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Reality Shows and Pave Engagement Rings

Go on, admit it. Everyone has one—or two, or three guilty-pleasure reality shows. If you’re moving towards marriage, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the drama of wedding-based shows, like The Bachelor or Say Yes to the Dress, or in steamy romances that sometimes inadvertently develop, like on Survivor.

paveengagementringAlong with having some of the shortest engagements in television history, many proposals born out of matches from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette feature pave engagement rings. In 2011, J.P. proposed to Ashley with a ring encrusted with 162 round cut diamonds set in the pave style. Brad outdid J.P. when he proposed to Emily by giving her a 3-carat ring with 263 pave diamonds. However, they called off the engagement just three months after he proposed—proof that cost does not equal commitment!

A bride-to-be from Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta favored the pave engagement ring style, too. Brandie Gowen from last season received a cushion-cut diamond from her sweetie. The beautiful center cut diamond was set in what she described as an “antique-style band” that was created using yellow gold and pave diamonds.

pavesolitaireRemember Amber and “Boston Rob,” the lovers who forged an unbreakable alliance that took them to the final two in Survivor: All Stars in 2004? It seems that even this dynamic duo isn’t immune to the reality-TV/pave engagement ring link. At the show’s season finale, Rob proposed with a white gold ring that featured a 1.31 carat diamond surrounded by dozens of smaller pave diamonds. Not too shabby for a romance that started on a deserted island!

The best part about “reality” TV is that ultimately it’s just a fantasy, and it’s real life that the stuff of dreams is made of.  Luckily, pave engagement rings are part of real life and can become a dazzling reality for you and your loved one. Adiamor has plenty of sparkling stunners for you to choose from, like this pave beauty.


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The Latest Trends in Celebrity Engagement Rings

The Latest Trends in Celebrity Engagement Rings

If you find yourself day-dreaming about famous celebrity engagement rings, Princess Kate’s just might be the first that pops into your mind. Her dazzling 18-carat sapphire, surrounded by 14 smaller white diamonds is certainly fitting for a princess. Not all celebrities have the desire for solitaire engagement rings as big as this! Kate Middleton’s fellow Brit, Keira Knightley, flaunts a simple yet elegant solitaire diamond from her musician fiancé, James Righton.  This 2-carat stone has a brilliant cut and sits on a classic gold band.
It’s not just the Brits that are in on the solitaire diamond scene. Apple-pie American, Ryan Reynolds, proposed to Blake Lively with an oval solitaire light pink diamond. Lively’s ring weighs in at a whopping nine carats on a delicate band comprised of smaller stones, making the beautiful rose diamond the star of the show.
Drew Barrymore’s ring proves it’s not necessary to have huge bling to make a statement. When she got engaged to celebrity art advisor, Will Kopelman, last February, she accepted a radiant cut solitaire diamond that weighs in at just under four carats.
Lately, celebrities have started showing a preference for yellow diamond engagement rings. Kelly Clarkson’s talent manager sweetie. Brandon Blackstock. proposed to her with a dramatic 10-carat yellow diamond surrounded by more white diamonds. Fellow singer Carrie Underwood received a similar 12-carat round cut canary diamond.
Not to be outdone by her American singer counterparts, in February 2012, Adele showed up to the Brit awards wearing a gorgeous 7-carat yellow diamond. Though the canary was just a loaner (not an actual engagement ring with a fiancé attached), it obviously indicates the British superstar’s preference in rocks.
Emerald cut diamonds are often used on the highest quality of diamonds, a fact that perhaps influences the celebrity trend of emerald-cut engagement rings. Clarkson’s and Adele’s yellow diamonds are both in emerald cuts, while ladies like Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton have white diamonds as their rocks, in the same cut.
If you want to get in on the hottest celebrity engagement rings, you will do well sticking with a solitaire diamond on a simple band, or more ornate setting with an emerald cut diamond. Colored diamonds, particularly yellow diamond engagement rings, seem to be on the rise, but don’t feel obligated to make your man buy you a gem the size of Princess Kate’s—you’ll feel like royalty no matter what when he drops to one knee, ring in hand.


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Celebrity Engagement Rings Dazzle In Different Ways


As actresses, singers, and celebrities alike display their celebrity engagement rings, one thing is certain — variety rules. There are as many dynamic new creations caressing the ring fingers of high profile women as there are engagements. Here are just a few recent examples:
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Actor Ryan Reynolds displayed his deep affection for actress Blake Lively in more ways than one when they got engaged. He teamed up with celebrity jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz, to actually help design the engagement ring that he would slip onto the finger of the future Mrs. Reynolds.

As celebrity engagement rings go, Blake’s is both delicate and classy. A band of small diamonds surrounds a light pink oval diamond that is absolutely flawless. Reynolds contributed his artistic touch in helping to create the rose gold custom setting.

In October, the red carpet at the Chanel Bijoux De Diamant 80th Anniversary Celebration in New York Cityoffered a suitable backdrop for Blake’s light pink oval diamond, now conjoined to the new Mrs. Reynolds’ diamond wedding band.

                                                                                          Emily Maynard and Jeff Holm
An emerald-cut engagement ring was center stage on the season finale of ‘The Bachelorette.’ Emily Maynard said ‘yes!’ to Jeff Holm’s heartfelt proposal; love symbolized by a custom hand made Neil Lanecreation. No less than 87 smaller cut diamonds surround the 3.5 carat emerald-cut stone. ‘You will never feel lonely ever again,’ Holm promised, ‘midst the enchantment of the tropical isle of Curaçao.
Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger
Canadian Avril Lavigne and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger miraculously succeeded in keeping their six month courtship rather quiet. It culminated in August with Chadproposing to Avril with a 14-carat diamond ring that was a little more high profile than their half a year of dating. The versatile rocker has experienced recent success with her Abbey Dawn clothing line. With Lavigne saying ‘yes’ on August 8th, Kroeger is now enjoying success beyond music as well.
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The Two Rules for Celebrity Engagement Rings: Big and Shiny


If you’re shopping for celebrity engagement rings, check with Sofia Vergara about diamond size.

The 40-year-old “Modern Family” star says the one she just got from her on-again-off-again love of the past four years, Nick Loeb, is just right:
“It is perfection,” the Colombian-born actress says in the November issue of Lucky magazine. “If it was bigger, it would be too big to wear. But if it was smaller, I would not like.”
Lucky describes Vergara’s diamond engagement ring as the size of a Chicklet … which probably fits her love-of-luxury lifestyle to a tee.
Vergara and her ring have been drawing as many admiring glances and celebrity-magazine articles as anybody lately.
She’s also featured on, which is showing off “10 of the biggest, priciest, shiniest celeb engagement rings” in a separate article.

As the story’s title suggests, size probably matters a little more than we’d like to admit. At least to celebrities like Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey, who are among those pictured lugging around diamonds the size of postage stamps.
But don’t despair, guys.
Unless you’re dating a celebrity, your beloved probably isn’t going to surprise you with a Benz or a getaway weekend in St. Lucia. And the size ring she’ll be looking for from you will likely be less important to her than the depth of your love.
The “love” part is up to you, but contact us when you’re ready for some help with the ring — even if you happen to catch Ms. Vergara on the rebound somehow.
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Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo’s Wedding Ring Details

The lovebirds may have faced some controversy when first they announced their engagement, but the subsequent marriage of Lachey’s ex (Jessica Simpson) helped to smooth over public opinion and pave the way for the couple’s future nuptials, which occurred just a few days ago. The wedding took place on Neckar Island (owned by Sir Richard Branson) in the Caribbean, on a cliff overlooking the cerulean waters. Minnillo wore a silk, Monique Lhuillier creation that featuredcrystal beadwork while Lachey sported a Dolce & Gabanna design. Of course, anyone interested in getting a peek at the ceremony can see the two-hour special airing on TLC July 30th, entitled Nick & Vanessa’s Dream Wedding (you didn’t think the reality TV duo would do anything less!).

And of course, no celebrity wedding would be complete without some spectacular bling on display. Those who paid attention to the engagement of late last year were probably in awe of the fabulous, 4-carat, Asscher-cut diamond that the soon-to-be Mrs. Lachey was seen sporting. The central stone, flanked by trapezoidal diamonds and set in a platinum band, was designed by Bader and Garrin and reportedly cost around $125,000. Of course, Kim Kardashian’s $2 million stunner would shortly surpass Minnillo’s ring in the bling department, but as of last November, Minnillo had one of the finest celebrity engagement rings on the market.

Now the couple has added a pair of gorgeous wedding bands to the mix. Also designed by David Bader (of Bader and Garrin), Minnillo’s band was made to match perfectly with her engagement ring, featuring smaller Asscher-cut diamonds in a platinum eternity band. Even Lachey went for an embellished ring. Although he obviously wanted something more masculine (opting for a thicker band) the design of his ring featured 24 diamonds. Also reportedly included in Lachey’s ring was a special inscription penned by his now-wife. As to what that message might be, the couple has thus far remained tight-lipped on the subject (apparently wishing to keep at least one part of the wedding arrangements private). All that was revealed was that the engraving was “heartfelt”. If you want to know more, tune in on Saturday to see the wedding for yourself!

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Kate Moss Engagement Ring Meltdown

You might think that Kate Moss had a meltdown due to the fact that the engagement ring presented to her by fiancé Jamie Hince (guitarist for The Kills) was significantly smaller and less expensive than the giant on Kim Kardashian’s finger. But in fact, Moss seems to love the vintage 1920s sparkler (worth nearly $28,000), as she proved at the recent Glastonbury Music Festival in Somerset, England. While watching her husband performing on stage, Moss realized that she had somehow lost her ring. In what spectators described as a fit of hyperventilation, Moss and friends dug through the mud looking for the wayward ring.

Well, Moss dug around with the toe of a Welly whilst begging her friends to get down on hands and knees and search. But she was apparently frantic to find the ring, shouting at everyone within earshot to help her sift through the mud near the stage while she herself cried and began to hyperventilate. But all’s well that ends well, it seems. After a couple of hours of searching, Moss retired to the restroom to calm down and clean up. And while searching for tissues in her purse she came across the missing ring, which had apparently been at the bottom of her handbag all along.

Moss seemed in good spirits after the find, reportedly “cackling hysterically” about the fact that the ring had been in her bag the whole time everyone was wading through the mud looking for it (well, everyone but Moss herself). Probably she was just relieved to have discovered the missing rock, but no one else seemed as amused by the incident. No word on what her soon-to-be hubby may have thought, as he was apparently distracted by playing the festival for the duration of the upset.

Moss, 37, and Hince, 40, became engaged just a few months ago after dating for over three years. With the ring intact and on her finger, Moss is reportedly planning a blow-out wedding that will showcase a festival theme and include performances by an eclectic array of rockers, purported to include rapper Snoop Dogg and American songstress Beth Ditto (the front woman for indie rock group Gossip – also a designer for plus-size store Evans, the sister store to Topshop, which Moss designs for, in case you were wondering about the connection). Although Moss’s meltdown was much publicized, it seems it wasn’t even a bump in the road for the happy couple.

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Hugh Hefner Lets Crystal Harris Keep Her Engagement Ring

Hugh Hefner, perennial bachelor, has not had much luck in the marriage arena. In his many years, the octogenarian has been married twice, for ten years each time, and it seemed that the third time could be the charm when he became engaged to 25-year-old Playboy playmate Crystal Harris (more than 60 years his senior). But then she called off the wedding just a week before she was set to walk down the aisle (and funny enough, immediately following the release of her first album of candy-coated club music). But what did she do with the ring?

In fact, she tried to give it back. The tabloids certainly made merry during the engagement, painting Harris as a gold-digging harlot. But no one can deny that going to return the ring is what most women would have done after realizing that the man they were about to marry simply wasn’t the right one. However, in a fit of magnanimity, Hefner insisted that she keep not only the 3-carat diamond engagement ring (reportedly worth nearly $90,000), but also the Bentley he had previously given her as a gift. She accepted…again.

Hefner, it seems, is content with the outcome. He tweeted to followers that he is happy to be single and that he feels he dodged a bullet. There had been much speculation that his relationship with former playmate (and long-time girlfriend) Holly Madison would end in wedding bells, but the rumors were dispelled when she moved out of the mansion in 2008, ending their seven-year relationship. Her reason for leaving? There was no future for her. So it was just as much of a surprise to her as anyone else when Hef announced his engagement just a couple of years later.

But it seems the man who has made his living from the nude female figure simply isn’t meant to see just one for the rest of his life (however long that may be). And by all indications he has already moved on, apparently taking up with Harris’s best friend at the mansion, Anna Sophia Berglund. It’s all in a day’s work for the Playboy magnate, and he’s not going to let a little thing like a broken engagement slow him down.

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Jay Leno Torches Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring

Viewers of The Late Show may have been shocked a few days ago when Kim Kardashian was a guest. Not only did Leno propose to test Kardashian’s gargantuan engagement ring (which contains 20.5 carats of diamond), but she agreed to go through with it. At this point she handed over her ring, which Leno proceeded to mount on a stand and then set aflame with a match. And the stone lit up like a Christmas tree before puffing out, leaving a blackened lump. Leno proclaimed it a fake and suggested that she get a pre-nup.

Of course, the whole thing was a set-up (as if you couldn’t tell by Kardashian’s willingness to hand over her huge bauble). But it begs the question: can a flame tell you if your engagement ring is real? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. The only problem is that cubic zirconia doesn’t burn; diamonds do. So while you could certainly set fire to your precious gem to test its veracity, proving that it is a real diamond will mean that you have destroyed it.

Also, you couldn’t do it with a match. As you may know, all natural matter contains carbon and diamonds, in particular, are super-compressed carbon. Because of this, they are subject to the effects of fire. In fact, diamonds are so combustible that if they were in a hot enough fire, there would be nothing left. But strictly speaking, they are not exactly flammable, at least not in our atmosphere. In order to actually set a diamond alight and burn it up, thus proving it real, you would have to place it in an atmosphere with pressurized oxygen. In short, this experiment isn’t exactly feasible for the average person.

Plus, if your diamond is real, you probably want it intact. Luckily there are several other ways to test your engagement ring in order to determine whether or not it’s real. Leno’s shenanigans were meant as a joke, and Kardashian played along knowing full well she’d get the real deal back at the end. But you shouldn’t try such a test at home (especially since the fire test would prove your diamond real but ruin it in the process). Look for ways to verify the value of your stone that don’t lead to its ultimate destruction.

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Molly Sims Gets the Brass (or Diamond) Ring

Supermodel extraordinaire Molly Sims may be best known for flashing her smile in ads for Cover Girl, and her other assets on the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, but it was an engagement ring she got spotted flashing over the weekend while out her new fiancé, producer Scott Stuber. The couple has been together for a year and a half and apparently she’s been waiting for the right one, because unbelievably, this will be wedding number one for the 38-year-old model/actress (Stuber is on number two).

The ring itself is a gorgeous Diane von Furstenberg creation that Sims’ soon-to-be hubby helped to create (he has apparently been working on it for several months with top designers at DVF). Unfortunately, Sims has reported only that she has no idea how big her brand new rock is, but the carat count has got to be pretty high. Not only is the central stone easily upwards of three carats (with what looks to be a cushion cut), but there are also the stones in the pave halo and those around the band to consider. It’s no Kardashian, but it certainly has some heft.

However, the ring pales in comparison to the actual proposal. He not only gave her a huge rock, which the starlet says she can’t stop looking at, but he also made the occasion even more special by flying her parents in to help them celebrate. Sims told reporters that they were waiting in the kitchen when she came downstairs after the proposal. Aww! Not only does this man have excellent taste in jewelry, he’s also a total sweetheart! Yup, he’s a keeper.

And Sims seems to be over the moon, gushing about how surprised she was and proclaiming that she is excited that she gets to keep the gorgeous rock. She may not be a spring chicken anymore, especially not in the world of fashion, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a blushing bride. The only question now is: will the wedding be in Las Vegas?

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Britney Spears Ring Photos Spark Engagement Rumors

Poor little Britney is a two-time loser in the marriage arena, after her 55-hour marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander in 2004 (what happened in Vegas did not stay there) and her subsequent nuptials with Kevin Federline later the same year (she bought her own ring…who could have known then that it wouldn’t work out?). In any case, she did come out of the whole marriage debacle with two cute kids (and a host of very public breakdowns). But the third time may be the charm for pop-tart Spears, who was recently photographed wearing a ring on a very special finger.

The singing starlet has been dating talent agent Jason Trawick for about two years now (although there were rumors of a split at some point) and this isn’t the first time that speculation about an upcoming wedding has surfaced. In fact, the ring that Spears was seen sporting this week is the same one she’s been wearing for months, and despite the fact that it’s on her ring finger, it doesn’t have the classic hallmarks of an engagement ring.

The band in question appears to feature a small flower, much like one you might find in any Hawaiian gift shop (complete the set with flower earrings and a bracelet). There are no diamonds present and it looks like it cost about $20. Plus, photos dating back as far as Christmas 2010 show her flashing the trinket nonchalantly (she tweeted a photo with Santa in which she was wearing the ring). And thus far there have been no engagement announcements (she was also photographed with the ring on in April and May).

So is Britney once again on the way to the altar? It seems pretty unlikely at this point. Frankly, she’s probably smart to date someone for a while before jumping into marriage yet again. With two boys to think about, she needs to be sure that it’s going to work out (so as not to upset their lives). But she also needs to consider the hit her career might take if she suffers another divorce. Everyone is rooting for the one-time pop queen to rebound, but her so-called comeback has received only a lukewarm reception thus far, begging the question of whether or not she’ll ever fully recover from her last divorce.