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Vintage Engagement Rings – Where can I buy them?

by Brandi
Vintange Engagement Ring in Glass

Two factors work to your advantage when shopping for antique or vintage engagement rings. The first is that engagements are always in season, and the second is that one ring-type will always be in style: vintage rings.

Hence, you’ll never find a shortage of variety to choose from for the perfect engagement ring. From asscher cut vintage engagement rings to hand engraved solitaire engagement rings, you’ll find a plethora of designs for your picking.

However, while you might have an easy time finding inspiration, it can be a bit trickier to find a vendor you trust. Therefore, we decided to make the search a bit easier by giving you a few ideas of where to look.

Local Brick and Mortar Stores

The first option that will immediately come to mind is the local brick and mortar store. Many national chains have franchise operations in local malls and or outlets. The inventory of a local store generally won’t be able to compete with online ring stores in terms of size or price but they can provide you the comfort of viewing a your ring with your naked eye before you purchase it.

A woman's hand wearing a pear shaped halo engagement ring
Our Education Center has everything you need to know before you purchase

One potential way to get the best of both worlds is to visit a showroom for an online jewelry store. For instance, any readers in the greater Los Angeles area could visit the Adiamor show room by scheduling a visit. Our service staff would be happy to educate you. Both on how to find your perfect diamond and how to get the best value for your purchase.

Shopping Vintage Engagement Rings Online

Online engagement ring stores can offer significant value when compared to the traditional brick and mortar store. Most have a large inventory of GIA certified natural diamonds which can be set in an array of ring styles. Beyond that, many brick and mortar stores assemble their rings in advance for showing. This can limit the combinations of diamonds and styles which are available to you. However, some online vendors will cast your ring when you place your order and build a totally custom setting for your center diamond. This service is difficult to find in many local areas and buying online can give you the truly unique and custom ring you and your loved one deserve.

If you aren’t local to a showroom, online vendors can make some people nervous. You are about to make a big purchase without viewing your ring in person. To compensate for this, most vendors offer long return policies and free shipping. Additionally, you can rely on the GIA certification process to guarantee that you will get the exact diamond you expect. GIA operates as a third party certification laboratory who independently grades and measures a wide number of attributes unique to every diamond.

A cushion cut double halo engagement ring on a hand in front of a snowy backdrop.
Cushion Cut Double Halo Vintage Engagement Ring

Consignment Stores and Sales

Another potential route to finding the perfect engagement ring is finding one secondhand. It can be thrilling to search estate sales and local thrift shops literally hoping for a diamond in the rough. While spending your afternoons searching for vintage engagement rings can be fun on its own though, you’ll often come up empty handed or facing very steep prices. If you hit the lottery though, you might find something better than you could ever imagine.

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