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Important Questions For Buying Engagement Rings Online

by Chris W

Online shopping is surpassing brick and mortar retail stores in surprising ways. While most people can attest to ordering household items and clothing online, many people still prefer to shop for big ticket items in person. However, in recent years, more and more companies are offering big incentives to buy online. With fast and free shipping, easy return policies, and lower prices, online shopping is simply more convenient. This includes shopping for engagement rings. When buying engagement rings online, you have to know what you’re after. If you plan to buy an engagement ring from the internet, consider these helpful tips before placing your order.

Buy From A Reputable Jeweler

One of the biggest mistakes online shoppers make is choosing bottom line price over a quality store. In the effort to save money, many people will sacrifice customer service and quality. When buying engagement rings online, this should never be the case. While you still want a good deal, be careful from where you buy. The easiest thing to ask yourself is whether the online store is a jeweler or simply a retailer for all items. When shopping for engagement rings, you want to purchase from a real jeweler. Quality jewelers will ensure your diamonds are authentic, conflict-free, and will include diamond certification. They should also be able to answer your questions about ring metals and the four c’s. If you are ever in doubt, simply check out the reviews.

Diamond Price Matching

When buying engagement rings online, you must still be sure you’re getting a fair deal. Premier online jewelers will offer to price match diamonds. Because the diamond is often the most expensive element of an engagement ring, diamond price matching matters. If one diamond seller is unable to match a verifiable price from a competitor, then they are marking up the diamond too much. Only the best online diamond stores offer price matching, so consider this when shopping for engagement rings online.

diamond price match

Make sure you get the best deal and ask about diamond price matching for the center stone

Know The Return Policy

The worst thing that could happen when buying engagement rings online is to wind up with a ring you dislike. As your shopping, be sure to check out the return policy. If a store offers full refunds 30 days after the purchase date, feel confident to purchase your diamond ring online. This will allow you to make sure you love the ring and also to make sure the ring fits well. Cheap jewelry comes at heavy price, which means discount stores generally do not accept returns.

If you’ve found a reputable online jeweler willing to price match the diamond while offering a 30-day refund policy, you should be confident in your engagement ring purchase.

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