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What is A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

by Faith Austin
Hidden Halo

Here’s why paying close attention to detail for the piece that means the most, makes a lifetime of difference.

The engagement ring is a token of love that is appreciated through generations. We are going to tell you why it is the smallest details in this piece that really make its value stand the test of time.

We are all familiar with seeing a classic halo around the center stone. This type of halo can assist in allowing the center stone to appear larger and the size of the ring overall.

Pictured: Emerald center stone surrounded by a classic halo (small row of diamonds surrounding center stone)

So what is a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

The newest term in engagement ring details is Hidden Halo. At Adiamor we call a Hidden Halo, adding diamonds to the basket. This refers to a halo that is not seen from a bird’s eye view. A Hidden Halo is usually underneath the center stone and can only be seen from the side of the ring. This provides secret sparkle that can only be seen from certain angles by others and is a special treat for the ring wearer.

hidden halo engagement ring top view
Pictured Here: Bird’s Eye View Of Ring, No Visible Halo
Pictured Here: Side Profile Of Ring Showing A Dainty Hidden Halo or Diamonds Added To The Basket

At Adiamor you can add diamonds to any basket setting which will create a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring. When done this way, it creates dainty halo that doesn’t take away from the center stone but adds an extra sparkle when viewing the ring from any side angle. A Hidden Halo can be added to Solitaire Ring that is set in a basket.

Something to note is that there are several types of Hidden Halo customizations. The first being a normal hidden halo where there have been diamonds placed on the basket, refer to photo #1. The second being the same however the hidden halo is on the outside of the prongs instead of inside them, like the first. We call this an outside hidden halo. Refer to photo #2. The third “hidden halo” style we call a hidden halo wrap. Whichever style you choose they all add that extra hidden sparkle that will make your ring unique!

What shapes go best with a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

Hidden Halo engagement rings compliment any shape center diamond. The most popular shapes are Oval, Emerald, Round, and Cushion cut diamonds. Hidden Halo engagement rings blend well with white gold and platinum metals, and will pop when set in rose or yellow gold. Adding a hidden halo to your ring will not make your center diamond sparkle more, however the overall appearance of your engagement ring setting will have more sparkle and this will not detract from your center diamond. The sparkle of your center diamond is dependent on the cut grade and clarity characteristics.

Overall you should consider a hidden halo engagement ring if you are looking for a setting with an extra touch of detail. A hidden halo is a simple design detail seen most by the person wearing the ring. It adds a touch of sparkle from every angle that reminds us that is it the little things that make the most impact.

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