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Are Asscher cut Diamonds Expensive? What you Need to Know Before you buy

by Ansley
asscher cut diamond engagement ring

When it comes to the variation of diamond cuts, there are many different kinds to choose from. From princess cuts to radiant cuts, the styles are truly endless. However, one that has been rising in popularity again is the Asscher cut. First popularized in the early 1900s, this vintage, art deco style ring is making a comeback in our modern age, and people are loving it. But is this retro design truly worth its hefty price? Today, we’re going to find out.

In this article, we’re going over everything you need to know about this unique cut. From its history to what you can expect to pay for one, let’s dive in and talk all things Asscher.

What is an Asscher Diamond?

Art Deco Inspired Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring by Adiamor
Art Deco Inspired Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring by Adiamor

To start, an Asscher cut diamond is a beautiful, radiant jewel with a mirrored look truly fit for royalty. First developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher (who later founded the Royal Asscher Diamond Company with his brother), Asscher cut diamonds are a careful array of layered facets in an octagonal diamond shape.

Best described as a mix of an emerald and princess cut, this lavish diamond features a high crown and deep pavilion. With a classic art deco design, Asscher diamonds have 58 facets with angled corners and are made with high-quality diamonds to accentuate their luminous flare. Truly, these rings are stunning beyond words.

You can also read more about the history and careful design of these famous art deco rings here on Adiamor.com.

Types of Asscher Diamonds

Now, when it comes to Asscher diamonds, there are two different types of styles on the market. These are known as the standard Asscher cut designed by Joseph Asscher in 1901 and the Royal Asscher cut designed in 2001 by Joop and Edward Asscher. The standard Asscher cut has been crafted with 58 facets in an octagonal shape. This design features square-cut corners, high crown facets, and a deep pavilion.

The Royal Asscher cut, on the other hand, is a patented cut that features 75 facets and a higher crown. This gives it a deeper flash and a more eye-catching shimmer that adds to the elegance and value of the diamond. However, it still maintains the same shape and design as the standard cut.

Are Asscher cut diamonds expensive?

Rose Gold Asscher Cut Diamond Ring from Adiamor
Rose Gold Asscher Cut Diamond Ring from Adiamor

When it comes to the question of cost with Asscher cuts, they are known to be expensive. However, the style is still much cheaper than a round brilliant cut.

Now, the reason Asscher cuts are so expensive is that they waste more material in cutting than most shapes do. On top of that, only extremely high-quality diamonds are chosen for Asscher cuts because this cut can’t hide blemishes well. Therefore, with such a high-quality stone, to begin with, the price is bound to escalate. For that reason, the average price of a 1 Carat Asscher Cut with a VS2 clarity is typically around $3,600. Of course, diamond prices can also be affected by other factors, including the table, polish, thickness, and depth, so it truly depends on the style and clarity you’re looking for.

With that said, if you don’t want to buy a pre-designed Asscher ring, you can also create your own here on Adimor.com for a truly unique ring for that special someone.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Asscher cuts are one of the most beautiful, retro-style rings on the market today. From their vintage look to their stunning array of brilliance, once you look at the facts, there’s no question as to why their cost is higher than others. However, they certainly make up for it in their beautiful flare and unbeatable clarity. Overall, Asscher cuts are truly one of a kind and would be a perfect choice for an engagement ring.

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