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How Do People Wear Eternity Bands?

by Ashley

Many people love to wear eternity bands as wedding rings, for multiple reasons. They add a lot of sparkle and make the engagement ring look wonderful. Since many are stand-alone pieces, they also can be worn on their own without the engagement ring.

People often wear eternity bands as anniversary or celebration bands on the other side of their engagement ring, as well. Eternity rings are perfect for stacking on other fingers or hands, and they pair well with other diamond rings or plain metal bands. Shown below are the most recent additions to Adiamor’s eternity band collection. From top to bottom they are: R2946 1/2cttw diamond pave eternity band, R2952 3cttw claw prong eternity band and R2948 the 3/4cttw eternity band.

Browse our collection of eternity bands here.

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