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Hugh Hefner Lets Crystal Harris Keep Her Engagement Ring

by Craig

Hugh Hefner, perennial bachelor, has not had much luck in the marriage arena. In his many years, the octogenarian has been married twice, for ten years each time, and it seemed that the third time could be the charm when he became engaged to 25-year-old Playboy playmate Crystal Harris (more than 60 years his senior). But then she called off the wedding just a week before she was set to walk down the aisle (and funny enough, immediately following the release of her first album of candy-coated club music). But what did she do with the ring?

In fact, she tried to give it back. The tabloids certainly made merry during the engagement, painting Harris as a gold-digging harlot. But no one can deny that going to return the ring is what most women would have done after realizing that the man they were about to marry simply wasn’t the right one. However, in a fit of magnanimity, Hefner insisted that she keep not only the 3-carat diamond engagement ring (reportedly worth nearly $90,000), but also the Bentley he had previously given her as a gift. She accepted…again.

Hefner, it seems, is content with the outcome. He tweeted to followers that he is happy to be single and that he feels he dodged a bullet. There had been much speculation that his relationship with former playmate (and long-time girlfriend) Holly Madison would end in wedding bells, but the rumors were dispelled when she moved out of the mansion in 2008, ending their seven-year relationship. Her reason for leaving? There was no future for her. So it was just as much of a surprise to her as anyone else when Hef announced his engagement just a couple of years later.

But it seems the man who has made his living from the nude female figure simply isn’t meant to see just one for the rest of his life (however long that may be). And by all indications he has already moved on, apparently taking up with Harris’s best friend at the mansion, Anna Sophia Berglund. It’s all in a day’s work for the Playboy magnate, and he’s not going to let a little thing like a broken engagement slow him down.

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