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An In-Depth Look at Loose Diamond Vendors versus Diamond Ring Manufacturers

by Diana Jarrett
A jeweler's hands crafting an engagement ring

When shopping for a diamond, especially when it is to be an engagement ring, details are extremely important. There’s no such thing as asking too many questions. All your concerns are valuable, because at the end of your search, you want to find exactly the right diamond with the perfect setting for you. You’ll cherish it for a lifetime—so a thorough investigation is the way to go.

There are so many online vendors who promise the perfect ring—but if we dig a little deeper, we can begin to discover the subtext to the way in which diamond rings are marketed today. Then, when you do make your selection—you’ll know you made the best choice for you, and you’ll never second guess your decision. You’ll just enjoy your ring every day of your life. It should be that way with a ring that carries with it so much emotion and sentiment.

Sorting out mass merchants from manufacturers

Some online vendors stress selecting the diamond first and then you proceed to matching it with a setting. That’s good. Or is it? The central diamond is a big deal of course. It’s really the focal point of any ring. And, the setting should harmonize with the center stone to make the entire ring a perfect union of beauty, balance, and good design.

In fact, most of the e-tailers selling this way have pre-built settings for you to select. There’s nothing wrong with that in general. But this scenario does come with limitations. So, you need to be aware of you’re buying experience. Then if you’re happy, we’re happy. When you think of it, there is no other way that mega-sellers could offer good prices and fast service except that they’ve partnered with ring suppliers who provide pre-built settings. Many of these suppliers are off-shore however, and quality control is not always paramount to their business model. You may be able to get a well-crafted ring—or not. In this case also, you will indicate your size preference, of course. The ring you buy will be resized from their stocked inventory. So, keep that in mind if that is important to you.

Limitations of mega-sellers

In the case of these sellers, you often find attractive pricing. And if price is at the very top of your short list, then you may have a winner. But there are limitations to the personalization of your ring, and it will have been resized to your requirements. In conclusion—diamond ring mega-sellers act as middlemen in putting you together with loose diamond vendors and pre-built settings from suppliers elsewhere. There are nice rings to be sure—but you may want a more personalized experience and end result.

Learn about ring manufacturers

There is also a different type of diamond ring merchant for you to consider. These are niche manufacturers of the rings themselves. This is completely different type of business model, and one that could be what you are looking for. A diamond ring manufacturer offers a very exciting option for shoppers, especially those with specific ideas in mind for their bridal jewelry. And when you think of it, there’s no more important time to personalize a piece of jewelry than with your engagement and wedding rings. You have a unique love story—so why shouldn’t your jewelry be as custom as the two of you?

Ask all the right questions

A manufacturer based domestically gives shoppers the best opportunity for a personalized experience. They are at the ready to discover what’s important to you—including any special way you want your ring to look. So, do take the time to ask a vendor where they are based—and importantly, where are the settings manufactured. Most consumers today are leaning toward buying domestically. So, if that’s important to you—please do ask! And put your money where your ethics lie.

A ring manufacturer can customize your ring—and because they are making the setting for you (as opposed to having you purchase from their inventory) your ring will be built to your size — never resized from a stock product. You may want to consider that benefit as well.

Ask all the key questions that matter to you—where are the settings manufactured? Are they domestically produced? Will your ring be resized from their inventory -or will your ring truly be custom-made just for you when you place an order? What is their quality control on their rings? Can they customize your ring exactly to your vision? Do they have a ‘real person’ customer care representation to go over all the details of your ring with you prior to your purchase?

Knowledge brings confidence

The vast number of loose diamond and ring e-tailers online today can make diamond ring shopping a bit intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. Your ring is very important to you, and you should be able to ask all the important questions ahead of time. Then when the answers are what you want—you know you’ve found the vendor who has you in mind—and shares the same code of ethics and business practices that line up with your values.

The perfect diamond and the ideal setting are waiting for you. It just takes a bit of investigation to know you’ve found that one-and-only ring to cherish for the rest of your life!

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