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Three Stone Rings From Adiamor Are Custom

by Sa Bal

If you’re looking for something meaningful to make your big day more special, three stone diamond engagement rings are the best choice.  The three-stone style is not only full of pure symbolism but also a unique way to create a statement for your significant other.

Whether you choose a yellow gold, round three stone engagement ring or platinum, trapezoid three stone ring, they narrate a story of your trust and love.  Symbolizing a joyful future, a three-stone engagement ring stands for fidelity, friendship, and love.

Let’s get into the details to find out more about this precious piece of jewelry and its features, making it a popular choice.

Are Three Stone Engagement Rings Popular?

Three stone engagement rings are one of the most iconic setting styles of all time.  No one can deny that Grace Kelly’s emerald cut three stone stunner set the benchmark of elegance and is the most iconic “dream ring” of the century.  People have been literally fawning over an extra-sparkly three-stone engagement ring since the day Meghan Markle’s choice of a cushion cut center with a round diamond on each side, for her big day. 

Not only is this type of ring highly symbolic, but it can also offer a larger look for less money.  Another feature that makes three stone rings a popular option is their versatility or endless designs. The ring features three gemstones- a larger stone in the center flanked by stones on the sides.

Interestingly, you can choose any diamond size or shape to incorporate in your three-stone engagement ring.  The endless styling options such as adding hidden halos, diamond bands, two-tone metal choices, and countless variations utilizing fancy shaped stones,  make people fall in love with them.

Why Choose Three Stone Engagement Rings

Offers Meaningful Interpretation

Wondering what is the purpose of the three stones in the engagement ring?

Precisely, the three stones in the ring represent your past, present, and future.  If you buy a past, present, and future ring with equal stone size, each stone implies a stage of life. A large stone in the middle symbolizes your focus and commitment to the present.

Elegance and Sparkle

A well-designed three-stone ring exudes an overall aesthetic making it stunning and unique. The three stones in the ring work together to make a cohesive look. Designing a ring with 3 stones that have the same faceting style will maximize the sparkle.  The side stones fill in the space on each side of the center diamond with sparkle.  Selecting the perfect step-cut center stone and flanking it with baguettes or step-cut trapezoids creates a dramatic flashing sparkle that is clean and elegant.  Selecting a brilliant center stone with brilliant cut side stones will create a brilliant sparkle that continues across the finger.

Creates Your Personal Statement

A three-stone engagement ring increases the size and overall presence of a ring on the finger.   You can make it your own by selecting a thin band, wide band, or even a diamond band for your three-stone setting.  If you love flashy and bold accessories, you can design the ring style with a large center, large side stones, and a diamond band to match your personal style. You can also create three stone engagement rings in minimalist styles for a simple yet alluring design with a thin plain band and smaller side stones.

Makes an affordable Option

Three stone engagement rings are relatively inexpensive compared to one stone rings. Using three smaller diamonds instead of a large solitaire with the same carat weight will cost less.  For example, a three carat round diamond is exponentially more expensive than three one carat round diamonds of the same quality.  Additionally, a ring with three diamonds will have more finger coverage than a single diamond of the same total carat weight. This means that you get a larger look while spending less.

Design and Style of Three Stone Engagement Rings

When choosing a design for three stone rings, only your imagination could limit you.  The beautiful ring-type allows you to customize the design in endless ways. You can create a stylish and unique looking three-stone ring or keep it classic with a traditional style.

Here we have listed some favored designs.  They are just a few styles and types of three-stone rings as there are many you can choose from.

·     Traditional Three-Stone Ring 

Most traditionally, three-stone engagement rings feature three stones that are the same shape. The side stones equal the weight of the main stone on the center. That means if your ring’s center stone is 2 carats, the side stones will be 1 carat each. Traditional three stone designs can also include 3 stones of the same shape and size, placing equal importance on the 3 stages of life.  This creates a classic look and offers excellent symmetry. Plus, the design style is ideal for you if you love a traditional style.

Classic Three Stone Ring

A classic design for a three-stone ring features two smaller diamonds flanking a center stone that is a different shape.  The most recognized choice of this design has tapered baguettes with an emerald cut or round diamond center stone.  Modern takes on this classic design include several shape options for side stones.  These shape options wouldn’t typically be used as a center diamond choice but have a larger presence than a baguette.  The most popular of these options would include step cut trapezoids, brilliant cut trapezoids, trilliants, trillions, and half-moons.  Pear shapes and rounds are the most popular, common cut diamonds that are also selected for side stones in a classic three stone ring style design. Classic designed three- stone rings are timeless,  place greater attention on the center diamond and have a large overall presence on the finger.

5 Carat Classic Emerald Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

Minimalist Three Stone Ring

Your three-stone ring must not necessarily feature eye-popping and large stone designs. If you like minimalistic aesthetics, you can adapt your ring choice perfectly.  All you need is to choose a metal band with three stones that you are most attracted to.  This minimalist style is the perfect choice for those who like the symbolism of a three stone ring but want to maintain a minimal overall look.  A minimalist three-stone ring features a center diamond of any shape or size, paired with accent sized side stones.  An accent sized side stone diamond choice typically ranges from 0.10-0.20 carat total weight.    A modern day favorite for a minimalist design includes an oval center stone with round side diamonds, set on a thin gold band.

Oval Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

Gemstones and Diamonds Three-Stone Ring

Diamonds are perhaps the most preferred engagement ring stone. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t add colors to the design. Gemstones like ruby or sapphire are good choices to bring some color variation. This is one way to make your traditional-looking diamond ring colorful yet elegant.

You can also change the diamond shape to make the ring more appealing. A traditional three-stone engagement ring features the same shape of stones. However, mixing up the stones shapes and colors gives you several options to make a modern-looking and unique ring.

Here we have listed some favored designs.  They are just a few styles and types of three-stone rings as there are many you can choose from.

Summing Up

All in all, a stylish three-stone engagement ring is a perfect choice for your special day. You can design the ring in endless ways to create an eye-popping look.  Plus, a three-stone engagement ring gives you a larger look at a lower cost.  Thus, the iconic rings can feature anything your heart desires and gives you the ability to design a ring that has personal symbolism that is unique to you.

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