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Why Do People Buy Eternity Bands?

by Ashley

Why do people buy eternity bands? Eternity bands are purchased for reasons both logical and sentimental.

On the design side, people buy eternity bands for the way the rings look. Because the rings can turn around the finger, no matter which way the ring is facing, all you see if delectable sparkle. An eternity ring’s versatility is another popular feature; people appreciate that they can be worn on their own or stacked with other rings.

Jennifer Garner Stackable Eternity Rings

Jennifer Garner Stackable Eternity Rings

On the emotional side, eternity rings are very meaningful because they combine two classic symbols of everlasting love: the never-ending circle of the ring and enduring, beautiful diamonds.  Even the name emphasizes the concept of ‘forever’. This is why they are so perfect for commemorating important events in life, such as weddings, anniversaries, or the birth of a child.


We loved Jennifer Garner’s stackable eternity bands so much, we decided to recreate her look using rings from our own collection. Featured from top to bottom are: R2886, R2952, R2770 and RB0998. Jennifer’s designer look costs around $40,000! You can get her look for less at Adiamor for around $9,900!

Adiamor's eternity bands on hand

Stacked Eternity Bands.

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