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A Man’s Guide to Split Shank Engagement Rings

by Craig

So you’ve discussed marriage with the woman you want by your side for the rest of your life, and you’ve decided it is time to propose. She has thrown around a bunch of ring terms you don’t understand. Princess cut. Cushion cut. Solitaire. Platinum. White gold. You nod your head and act like you know exactly what she is talking about.  However, the only thing going through your mind is, “what the *bleep*?!”

love1Your girlfriend has also mentioned wanting a split shank engagement ring.  This sounds really cool to you, but you aren’t sure what that term means either. Perhaps it caught your ear because it sounds like a special cut of meat or a cool looking sword from medieval times. Well… at least you’re trying to listen to your girlfriend. Now, it’s time to learn a little bit about split shank engagement rings. You ready? Split shank simply means that the band splits into two or more bands (aka shanks) as they extend from the center stone. Check it out:

At Adiamor, we offer an assortment of split shank engagement rings. Our most basic ring in this style is the split shank solitaire for a round diamond (like the one you see above). With the basic split shank ring, it is just the one round diamond with two shanks coming off either side. The band is offered in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. You probably guessed that the different golds just deal with what shade the band is. Many women prefer a specific type of gold. If she has not already told you which type she prefers, take a better look at the jewelry she wears or what’s sitting in her jewelry box. This will give you a few helpful hints. Some people prefer platinum over any of the gold bands. Platinum is the strongest precious metal and will keep your setting more secure.


If your girlfriend wants more than just the one center diamond, we have many options for that as well. Our triple shank pave setting for round diamond which comes in white or yellow gold, platinum, or a custom two-tone band. It features 190 pave set diamonds extending from the center of the ring down all three bands. Keep in mind that this is a pretty big ring and may not work well for a woman with really small hands.

Adiamor offers many other split shank engagement rings your future bride may love, including several with sapphire or ruby accent stones. Be sure to look at all of your ring options on our website.  Need more help? Check out our diamond education resource by clicking here.

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