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What Size Diamond Is Best For An Engagement Ring?

by Chris W

Diamond engagement rings have been the proposal standard for nearly a century. While trendy engagement ring settings and popular diamond shapes change over time, one question always remains: what size diamond is best for engagement rings? The short, vague answer is “whatever suits your needs”, but this requires some context. To decide on the best diamond size for your engagement ring, consider the following things: the average ring size, what most people consider a “big diamond”, as well as your budget

What’s The Average Carat Weight for Diamond Rings?

Since diamond engagement rings gained popularity in the early 20th century, the size of the average diamond continues to grow. In the past, diamonds were even more of a luxury than they are now. Modern mining and diamond cutting techniques continue to make diamonds more affordable. This means larger, higher quality diamonds are more commonly available in the 21st century. However, this does not mean that diamonds are less valuable. That being said, the average diamond size is now larger than before. In the United States, the average size of a diamond ring is now just under one carat. Diamonds of this size still produce remarkable brilliance and fire. Therefore, for most people, a one carat diamond ring is the perfect size.

diamond engagement ring

A 2.29cttw Thin Band Diamond Engagement Ring
in 18K White Gold


Big Diamonds and Diamond Shapes

Depending on the your engagement ring budget, you may be after something big. However, the idea of what a big diamond is varies from person to person. Nevertheless, a general consensus is that a diamond over 2 carats is considered a large diamond ring. Carat weight is not the only thing that matters, though. The shape of the diamond can greatly influence how it appears. For example, certain diamond cuts maximize carat weight while others simply look larger. Oval shaped diamonds have an elongated shape; this helps the diamond to appear even bigger. Similarly, the modified brilliant cut of the marquise diamond allows for maximum carat weight while still maintaining spectacular sparkle.

The Right Size For Your Diamond Ring

At the end of the day, the right diamond for your custom engagement ring must match your budget and tastes. After establishing what you can actually afford, decide what diamond shape your future spouse will love the most. With these two factors in mind, you can determine what size diamond is best for your ring.

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