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The Modern Engagement Ring – What’s in style and where can I find it?

by Brandi
modern engagement ring

Whether you want something vintage or modern, engagement ring shopping is a truly exciting experience, but unfortunately, people often find it more overwhelming than enjoyable. Perhaps the thought of such a huge investment going awry for you overwhelms your buying experience.

The truth is, you need not feel flustered and apprehensive when looking for the best rock for your loved one. You can find incredible value for money and have a seamless shopping experience if you’re buying from the right place.

To make this a memorable experience for you, we have rounded some of the best places to buy modern engagement rings. So whether you’re looking for rose gold cathedral rings or white gold channel-set rings, you will surely find the modern engagement ring setting you want at the stores below.

Can I buy an engagement ring from Etsy?

Etsy offers many exquisite and unique engagement rings created by craft makers and jewelry enthusiasts. You can find tons of variety on their site and a section entirely dedicated to engagement rings. How much easier could the shopping experience get? While you won’t find a lot of gold and diamond jewelry available, don’t fret. You will find a plethora of budget friendly, eye-catching and unique designs.

Rose Gold Channel Set Engagement Ring Settings
Adiamor’s Rose Gold Channel Set Engagement Ring Setting

What makes Adiamor rings unique?

If you want to shop from one of the oldest and most reliable dealers in the diamond industry, you cannot hope for anyone better than Adiamor. Our extensive industry experience, allows us to create an incredible array of engagement rings to choose from. Every engagement ring sold by Adiamor is casted, polished and set by hand in our manufacturing facility in down town Los Angeles.

We have stunning pieces in all budget ranges, so you needn’t compromise on style and quality. We understand that prices do not align with the value of love and lend our magnificent craftsmanship to each piece from all price ranges.

Additionally, the locally cast and crafted nature of our rings mean that customization is never a problem. If you want a particular ring setting with diamonds on the prongs, we can do that. If you are looking for a traditional emerald cut engagement ring but would prefer an east-west setting? We can do that to. No matter what style you might desire, we can create your ring to match your vision.

Can I still buy my engagement ring at a brick and mortar store?

The most classic method to buy a ring is by visiting a brick and mortar location near by. While you might not find the same sort of local jeweler as your would have in years past, many national chains open franchise locations in outlets and shopping malls all over the country. These stores can offer an array of modern engagement ring styles along with a curated selection of diamonds to accompany them.

The benefit of shopping at a jewelry store chain is the sense of familiarity and security that comes with shopping a luxury brand. The settings are cast and polished in advance and are less customizable than a ring which is cast on purchase but the opportunity to view the ring before your purchase can set the mind of many shoppers at ease.

Depending on your location, the number of options may be limited. However, if you live in a larger city you might have the unique chance to combine the benefits of an online store with a local jewelry shop. A quick search can help you identify stores in your area which may have a show room, even if their primary method of sale is online. Future fiancés looking for a Los Angeles jeweler, for instance can schedule a visit to Adiamor’s show room and view an array of modern engagement ring designs. Our staff would be happy to educate you on your purchase in a low pressure environment. Once you are confident in your decision, you can place the order directly in store or head home and buy your ring online.

Final Thoughts

Engagement rings have an unbeatable value and significance. It is the beginning of your happily-ever-after, and the occasion calls for something exquisite and timeless. We hope this article helps push you in the right direction. With some care and due diligence, we promise that you will find a modern and aesthetically pleasing engagement ring at a fair price.

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