong with a diamond tennis bracelet!  This piece will complete any Jewelry Box.  Depending on the width you choose it can be worn every day or saved for special occasions.  Also if you decide you would like to stack bracelets for a stylish look, a tennis bracelet is classic and can be paired with any other style of bracelet.  A tennis bracelet makes the perfect present for any occasion!

Diamond Tennis Bracelet 1.75cttw B2095

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Adiamor Sweepstakes: Win a Diamond Eternity Ring ($5,000 Value)

Adiamor’s newest giveaway has arrived, and it’s a stunner: this time around, we’ll be presenting one of our 2cttw Diamond Eternity Rings to one lucky winner in a drawing ending December 5 at 11:59 PM PST. We will begin accepting entries for this incredible giveaway on October 8; just sign up on the Adiamor Jewelry Sweepstakes page using a valid e-mail address to enter, and earn up to 10 entries by sharing us with your friends or keeping up with us on social media!

Adiamor Diamond Eternity Band Sweepstakes

Eternity bands have always appeared on the hands of the most fashionable and well-to-do wearers, but the style has become more popular than ever as more and more couples choose eternity rings as their wedding bands over the more traditional plain metal styles. The special symbolism that so many people associate with wedding bands—a ring is a shape with no discernable ending, representing the endless nature of the couple’s love and devotion—certainly gets a glamorous update when reimagined in a diamond eternity ring. Alternately, they’ve also become a recent fashion favorite, particularly as part of stacking sets incorporating different types and colors of precious metals or stones.

One winner will receive the Adiamor diamond eternity ring shown here:

The ring is set with round brilliant cut diamonds of G-H color and VS1-VS2 clarity grades with an approximate combined carat weight of 2.00 carats.

This diamond eternity ring also features a setting in white gold, the most popular choice for diamond eternity bands. The brilliance of the metal pairs perfectly with bright white diamonds, as it blends in with the diamonds and accentuates the endless sparkling circle of an eternity ring. Shared prong style settings like this one are ideal for use in eternity bands, holding each stone securely without obscuring a lot of its surface or shine.

How to Enter

Sign up with a valid e-mail address here to receive one chance to win the Adiamor 2.00cttw Shared Prong Diamond Eternity Band. You can earn more entries by referring friends, promoting the giveaway via social media shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, and liking or following us on these networks.  Facebook likes will not be used as entries after November 5, 2014.  Winners will be selected through a random drawing and notified via email within five days of the winner’s selection.

Who Can Win

The Diamond Eternity Band Sweepstakes contest is open to all legal residents of the United States of America, and all entrants must be at least 18 years of age at the time they enter the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes will open to online entries on October 8 and run through December 5 11:59PM PST.

Read full official contest rules here. Good luck to all contestants!


How Do People Wear Wedding Bands?

Everyone has their own style and preferences when it comes to pairing wedding bands with engagement rings. Some of our rings have matching bands designed for them, but some can be paired with many options. Here are some ideas of how people like to wear wedding bands.

Some people like the exact match to their engagement ring, like R2890 and its matching wedding band, R2891.

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band
Oval Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Some of our customers like the option of wearing the wedding band alone; for example, when they are traveling. A straight band or an eternity band is great choice for that.

Certain halo rings sit high enough that they can be paired with a straight wedding band. R2940 is an example of a ring with can be paired with a variety of straight rings. You can also stack an anniversary band or second wedding band on top to create more impact. Here is R2940 stacked with R2489 and R2488.

Cushion Halo Ring with Mismatched Stacked Bands
Cushion Halo Ring with Mismatched Stacked Bands

Certain halo style rings, like R2877, require a curved band. Some of our clients always wear their rings together so a curved band is not a problem. These people might even choose to solder their rings together so that they cannot come apart.

Two Toned Halo Ring with Matching Curved Wedding Band
Two Toned Halo Ring with Matching Curved Wedding Band

Another look which is quite popular is pairing an eternity band with a solitaire setting.

The 3 cttw eternity band, R2952, is an impressive statement next to this basket solitaire, R2906. Some people prefer a more understated eternity band, like R2947, though.

Solitaire Diamond Ring with 1 cttw and 3 cttw Eternity Bands
Solitaire Diamond Ring with 3 cttw and 1 cttw Eternity Bands



Why Do People Buy Eternity Bands?

Why do people buy eternity bands? Eternity bands are purchased for reasons both logical and sentimental.

On the design side, people buy eternity bands for the way the rings look. Because the rings can turn around the finger, no matter which way the ring is facing, all you see if delectable sparkle. An eternity ring’s versatility is another popular feature; people appreciate that they can be worn on their own or stacked with other rings.

Jennifer Garner Stackable Eternity Rings
Jennifer Garner Stackable Eternity Rings

On the emotional side, eternity rings are very meaningful because they combine two classic symbols of everlasting love: the never-ending circle of the ring and enduring, beautiful diamonds.  Even the name emphasizes the concept of ‘forever’. This is why they are so perfect for commemorating important events in life, such as weddings, anniversaries, or the birth of a child.


We loved Jennifer Garner’s stackable eternity bands so much, we decided to recreate her look using rings from our own collection. Featured from top to bottom are: R2886, R2952, R2770 and RB0998. Jennifer’s designer look costs around $40,000! You can get her look for less at Adiamor for around $9,900!

Adiamor's eternity bands on hand
Stacked Eternity Bands.

How Do People Wear Eternity Bands?

Many people love to wear eternity bands as wedding rings, for multiple reasons. They add a lot of sparkle and make the engagement ring look wonderful. Since many are stand-alone pieces, they also can be worn on their own without the engagement ring.

Stacked Eternity Bands from Adiamor
Stacked Eternity Bands from Adiamor

People often wear eternity bands as anniversary or celebration bands on the other side of their engagement ring, as well. Eternity rings are perfect for stacking on other fingers or hands, and they pair well with other diamond rings or plain metal bands. Shown below are the most recent additions to Adiamor’s eternity band collection. From top to bottom they are: R2946 1/2cttw diamond pave eternity band, R2952 3cttw claw prong eternity band and R2948 the 3/4cttw eternity band.

Browse our collection of eternity bands here.


What is an Eternity Band?

An eternity band is a ring which has diamonds that go all the way around it. This type of ring comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. Many eternity rings have round diamonds, but they are also made with fancy shapes including princess, emerald cut and Asscher cut diamonds. Eternity bands are a classic choice for a ring, and have been incredibly popular throughout history.

Marilyn Monroe's Eternity Band

Marilyn Monroe’s Eternity Band

Adiamor specializes in custom designed eternity bands, similar to this gorgeous creation featuring emerald cut diamonds! Call Adiamor for pricing and details to create your one-of–kind diamond eternity ring. Or get Marilyn’s look for less, with this sophisticated invisible-set diamond baguette band.

Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring from Adiamor
Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring from Adiamor

Invisible Set Diamond Band

Invisible Set Diamond Band